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October 31 2009
More Fruit!
Ok, so I have painted 2 pears, one pomegranate and now 1 pear 1 pomegranate. I brought the paintings upstairs and held them up to my red kitchen wall. They look very nice. I guess I could call it my kitchen series!

For my scenery paintings I have been using photo references. I am getting a little bored with that, and this morning I couldnt find one I liked. I really enjoy plein aire painting, but I am not so tough when the weather is not so great. If you look in studio #2, the painting titled "Fanny Bay Farm" was painted on sight. An artist friend and I went out that day. It was a good weather-painting day. Acrylics dry very fast if it is breezy or hot. I have some golden "open" acrylics which dry very slowly, but I am not sold on the consistency and I get frusterated with the colors that I am not used to. I am afraid that I am a bit of an "outdoor whiner". I like my eviromentally controlled studio complete with radio, bathroom and cup of tea. My only problem there being Maggie, my cat. This morning she knocked my clock off the table and shattered the glass. Its broken mirrors that are bad luck....right??

Ps: My husband wanted me to add that HE brought the garbage can in the other day... Day 27- Pear and Pom

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October 30 2009
I am discovering some things about myself as an artist by taking on this challenge. Some things good, some things not so good. I now know why when an artist totally submerges themselves into their art, the rest of the world has to go away. I know why some go to remote locations for weeks if not months at a time. I am obsessed. I am often seen these days heading down the stairs to my studio mumbling something to myself, eyes glazed over, and hearing nothing. I come up when my stomach growls so loudly and I am nauseous from hunger. I do not like it when the phone rings. Hmm, anti social tendencies I would say....

But on the good side, I have multitudes of ideas. Everywhere I look now, I see a possible painting, whereas before I never knew what to paint. I have discovered that I love glazing.(different meaning than my glazed over eyes) Something I didnt really do much of before. I love glazing a canvas with earth tones, sort of like how the masters painted with their glaze upon glaze of oil, but I use acrylic. For those of you who dont paint, glazing is layer upon layer of transparent color. The bottom layers peek out from the top layers and add depth to a painting. Its a way of building a painting from the underneath. I used glazes in this painting, but then I covered it up in the background but tried to keep the paint on the pomegranate as transparent as possible.

Oh my, I am really hungry now. I have to go! Day 26- Pomegranate

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October 29 2009
1/4 of the way through!
Still going strong! As you may notice from my last couple of blogs, I kind of scrambled a little when I had to take a day or two off of painting, but managed to make it up. I will have to think things out a little better next time.

This little scene is at the south end of Bowser. I love the huge maples that lord over the island highway in that area, especially at this time of year.

Ok so now I am looking around me at everything that has piled up in the last 25 days. Normal stuff, NOT fun painting things. It is starting to bother me, so now that I have done the painting for today, I will have to try to catch up on other things. So out comes the list. Lets see, vacumme, laundry, bring the garbage can in from the end of the driveway thats been there for 4 days.... sigh...I guess this has to be my next step in the learning process. Learning to balance everything else with my painting. Awww, do I have to?? Day 25- Georgia Park

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October 28 2009
Caught up!
I set up and was painting these pears in the small studio I share at The Old School House Gallery. The colors were fine, the composition great but the painting was flat. I kept going for a walk, popping downstairs to chat with some of the other artists in the gallery, and was hoping that I would come back with "fresh eyes" and resolve the problem. No such luck. Finally it struck me. I looked overhead at the florescent (if that is spelled wrong, I am sorry, no spell check, and my dictionary is so old its not even in there)...the florescent light overhead and then the window shining daylight behind my back. No wonder I was having troubles. I needed a directional light source. So I finished it at home, in between throwing dinner in the oven etc....

I would say I am pretty dedicated! Day 24- Pair

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October 28 2009
Catching up!
Lets just pretend that today is the 27th. I was home too late yesterday to get to my day 23 painting, so I was up early this morning working on it. So now I have to get to todays painting this afternoon. Then I will be caught up.

I had coffee with an old friend of mine yesterday, ( shes not old, I have just known her for a very long time...if shes old, then I am old, because we are the same age... so shes not old...) Anyways, she has been following my blog and really enjoying it, but she wants me to post the locations of the paintings. So, todays painting is from my daughters kitchen window in Nanaimo. I love the abstract design of the trees against the sky. Sunsets are wonderful to paint, but they can borderline on tacky if you are not careful.

Ok, enough dial up internet for this morning, this is taking too long... I have things to do and paintings to paint! I will be back..... Day 23- Nanaimo Sunset

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October 25 2009
Days 21 AND 22
I decided to reward myself with a day off. So I was up at 5 am working on todays painting as well as tomorrows. I think I like this schedule. 5 to whenever! Some days its till 9 am, if I have other things to do, other days, like today, it is till 1:00, some days I go right from 5-5, intermittently, stopping for lunch, maybe to run the dogs, and make dinner....throw the laundry is really rewarding working at home if you have the discipline. I am catching on!! I have my two "followers" at home as well. An old 14 year old dog and a very needy calico cat. No matter where I am, there they are. Much nicer than a boss looking over your shoulder.

I went back and changed the sky in day 20, "Northern Rockies #2". I also changed the mountain in the middle a little, to move it over to the side slightly. I am a little happier with it, but it is not a strong piece.

Ok! I think I accomplished enough for today, got up before the sunrise and moved a mountain! Thats not bad! Day 21- Little TugDay22- Coombs Market

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October 24 2009
Day 20!
I really hope that you are all enjoying the ongoing show. I am now 1/5 of the way through. This is a wonderful experience. So far this is what is happening to me:

- - - - -I am learning to trust the process - - - - -I am not listening to the negative voice as much - - - - - getting up early in the morning to paint (5 am this morning!) - - - - -stretching my abilities by trying new subjects - - - - -viewing my painting as a job, not a hobby thus more disciplined.

I am also really surprised at the hits on my site and my blog. This is really exciting! Getting my name out there is what I aim to do.

Unfortunately at this point I cannot put more than 12 of these paintings at a time onto the site. It costs me for every 10 spaces. If anyone is wanting to review some of the paintings I have already finished, or for those of you who have joined late, please let me know and I will email you a Word sheet with thumbnails.

The best thing getting up early and painting every day? Its cool to paint in your pajamas! How much more comfortable can you get! Thanks all! Cindy

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October 24 2009
Warm and Cool

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October 23 2009
Baby Critique
Yesterday was a grandbaby day. Grandbabies rule over painting. I had really intended to get up at 5:00 am and paint before the little one came over, but my dogs decided to bark at 2:30 AM and I couldnt get back to sleep. So rising at 5 was out. Instead I used my back up painting for this day. I am really happy with this little piece and plan to paint a larger version soon.

Later that day I decided to show my granddaughter some of my creations. I held up each of my paintings to this 6 month old child. Creasing her brow she looked them over seriously and carefully, up and down, side to side, seemingly with the eye of someone about to critique. Some of them she would reach out and run her fingers carefully over the canvas. After a time of thoughtful consideration, came the smile of approval. Some works warranted a much larger smile than others. Imagine if jurors were only 6 months old. Smiles, goo's, the odd spit up....well, maybe not..... Day 18- Little Green HouseDay19 - Northern Rockies

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October 20 2009
Now That was fun!
This morning I decided to abstract my Day 12 painting "Farm Days Gone By". I am not an accomplished abstract artist, so you will have to forgive my "roughness" of design. Anyways, if you look at the two paintings side by side, you may see what I was up to. I decided to take the lines which created the most motion and work with that. Even though the two paintings look very different, they both have that sense of motion happening.

Speaking for myself, abstracted works take much more thought and time than realistic paintings. They may not be as popular to the "masses", but are the most fun to create. Realism, or what is in right in front of you is easier to take and is most popular. On the other hand, abstract thinking is having an open mind to all possibilities, and maybe finding something totally new that hits a chord. What fun! Day 12- Farm Days Gone ByDay 16

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October 19 2009
I have to paint something bigger!
I was up early this morning working on this stylized painting of apples. If you have been following my progress, you may recognize this from painting #2, which was a realistic version. This was great fun. I really love to work this way, it brings out the kid in me. I really feel that it is my painting and I get the "I dont care what anyone thinks" attitude going on. Anyways, this afternoon I started a couple of larger paintings. I have been wanting to start something more substantial, but this project is taking most of my painting time. I have to keep telling myself....who cares!! Why do I need to work on something larger? Do I have an important show coming up?? No. SHOULD I have an important show coming up? Probably. I have to get on that..... Day 15 - Stylized Apples

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October 18 2009
The wonders of hi speed internet
I unfortunately am still on dial up. I do not surf the net too often because I end up hollering at the computer and stomping out of the room regularily. It is not good for the creative spirit. When I visit my daughter though, she has hi speed. I decided to google 100 paintings, 100 days. Looks like this is quite a popular excercise to do! I had no idea. Its funny how the 100 paintings 100 days thought kept repeating itself in my mind before I decided to do this. Had I unconsciously read or heard of it somewhere? Or does the idea have so much energy that it is passed through the universe from one artist to another? My artist friends often talk about that very thing. How one comes up with a painting to find that another artist in another place had the same idea at about the same time.

I have decided to stretch my imagination for the next set of paintings. I am going to take a good look at some of the paintings I have already finished, and come up with a whole new painting out of what I like best about them. Maybe abstracted? Hmmm...Day 14- Ceremonial Exit

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October 17 2009
Capturing quaintness
One of the items on my "list of many things" is to go around my little community and capture its quaintness before the changes come. I am hoping the changes will be years yet, but it seems the island is growing quickly and quiet private areas are turning into busy places with FAR too many rules.

I painted quite a few street scenes when I lived in Didsbury Alberta, and they were quite popular. There is quite a difference though, between the prairie town and the West Coast Community. But what Bowser lacks in architecture, it surely makes up for in character!Day 13- Tomms Food Village

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October 16 2009
painting away from home
I just spent 4 days away from home and was determined to paint while visiting. There I went, out the door, wheeling my toolbox full of supplies behind me, and my duffel bag on my shoulder. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. I knew there was something, but I always "know there is something I forgot" whether there is or not, so I didnt pay any heed to my inner voice. As it ends up, it was good for me. I drove down to the beach yesterday all by myself, equipped with a new sketchbook, fine sharpie, california rolls, an order of edamame beans and a green iced tea. Life couldnt get much better! I managed to create two sketches, making notes in the margins like Barry Chadwick does. I took a workshop with him once and was impressed by how neat and tidy his sketchbook was. I have high hopes of being that tidy. But I know that by about the 4th or 5th page, the whole neat idea will fall apart. I have come to realize that it is how I create. Organized Chaos. I had a teacher in grade 6 who used to dump my desk on a weekly basis. I would love to tell him now that despite his efforts, I have not changed all that much. I knew where everything was, well, some of the time....

Anyways while I was visiting, I did manage to set up a table in a room with a north window, and I really did paint. I missed my radio though. I must remember to put that in my toolbox next time....and my camera of course... Day 12- Farm Days Gone By

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October 15 2009
Sidney Fine Art Show
Just thought I would let you know that my painting "Txt Msg" was juried into the Sidney Fine Art Show. An exciting achievement for me! Txt Msg

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October 15 2009
Day 11 and still painting strong!
I will be unable to upload the next two days of paintings, so you will just have to take my word that I will have been painting! This last abstract type painting was done on a wooden cradle support. I was unsure whether or not I would like to paint on wood, but after spreading the molding paste onto the board, then layering the colors in the underpainting, i decided that I really do like it after all! I am having trouble getting the 5x7 deep canvas size I have been using most, so I am looking for alternative sizes and supports. What fun! I just spent WAY too much money at Opus art supplies once again. I would forego new clothing to shop at Opus any day. Thanks for your support! Day 11- Tangles

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October 13 2009
On the Road Again
I seem to spend alot of time driving on the inland highway on Vancouver Island. It is such a beautiful drive on a sunny day, (and a terrible drive on a rainy day). The area between the Horne Lake turnoff and Qualicum Beach is where I was most inspired. Heading south you can see layers upon layers of trees and landscape, heading north later on in the day you are treated to a spectacular show as the sun lowers in the sky.

I have decided that my 100 painting challenge is like an ongoing show. A bonus for me is that by laying out painting after painting, I will realize my style. My artist friends tell me that I have a distinct style, but I have not been able to really see it myself. I am not sure why, you would think I would be the first to notice. My subject matter does tend to jump around alot, probably because I get bored easily. Not sure if its a good thing, but its the artist I am. And its important to hang onto that. Day 8- Inland HighwayDay 9- Tree Spaces

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October 11 2009
Back up painting..
I really was up at 5 AM working on a painting that i had started on the Bamfield Art retreat, but today I had to go and babysit my grandchild, so some things just rule over other things. I had painted this scene a week ago as a back up in case i didnt have time, or if the painting I was working on at the time was really horrid. Well, the Bamfield scene is not horrid, it just isnt finished yet, so here is my little painting of Rathtrevor beach. I wanted to break away from my usual color palette in this piece, and it ended up stormy but soft. Day 7 Rathtrevor Beach

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October 10 2009
My studio smells like onions....
Up at 6 AM in the kitchen making tea and looking around to see what I could paint for day 6. I have painted red onions before in an 18x20 format, and I loved the deep purple/red colors, so I decided to do another in a much smaller format. Unfortunately, my studio now smells like really old soup...onion soup to be exact. I guess its time to use them up. I had started with an orange/yellow background but then decided to put a brilliant yellow/green background in to set off the onions, I think it worked! Day 6 Three Red Onions

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October 09 2009
Day 5!
So, did you think I had backed out of my personal challenge? Not a chance! I have decided to only send emails out every 5 days because I dont want to bother you all every day. We all have enough emails to deal with already! I have purchased 10 extra display slots for my art, so what I am planning to do is to load 1 image each day to a total of 10 images then drop the oldest painting, which will then go to either the Beacon Gallery in Bowser, The Old School House Gallery in Qualicum, or I will save it for the Arts Expo on November 14th and 15th in Qualicum Bay. You can always check the site any time to see the latest uploads, as I plan to do this daily, (as long as I am near my computer) This latest painting of the Coombs Market was a joy to paint. I love this market, the last time I was in there I was taking photos of the colorful vegetables in their perfect rows, with the morning sun sneaking through the slats in the bamboo style walls....I think the clerk thought I was nuts as I snapped photos then happily went home with my marked down bag of red peppers to turn into pesto when I got home... I am having no problem with my 100 painting challenge so far. I love this, otherwise why would I do this?? Thanks for your support! Here are my latest 5 paintings, check for further information in the 100 painting studio. Day 3  dried beansDay 5 - Coombs MarketDay 4 Who R Ewe?Day 2   ApplesDay 1  Breaking wave

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October 07 2009
I was up at 5 am staring at this little bowl of beans. I am intrigued by the patterns made by the speckled variety and the stark white beans beside them. I thought I was done today and went outside to photograph the painting, and then noticed something i had to change, so downstairs i went again, and fixed it and went upstairs and outside again to photograph it and noticed something else I didnt like, so downstairs again....this went on for a couple of hours back and forth. I was finally happy with it, and by this time it was dark outside, so I scanned it and put it up on the computer and can you believe it! I saw something else I didnt like. So downstairs i went again for the last time like an artist possessed. I am so done today! Day 3  dried beans

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October 06 2009
The Early bird gets the painting....
I was in the studio at 5:30 this morning painting these apples. I wasnt sure when I went to bed last night what I was going to paint today, but managed to come up with some inspiration. I should tackle the whole bag of apples, (a much larger canvas)....painting them as well as doing something with them. The juicer is about the easiest and the quickest. I dont have time to do anything else but paint! I actually alotted myself 1 hour to whip around and clean the house today before going back to the studio. I love it! (the painting...definetly not the house cleaning Day 2- Apples

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October 05 2009
Day 1
Day one is over and I am feeling a little pressure. This is good because I tend to block when I feel pressure. By letting everyone in on this challenge, I was one step ahead and have managed to block myself from blocking myself!! I have dealt with this pattern enough times that I know it will pass. I just have to relax and just create.

img src="" >>

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October 04 2009
100 days, 100 paintings under $100
As all artists know, sales are down because of the economy, so I have come up with a "recession series". I had heard about the Ebay's painting a day, and decided why cant I do something similar myself? My 5x7 paintings seem to sell fairly well, but I needed a push to get me painting more, and at the same time getting my name out there. I will paint a small painting every day and email a small jpeg out to those people on my list. If any of them would like to purchase the painting, they have to email me back and it is theirs, unless of course someone emailed me before they did. I will post the paintings on my website 4 or 5 at a time before taking them down and displaying them at my shared studio in The Old School House Gallery, Qualicum Beach. So tomorrow it starts, untill the 12th of January 2010. Who knows? If it goes well, maybe I will continue on further....but lets get thru these next 100 days first.

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