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November 29 2009
My mood is like the weather today...
I feel like the weather today. Outside its NOT raining or sunny or icy cold....But it is gloomy, chilly and boring. Thats how I feel. Gloomy, chilly and boring. I havent eaten my breakfast yet, so that may be part of the reason. I did my painting this morning, but struggled with boredom. I think it may have something to do with the mouse ornament. I bought a half dozen white ware ornaments(I think that is the correct term) many years ago and painted them with decorative acrylics. This was one of my favorites. Maybe painting something I had already painted bored me? That may be the reason, I enjoyed painting everything else that was set up. It turned out fine though, I worked through it.

I think today is a good day to turn on the music and dance. Or play my djembe drum. Or maybe I will just find something exciting to paint, grab one of my favorite music CDs and head back to the studio!....after I eat of course.Day 55- Assorted Ornaments

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November 28 2009
Xmas themes
A man came into the "Old School House Gallery" where I was working in my shared studio space, and was really disapointed that he could not find artist xmas cards. I told him about my 100 painting challenge and said that I would make my subjects "christmas'y" for a couple of days and then create cards from them. (something I should have done a long time ago) So this morning at 5:30 A.M. I was rooting around in the Xmas box looking for interesting ornaments. I thought this little painting would sit really nice on the mantle for the season as well.Day 54- Little Drummer Boy

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November 27 2009
I am back!
A little bit of a blip in my blog entries. Wednesday I just didnt feel like I had anything "witty" to blog about, and yesterday was a grandbaby day, so if you have been following me, you know that grandbabys rule! I do have my two paintings up though, I did manage to do some work. I decided to paint another of the "Rosemary" paintings, so there is one vertical, and one horizontal. I noticed that I subconsciously adjusted the jars for the height of the canvas, I didnt notice this until I placed them side by side....artist license I guess!

The other painting I took from a photo reference,one that I had taken of East Sooke Park in the early 80's. I was thinking that I did not want to work from photo references anymore, because I have been so intrigued by the still life paintings I have been working on, but something different happened to me while painting. There has been a shift in how I process the information in front of me. It feels wonderful! As you can see, my style really came through. I didnt have that "married" to the photograph feeling I usually struggle with. I just interpreted it and made it my own. Wow! I am so glad I took on this challenge.

I am running into a bit of a problem with my pricing of paintings though. These newer "traditional style" pieces are taking so much longer to paint, so the original pricing just isnt working. I have had to come up with a price list for these specific works that is higher, of course still keeping with the under $100 price range.

Day 53- East Sooke ParkDay 52-Rosemary and Garlic 2Day 51- Rosemary and Garlic

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November 24 2009
Day 50!!!
Today I am halfway through. Only 50 more to go! Actually I am still really enjoying the process. I am finding though, that it is taking me longer to paint each painting now. As you may notice, my style is becoming stronger. I am drawn to the traditional still life, and painting that way just feels good. I am sure that before the next 50 is over, I will change somewhat again. I was feeling anxious a while back because I did not have time to paint anything larger, and I decided that maybe I dont have to paint anything larger. Why not just keep painting small? The canvases and frames are more affordable for myself, and the artwork is more affordable for the buyer. Maybe when I am finished this 100 paintings, I may do 100 more!

Today I went to see Kate, at the Magnolia Gallery in Cumberland. She was wonderful and the gallery is full of spectacular artwork by some very talented artists! I now have some of my paintings amongst these wonderful works. It is very exciting. So if any of you are around the area, be sure to stop in.

Day 50- Eggplant , Shallots and Garlic

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November 22 2009
A great birthday.
Today is my birthday and I spent the most marvelous day at home by myself. I painted while listening to CBC world music on the satellite, (felt like I was on holidays), I danced in the living room, went for a run with the dogs, (it wasnt raining!) did some yoga, talked to my father and my daughter on the phone, had a shower, and now I getting ready to go out for dinner at my favorite resteraunt with my sweetheart. Life couldnt be any better. Birthdays are wonderful, only for the fact that I am so very grateful for every one I have. A much better way to look at it than being bummed out about being a year older I think!

This little painting is of three glass Japanese fishing floats and an antique plug. My husband used to be a commercial fisherman, so things like this are easy to find around here.Day 48- Fishermans Treasures

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November 21 2009
Running out of canvas
I am running out of my favorite sizes of canvas. 6x6 and 8x10. The good thing is that this will force me to use the sizes I dont really like and will clean up my studio a bit. I need to get on the internet and order some, as I am not planning on going to Victoria for a while. Boy, do I wish we had an Opus in Nanaimo. There was a rumour going around a while back, but I think it was just collective wishful thinking on the part of the up-island artist community.

Todays painting is of a souvenir I bought in Spain in the mid 80's. It has brandy in it, but I have never opened it. The spout is still sealed with some kind of wax or plastic. I look back on my trip to Spain now and just shake my head at all the missed art opportunities. It was all about the party back then. I would love to go to Europe one day, but this time with a different agenda!Day 47-Vinagre

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November 20 2009
The problem with wilting
I was in the grocery store the other day looking for interesting fruit and vegetables. A man standing next to me gave me a strange look as I turned a pear around and around on its base, making sure it balanced properly. I then went through the bunches of radishes looking for the ones with the best shape and the most "perky" tops. I have found since that radish tops wilt quickly when not it water. I had started this painting in the early morning, and then took a break for a couple of hours and came back to a sad scene. My leaves in the painting look a little wilted, but are holding themselves upright. The magic of the paintbrush. Next time I will have to paint faster I guess. I had started another larger painting of asparagus, but the stalks slowely shriveled creating awful looking lines. I stood the stalks in water in the fridge and am hoping it recovers.

I am afraid that the photo quality of some of these paintings is not so great. That is the problem of having to upload a painting every day. Usually I like to take my photos out of doors, but the weather is so dark and lousy that I am using the scanner. It tends to reflect back any shiny area. At the Arts Expo on the weekend one person commented that my paintings looked much better in real life than on the internet. I guess its better than the other way around! Day 46- Radishes and Salt

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November 19 2009
Grand baby day!
The painting today, I had started yesterday, and this morning at 6 AM started into it again. I put it aside because I was unhappy with it and thought I had ruined it. I then set up a still life and began painting. My daughter and 7 month old granddaughter were over for the night, and I was painting fine until they awoke. I told myself, " stay in the studio, be disciplined, this is a job and finish the painting!." But I could not concentrate knowing this little sweetheart was upstairs. I decided that in the whole scheme of life, this painting was not as important as spending time with the two of them, so I went upstairs telling myself I would go back down at naptime.

Naptime came and downstairs I went. I showed my daughter the painting I had given up on, muttering something about how I had ruined it, and she pointed out that it was just fine but the sky color was all wrong. Ever since she was little, she has been my sounding board when I wasnt sure about a painting. She has a good eye for things I cannot see. I took her advice, changed the sky color, and Voila! Now I can spend the rest of the day with the two of them!Day 45-  Rock Bank

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November 18 2009
Good Morning!
I was up good and early this morning and am back on track, jack! Sorry, its the caffeine...

I decided to paint this still life again, as it was already set up in the studio. I wanted to see how I could handle a different style and whether or not I could get past the last style in the same grouping. I think I managed ok. I did put some earth tones in on the bottom, couldnt help myself. I find the blue disturbing to me after working yesterday in so many earth tones. The piece has a different energy about it, calm it is not. Maybe it isnt the caffeine after all!

Sorry, I cannot attach the picture for some reason today. Just go to my 100 painting studio and you will be able to compare the two paintings side by side.

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November 17 2009
Lets try this again.....
I cant believe this, I typed up my entry and forgot to make a copy before I added it....I lost it all. So, I will try to remember what it was I said! There was something about sleeping in till 7:00 am and other things came up and I didnt get into the studio till 5:00 pm. It was a good thing that I started this little painting yesterday other wise I would be up late and then maybe sleep in tomorrow again and screw up my painting day all over again. It really is important to get up at 5 or 5:30 for me.

I am noticing a change in my artwork, and it feels really good to me. I am enjoying these grapes, painting them AND eating them. I think I will just keep painting them until they are all gone. I was thinking about the dutch masters style of painting when I did todays and yesterdays painting. I love the earth tones and find them very calming. Calming is always welcome in my studio. Day 43- Grapes and Pear

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November 16 2009
Lousy day out, great day in.
Wow, what a storm we had last night. I am amazed that the power is still on. Its only because I had everything lined up all ready to go: generator, firewood, flashlights... Its funny how things work out that way. My main concern of course was the lighting in my studio. Forget the food and the water...just give me light to paint under and a can of beans. I am happy.

I went to drive to Nanoose this morning in the torrential downpour we were having and ended up turning around and going home again. Our street was half flooded and the newly formed rivers and lakes were everywhere. Enough of that nonsense. My car is so little and it can be very stressful on the highway. Mind you, I was more than happy to return to my studio and finish todays painting.

These grapes are draped in and around a crystal glass that was part of my mothers pinwheel collection. I love to include something of hers in my paintings as I tend to think of her when I paint. I am sure I have thought of her in some way or another everyday for the past 35 years, but thinking while painting brings back more vivid memories. Good memories which are now imbedded in paint on canvas. Day 42- Pinwheel and Grapes

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November 15 2009
What do you like about your art??
I went to a workshop today and participated in an excercise where you walked up to a person in the room and asked them 3 times, "what do you like about your art?" They then had to ask you the same. Well, let me tell you, it is easier to ask the question than to answer it! My first answer after humming and hawwing and feeling rather uncomfortable was, "It is therapeutic"......Therapeutic? Epsom salts are therapeutic. I dont think it was the answer I was supposed to give. The answers came easier the more times you were asked. You then had to go to 3 other people in the room and ask each other the question all over again. My favorite answer I gave was "My art is an expression of myself". Yeh, thats what I like best about my art.

This little painting I did this morning is an expression of part of what I had for breakfast! Day 41- Breakfast Pomegranate

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November 14 2009
Now that was fun!
What a great day at the Arts Expo! I had a blast. Take a gander at my 100 painting studio and see all the new red dots. Thankyou to all of you who purchased paintings, it really boosts up the energy level!

One person was standing in front of an empty spot on my display rack and was heard to say, "Oh no, it has been sold!". If anyone is interested in any painting on here that has been sold, I can paint something similar for them. It will never be exactly the same, but pretty close. Just thought I should say that in case that person reads this blog:)

I had alot of comments about my 3 different styles of painting. I have decided that I "paint on the cusp". You see, my birthday lies on the cusp between scorpio and saggitarius. One day I am one, another day the other. That is how I paint. Its a good story anyways!

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November 12 2009
I am too tired for this.....
I am trying to upload some pictures I have done ahead of time because of the Arts Expo this weekend. I keep getting kicked off before they load. Maybe its internet explorer, I have heard it is not as good as firefox....maybe its just S.D.U. (stupid dial up) The telus fellows were out on the pole outside my place for the last few days. I was hoping maybe we were being upgraded...either that or they pulled the plug out of the pole for uploading.....shows you what I know.

Sometimes everything just gets so complicated in this world. It is soothing to just go to the studio and put paint to canvas. No worries about uploads, downloads, pixels, kb or mb's. Just values, contrasts, compositions, gradations, lead-ins, glazes, light, shadow, perspective, style, proportion,texture, mood, focal points, chroma,etc....Thats the world I like to live in.

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November 11 2009
Getting ready for Arts Expo
I have been busy catching up on the little bits that I tend to forget when painting. Things like signing, varnishing, finishing edges, numbering, and wiring to name a few. I am so bad for going on to the next and not finishing the "boring" things that need to be done. I know that it would be so much easier if I would just do these things as I go along...

I figured how to put together a stand for my booth. I am using rubbermaid wire shelving, you know, the kind that you can put together in cubes? I am attaching it in large sections rather than the small cubes it is meant for. I think it will look just fine. I also had to put an easel back together. I dont know why my easels fall apart. I guess it is from transporting them to different events....not that I have been to many events, but I guess I am hard on them. Now I just have to figure out how to fit this all in my little mazda hatchback!

Day 37- Partial Object

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November 10 2009
Now where did I put that?
I have this frusterating habit of losing my paint brushes. Not one that I havent used in a long time, but the one I was just using 30 seconds ago! One minute it is in my hand, and then next it has disapeared off the face of the earth. This usually happens when the phone rings, or I have an idea that sends me into another corner of the studio to search for something. 'Side tracked' I believe is the correct term. It is about that time I begin to talk to myself. "Oh NO!" I mutter to myself, "You did it AGAIN!". It really messes up the creative flow. I find the brushes in the strangest places. Usually placed somewhere as I am on my way to my "sidetrack". It happened twice today. Probably because I am thinking alot about what I need to do before the Arts Expo this weekend.

This little painting is the second in the "partial object" series. I am not going to sign the bottom corner of each painting in this series, but will sign on the side, leaving it up to the buyer to decide which way to hang it.

Day 36- Partial Object

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November 09 2009
Working through it
I had a small AHA moment last night and have decided to do something different. I have an object/still life set up in my studio and I am working on 6 different sections of it. I first sketched it out onto the 6 canvases all together just to make sure that each line matches. Then I am painting each one separately. I am trying to keep the colors close, but you will notice as I go along, sometimes the background color will not match the next section. I want it that way. Artistic licence. The paintings are meant to be separate, but if someone wants to buy them all, who am I to argue!

Day 35- Partial Object

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November 08 2009
Frusteration sets in....
Well, I finally hit the wall. The great wall of frusteration. I knew I would get here at some point. I used to think that the wall was a bad thing, but now know that it is a turning point. It doesnt make it feel any better, but I know now that there is "light at the end of the tunnel." I really understand the process now, after doing a "minute per drawing" excercise a few months ago. I had 60 pieces of paper and a timer. I would take only one minute per drawing, then chose what I liked best from that drawing and used it to start the next, so on and so forth. It was like months condensed into 60 minutes! Great fun at first,["this is easy"] then after 6 or 8 papers it was boring, ["yawn, I could stop now and no-one would know"], 2 more, seemingly impossible, [OMG! "There is nothing in my head to draw!"] then an "AHA!" moment and it was all exciting again for 6 or 8 until boredom hit and it happened all over again in sequence. The fun part was laying the papers out all around me in order after I was done and actually being able to see the process. It was then that I realized I was looking at a condensed version of my creative process. So right now I am waiting for the AHA to happen. I will let you know.

This week I am getting geared up for the Island Arts Expo at the lighthouse community center in Qualicum Bay. November 14 and 15. I will be displaying most of my mini paintings so far, with the exception of the ones that have sold. I hope to see some of you there! You can find me in booth #24 beside the food.

I am also offering gift certificates for those of you who would like to give someone a small painting for a xmas gift but are not comfortable choosing one for them. They will expire one month after my 100 painting exhibit is over. (expires Feb 15th, but I will contact you before, to make sure that it is used)

Day 32 - Abstract ConvergenceDay 33- Rock Formations

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November 05 2009
Phone Lines Are Down...
Unfortunately as you all know I am on dial-up internet. There was a big wind gust today which blew a tree down over the power lines, knocking out the power and phone lines. The power is back on, but now were dealing with telus. They tell me late tomorrow afternoon I will have my phone and internet back, but I'm not holding my breath. Right now I am on the phone to my daughter dictating my blog to her, so I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I am at the mercy of telus, so I will be back on the blog and load pictures as soon as possible.Day 30- Tis the SeasonDay 31- Red Peppers

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November 03 2009
Through polarized lenses
I was driving once again and marvelling at the beautiful colors and contrasts in the scenery once again. I wanted to pull the car over there and then to paint. There have been times driving when I have told my husband to look at the beautiful color of the water, and the trees etc... and he does not know what I am taking about. I then remember that I wear these wonderful brown tinted polarized sunglasses. I usually end up passing them to him for a minute and I get the "Ohhh!, now I see!". I used to be a licenced optician and these sunglasses were my favorite items to sell. Not the grey tinted ones. They make the world bland. The brown lenses bring out contrasts and cut through the reflections on the water. A great tool for golfers and fisherman....and artists. They are helpful when looking for the perfect scene to set up to paint. But they have to come off during the painting process as they make it difficult to see your colors on your palette and canvas.

I guess you could say I "view life through burnt umber tinted glasses!"

This little scene today is the Kettle River in the Christian Valley just outside of Rock Creek. I underpainted it in glazes of raw umber, burnt sienna, raw sienna, yellow ochre... It is ok, but I find the colors rather boring for my taste. I prefer my glazes of orange and red to peek through and give little blasts of color throughout. I need to work on combining the two techniques.

Day 29- River View

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November 01 2009
Time change feels better
I have been looking foreward to the time change. My world now feels right. Sure it will be darker in the evening, but for my new schedule, this fits just perfect.

Yesterday after painting, I was spraying varnish onto my finished works outside, and I couldnt help but notice the beautiful yellow and yellow-green leaves that were once my thriving grapevines. They were lit from behind by the almost disapearing sun, and were breathtakingly beautiful. I put what I was doing aside and ran into the house to grab my paints, brushes, water and canvas. I frantically searched for a jacket I could get paint on, cursing under my breath something about where did all my jackets go.....Panic mode... Time was of the essence, the sun was falling behind the trees at the edge of the property! I finally grabbed one of my husbands jackets and managed to set up and start this painting. I found though, that the leaves were so faded, that it lacked something. I worked on it this morning in the studio, and managed to create some shape and interest. The blue-purple background compliments the yellow and gives it a bit more punch. Not one of my favorites, but more of an interesting story to it. Day 28- Faded Leaves

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