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December 31 2009
Adios 2009!
My oh my, that year did fly, seems I just said hello, and now I am saying good bye.....

Am I ready for 2010?? Of course I am! It's only a number. A number that takes me months to remember to put on my cheques. I guess this year will be easier to remember since every time I turn around I hear 2010..2010....2010!!!!

Last year my resolution was to dig in and really spend the year painting and working on my skills. I did that, but I could spend the next 10 years digging in and working on my skills. Actually I could spend the rest of my life doing that, and still have more to learn. I love it. This year my resolution is to build up a good body of work to approach galleries with. That doesn't sound too difficult now does it?? It's realistic. Not something like, "I will earn 100,000 selling art by the end of the year." I would need a genie in a bottle AND a lucky star for that one I am afraid.

I blew the dust off of these sewing odds and ends and set them up to paint. I don't sew if I can help it, thus the title "Sew What??!" I would rather paint them than use them.

Happy New Year! Day 87- sew What?

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December 30 2009
Can I stop now???
I have always been really bad for not finishing things that I start. This challenge is one of the few projects I have done which I have stuck with. Mind you, today, that little voice was niggling at me saying: "You don't have to finish you know.... what would it matter if you quit now? 86 paintings is just as good as 100!" I countered with, "Shut up, I am going to finish whether I like it or not." I know that I would really be disappointed in myself if I didn't finish. But I must say that I will be taking a few days off of painting when I am done. After that I have many ideas to get started on. YAY! Paintings that will take days, weeks, maybe even months to finish!

This 5x7 painting is one that I had finished a few months ago and had hanging in T.O.S.H. in Qualicum Beach. I brought it home and made some changes. I took out the fragments of blue sky I had in the top right corner and filled it with light green. Some of the tree trunks were dead and grey, so I decided that they would not have nice green foliage if they were dead, so I painted them with burnt sienna. It is a very simple piece, not much to it. My daughter, granddaughter and I took a hike around Heliwell Park on Hornby Island in the summer and came upon this grove on the bluff. Day 86- Hornby Island Trees

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December 29 2009
I have been thinking about taking a writing course. They say that the thing that intrigues and excites you the most as a child is the path you should follow. I was always drawing, but writing was my first love. Even looking through my old elementary report cards, the comments are usually something like "Cindy amuses us with her imaginative stories". (Was the teacher just finding a nice way to say I was a pain in the butt??) One teacher went as far to say that I was immature for my age.....(I was 5). "I will have you know, Mrs Van -Cise, I am still immature for my age and I like it that way!"

As for the writing skills, I know I have trouble with past and present tense, too many commas, and some technical stuff. But the imagination is there, and has never gone away (re kindled by my granddaughter). I have a couple of rough drafts for children's books, and would really like to follow that path as well. But, I want to paint too!! How will I ever find the time to do it all.......I guess when I am finished with this 100 painting challenge, I should have cultivated the discipline to be able to take it all on. I am hoping.

This little painting is one I started a while back. It is of an old crystal smelling salts bottle that was my grandmothers. And yes, the salts are still in there. I have memories of opening the bottle as a child and carefully and gradually sniffing more and more until I was hit with the awful ammonia "WHAM" into my sinuses. Then of course came the "EWWWW!!" putting the lid on and placing the bottle back onto my grandmother's dresser. And yes. I did it before I started to paint it. I just couldn't help myself...... Day 85- Smelling Salts Bottle

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December 28 2009
scrambling to get back on track
I had a wonderful xmas, but my 100 paintings were in the back of my mind the whole time! How was I going to make this work when I had so much to do. I think I managed ok, but boxing day I posted my painting at 1:00 AM. We had a few people over and we partied around the bonfire in the backyard. Great fun!! My company had all gone to bed and I sat in front of the computer and finished posting my days work. It was best that I didnt blog.

I still have a few things to do in the next couple of days, life probably wont get back to normal until wednesday. I didnt post yesterdays painting because I still had not finished it and I was just too tired to lift a finger. Those late nights really do me in now.

The good thing about not posting yesterday, is that I can post these two at the same time. This painting is a diptych (two pieces). It is a scene from the government wharf in Deep Bay last summer. I had a little trouble with this painting. My grandaughter was in the studio for a bit while I was painting so my direct attention was not on the task at hand. My tones and values were all wrong and I just couldnt get it to work right. I find that when I am preoccupied, this happens. Usually what I will do is to wash over the whole painting with an orange/red semi transparent glaze. I can still see my composition, but the colors and values are close to the same. Then I begin again. In this case I probably should have done the same, but I picked it up today and just kept playing with it. I am still not sure if I like it, but I am done for the day.

Day 83-Deep Bay DiptychDay 84- Deep Bay Diptych

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December 24 2009
Here are the three pieces of the "Macs at Baynes Sound" Triptych. This covers todays and tomorrows paintings.....Is that cheating??? Hope you all have a very merry xmas!!!

Day 79- Macs at Baynes Sound TriptychDay 80- Macs at Baynes Sound- triptychDay 81- macs at Baynes Sound - Triptych

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December 22 2009
I am tuckered...
I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldnt get back to sleep, so I was up and painting before 5:00 am. I managed to start my triptych but didnt finish it, so you will have to wait till tomorrow to see the first section. My daughter and grandaughter are over for the night, so it took me awhile to finally sit in front of my computer to post. Not only was I up really early this morning, but I have been playing with an 8 month old this afternoon. What fun....I am tuckered.

This painting is taken from a photo I took on the top of mount Washington in the summer about 9 or 10 years ago. There were tall trees in the mid-background, and I at first painted them in, but one by one I took them out. I really wanted this large tree to be the "main character" and decided that it looked too cluttered with the rest of them. Day 78- Mount Washington Overcast

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December 21 2009
Only 23 left....
I am so glad I only have 23 paintings left. I REALLY want to spend more than one day on a painting. You will probably see a triptych or two before I am done. I really enjoyed the last triptych painting I did, "West Coast 1, 2 and 3", because I was able to spend more time on the painting, and then had three days worth to show! I am actually ahead by 2, which gives me a little room.

I thought I would let you know as well that the two last xmas paintings are for sale again. Unfortunately the person I had painted them for was caught up in the xmas mayhem and forgot she had asked me. She has already sent a gift to the person who she wanted them for. It was a little disappointing, but understandable. It happens.

I received my visa bill today. I was not very smart in spacing out my art supplies and had three charges on one bill. Oh my. That along with my xmas shopping charges...Hello overdraft!!! ha ha!! Oh well, its only money.

This little 8x10 is a waterfall on a seasonal creek that runs through my in-laws property in Sooke. The painting turned out quite dark. I am trying to decide if I need to do something else to it. I will have to get it critiqued by fellow artists. That always helps. AND helps you to develop a"thick skin". Day 77- James Creek Waterfall

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December 20 2009
A good day for painting
It is pouring outside. A good day for painting. I am surprised that I was able to get up as early as I did. . I couldnt get to sleep last night, so I was on the couch with my pastels till midnight. I think that my insomnia was due to lack of excercise in the last couple of days. When it is lousy outside, I dont go for my run. So after I painted for today, I dragged out an old Cher step-up excercise video and dusted off my step. I used to love that tape. I got through it no problem! I was thinking about how step ups are like painting. I have to pay attention otherwise I screw up. My thoughts wander and before I know it I am going left instead of right or down instead of up. And if I am really not careful I can trip up and fall flat on my face. Yep, just like painting.

Funny how sometimes I just dont see things. I loaded this little xmas pony painting, then took a good look at it and it is actually a unicorn and I didnt finish the horn! It looks like a party hat made out of a brown paper bag!! I am going downstairs to paint over it, but will leave the mistake on here for the sake of a laugh. I worked on the painting that I did yesterday and re loaded it. I really liked the yellow/green foreground in this painting, so I did the same in the other so that they would match. Day 76- Drummer Boy anad Xmas Pony

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December 19 2009
A commission request
While I was painting today I had my old dog Wasabi on a blanket on the floor of my studio. I was painting, he was snoring. He is 14 and has been hit in the last few days with a very bad bout of what I think is arthritis. It has happened before when he lived with my daughter and her fiance (he was their dog)so they took him to the vet.... $200 later the vet still didnt know what it was. I gave him some mild aspirin and he just has to take it easy. I am stocked up on dog pepperoni and had a piece on each step to try to entice him to go upstairs. A treat for each stair. Then my lab came in, thinking she had hit "paydirt" and ate it all in 2 seconds. So much for that. Anyways, the aspirin seems to be working so far. We will see. Poor old guy.

I was in my shared studio space at TOSH at the beginning of the week when a customer came in and was disapointed that my xmas mouse painting was gone. I had actually moved it to the Magnolia Gallery in Cumberland and it sold in a day. I offered to paint another for her and she thought that would be great. She often pops into the gallery and has purchased I believe, two of my little paintings. I enjoy it when she comes in as she is very enthusiastic and supportive of the local artsts and their work.

Day 75- Xmas Mouse and Candy Cane

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December 18 2009
Home again!
I just spent the last two nights at my daughters place, baking for xmas, finishing up my shopping and hanging out with my 8 month old grandaughter. It was a wonderful visit but I am pooped!! It is not easy to shop for a child her age, I want to buy her some kind of art supplies but will have to wait for a year or so. As soon as she can hold a crayon though.....Im there!!!

This little piece I started on wednesday at the "Old School House Gallery". I did some finishing touches when I got home today. I like the simple design and the calming colors. It may lack "pizzazz", but as you can see there is a hammock hanging in the trees, and who wants "pizzazz" when lazing on the beach in a hammock! Day 74- Hammock on the Beach

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December 17 2009
drawing a blank
spent the day, xmas baking, ate so much sugar, my hands are shaking....So here I sit, I tried to blog, drawing a blank, my brains a fog....finished this poem, clicked "add blog entry", got kicked off, ran out of rhymes......

I will try again tomorrowDay 71- West Coast 1Day 72- West Coast 2Day 73- West Coast 3

note: these were supposed to be next to each other for the full effect.

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December 15 2009
Going ....Going...GONE!!
Here is a list of the paintings I will be elimating by painting over. (see previous blog entry) Day 10- Inland highway 2........Day 16- Modern Machinery.....Day 17- Grey gull......Day 28 Faded leaves.....Day 30 Tis the Season......Days 35-40 Partial Object series. Days 44, 59 and 63 will be changed somewhat, background etc, I havent given up on them as of yet!

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December 15 2009
The Monkeys on my back....
I think it is time to take a good look at the paintings I have done so far and start to eliminate some of them. To be honest, I am uncomfortable having some of these on my site ( I committed myself to a painting a day) and it is really starting to get to me. I will post the names and numbers of the paintings before I eliminate them, and if there are any of you out there who have totally fallen in love with one or more of them and just cant live without them, let me know. One thing I have learned is that just because I do or do not like a painting, doesnt mean someone else will feel the same way. I do enjoy the cleansing ritual of painting over or throwing out paintings I feel are not "up to snuff". Its like getting rid of that monkey on my back, or in this case, that pack of monkeys. It really weighs me down.

Ok, so I have bought myself some time. I still plan on painting every day, but xmas is around the corner and I dont know what is going to happen to my schedule. This painting is one of three. It can be hung alone, or with one or both of the other two pieces. You will have to wait till tomorrow and the next day to see the others though. It is a scene from Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Day 71- West Coast 1

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December 14 2009
New storage
I have a new piece of furniture in my studio. It is a very large dresser, about 48 inches wide X 24 inches deep with 12 drawers of varying sizes. This is very exciting for me! Right now I have my "stuff" in plastic totes, some of which are 2 or 3 deep. It is a great way to organize, but with one fault, when I am in the creative mode, the last thing I want to do is clear a spot on my table, placing the 1 or 2 totes I have to lift up to get to the one on the bottom. Then open a plastic lid and dig around looking for what I need, and after finding it, putting the lid back on, and placing the totes back the way I found them. It just doesnt work. I am finding myself foregoing what I wanted out of the bottom totes, or putting things in a pile on the table because I dont want to put them away. (which is why i needed to clear a spot) Drawers work great for me. The only art supplies I have managed to keep organized, have been in drawers. My husband begrudgingly let me have the dresser.(he is a sweetheart) He really wanted it. So I have to make it work.

This piece is of the herring boats off of Bowser. The herring release milky spawn into the water which creates a beautiful turquoise green. Day 70- Herring Season

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December 13 2009
Xmas gifts
I am attempting to think of which paintings would be the best for which people on my xmas list. This little painting is for my mother in law. I had originally painted the "Tea with Mom" for her, but Kate at the Magnolia gallery in Cumberland thought it would be a good one to have there, so I had to think of another.

My underpainting in this piece is different than my others, it has a brilliant magenta which you can see coming through on the blossoms. It is sometimes difficult to paint with such a bright base. It is always a surprise when you finally fill in the background because all the colors change. You then have to go in and do the adjustments.Day 69- Towhee and Blossoms

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December 12 2009
Back on track
I have discovered that I am a totally different artist early in the morning than in the evening. I picked the flying painting up off the floor and finished it.(it was in perfect shape) I am not sure why it was so difficult to work on the other night. I also finished the painting of the cat that I was not able to do as well. I find my mind is clearer in the morning. A good night sleep and all the "noises" from the previous day are silent and sorted out.

The mountain picture is somewhere in Banff.(It was a long time ago) I have the watercolor version which I painted years back, hanging on my bathroom wall. I think it is a rather fitting painting for the bathroom.

This cat is one of my dads, it is either Maggie or Suzie. They are both black and I cannot tell them apart. Good thing he does not go on the computer, or I may be corrected! She is sitting at an angle on a tin roof. I was going to call it "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", but the roof didnt turn out all that hot, its rather cool actually, matches her eyes.Day 68- Dads MaggieDay 67- Mountain Pit Stop

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December 11 2009
67 is a bust
I tried really hard to get 67 done but was too anxious and under pressure and was just going to screw it up. The problem was that I was going to be gone from 6 AM till later on tonite, so I tried to finish todays painting last night after dinner. Too much pressure knowing that if I didnt finish by a certain time, I would be late getting to bed and wouldnt be able to get up early in the morning. So I tried an alternate #67 and found out that 6x8 canvases look cool when you put a spin on them when flinging them across the room....I admit, it all sounds a little juvenile, but I didnt hurt anyone so what the hey. I got a chuckle out of it when my fit was over.(the first throw didnt make enough noise landing, so I had to do it once more) I think there just may be something to the redhead temper "myth", combined with the crazed artist myth.

This little painting is my wild more ways than one!number 67 is a bust...

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December 10 2009
Fuzzy brain
This morning I have a fuzzy brain. I finished my painting for the day and now I need to go outside for a run and maximize my oxygen intake. It looks cold out there, so a hat and scarf are in order.

My internet key is working now, I had to just keep loading the drivers over and over again until it just gave up the fight and started working. I plugged it in this morning with baited breath. But here I am! Just quick like that! What a difference from dial up.

This little painting was taken from my reference photo of the Comox Estuary. I seem to be enjoying painting mountains lately, I think once it warms up I need to go out and find some good mountains to paint. Day 66- Mountains over the Comox Estuary

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December 09 2009
What frusteration!!
Yesterday I was so excited about this new internet key, and how fast it was etc...This morning I went to upload my painting and the key wouldnt connect. I have been back and forth on the phone, and am attempting for the 3rd time to download the driver off the internet...(with dial up...20 min to load 10% so far). If it doesnt work this time, I think I shall scream!!! I am thinking it is a Vista problem...yep, that must be what it is, that is always what it is.....

I painted this morning, oblivious to the problems I was about to face. Good thing, it was a great morning for painting. This piece is for my dad for xmas, its ok, he doesnt have a computer so there is no worry of him seeing it before xmas. This was a little house and acreage he lived at in Quesnel. He worked really hard to clear the land, it kept him busy. It was a big challenge for him...seems he isnt the only one who likes a challenge. Runs in the family I guess! Day 65- Dads Quesnel Place

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December 08 2009
I finally went and bought an internet key. I am not sure why I didnt do this before! Now I should have more time to paint and less time on the internet. It ends up being $20 less per month than I was paying for dial up....go figure!

I was up early this morning and decided to paint this little one of my in-laws property. I am thinking that I may have put the building and tree up a little high on the canvas, but I wanted to create a feeling of standing at the bottom of the hill. I was actually nervous to start painting this morning, because of yesterdays disappointment. I actually worked on that "disappointment" and am somewhat happier with it now. I will post the improved version later.Day 64- Sheep Shed and Apple Blossoms

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December 07 2009
Oh my, I am not happy with day 63
I struggled with the decision of whether or not to post todays painting. But I took a deep breath and there it is. Only because I said I would post something every day. I guess I couldve taken something off my wall and posted it instead! I dont know if the painting is terrible because I didnt get out of bed until 7 AM. I was getting a scratchy throat last night and went to bed at 8:30 and turned off my alarm because I wanted to sleep as much as I needed to. There, thats my excuse. More likely it is part of this struggle that started last week. It feels as though I am forgetting how to paint, and each painting is getting more and more difficult to finish. Its frusterating. I need something fresh to break me out of this. I will have to think on this for the night. Ok then, we will see you again tomorrow!!

Day 63- Little Bottles

ps, I worked on the painting some more and changed the picture today,(dec 9) it is a little better....

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December 06 2009
In a fixing mood...
I took a good look at the last two xmas paintings (60&61)and decided to fix them up. I replaced the old images with the new ones and I am much happier with them. Ok, I am going to come clean... I painted the both of them at the same time two days ago, because I was going to spend the night away looking after my grandbaby. I was up at 5:00 AM, and painted until 11:00 AM. I had the two groupings set up beside each other on a table in front of a directional light source (a lamp...)and had both canvases on my easle in front of me. I worked back and forth, from one to the other. It ended up being far more difficult than I had thought it would be. The problem, I believe, is that I need to give my full "meditative" attention on the creation at hand. Skipping back and forth is distracting. I dont deal well with distraction. (just ask any of my grade school teachers) So, today I went in and fixed the both of them after I finished todays painting. I think that it is fine to START two canvases at one time, but I need to put one aside soon after that. I achieve a much better result with "one on one" attention to the painting.

I am back at the red peppers again. Its funny, you would think it would be easy to paint them again, but its almost like I forget how to paint when I repeat a subject. I've heard that you should paint a subject 10 times to break through this barrier. Do you want to see 10 more peppers?? I think not. Maybe I will do it off of the day...Day 62- Red Peppers 2

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December 04 2009
A beautiful crisp sunny day!
There! I am all done for the day. I am finding that I am wanting to work on my paintings longer. I think it is a sign that I am ready to work on some larger pieces. I am still thinking about what to do next. This has been alot of fun, and I really enjoy the little bit of "viewer interaction". Most of you are silent, but I know you are out there! So far this month I am averaging about 125-150 hits per day. Up from last month. I would like to do something that involves the viewers a little more. I have been thinking about having you tell me what you would like to see me paint, and I will see if I am able. You can do this anonymously if you like. I still plan on the "going...going...gone!" project after my 100 days, but would still welcome ideas from you!

This little piece is maybe a bit dark, I will have to look at it for a few days and decide. I love this ornament in my collection, it is broken as you can see behind the back hoof, but I still hang it on my tree. It is one of the whitewear pieces I painted years ago. Day 60- Red Xmas Pony

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December 03 2009
feeling a little bogged down
I am feeling a little bogged down with all this painting these last couple of days, kind of wishing I had said "60 paintings in 60 days!!" Its ok though, because I know that when I go through a hard time with my art, I emerge with something new. It has always been that way. I had a man ask me why I decided to do this through xmas. I told him that I got caught up with the excitement of the idea and never gave it much thought...(or something like that). That is what makes it so exciting. If I had stopped and thought about the inconvenience, I probably wouldnt have done it.

I brought a bunch of paintings into the Magnolia Gallery today. I couldnt make up my mind which ones to take in, so I packed up all of the ones I had framed thinking that the owner could choose the ones she wanted. She took all but one! Then to top it off, a delightful couple came in and bought one before I had even written it up! so if you are reading this, many thanks to you! ( note to todays buyer,If you click under archives, it will take you to november, and the entry about your painting is Nov.16)

I have painted this scene once before, years ago. It sold to someone I knew back in Didsbury. I have trouble with the elipse shape.(and there happens to be 4 of them....) I know that there is a way to render them accurately, but I havent read up on it. Maybe I should.Day 59- Sunlit bistro

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December 02 2009
Capturing a glow
Todays painting still needs a little work. I simply ran out of time. I was worried about making the oranges glow, and I made them glow so much they look as though they were grown near a nuclear power plant! I was having difficulty with the color of the pom, I just couldnt get it to look alive, then I realized that maybe it was being outshone by the oranges. So, I will work on it again tomorrow, I dont think it will need too much, but I will load the new painting on the site when it is finished.

I am already thinking about what I am going to do when the 100 painting challenge is up. I know that there are some paintings I will take down and paint over as soon and I get them all up in January. Maybe that will be the next bout of "entertainment". Sort of a going...going....gone thing!!Day 58- Pom and Mandarin

note: I just checked out the painting on line, and the orange looks much "tamer" than the actual painting.

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December 01 2009
44 people!
I was sure surprised this morning when I went to post my blog and noticed that 44 people had been on my blog page already by 9:00 AM! I am sorry that I didnt post yesterday, I know that some of you check it out daily, but everyday things got in the way and I didnt get the chance to go on line.

The "country rose" tea cup is my mother-inlaw's favorite teacup. I just noticed that I painted the handle larger than it really is, probably a subconscious thing. The tiny little handles on those cups really bother me. I usually end up spilling my tea. I am afraid that my English genes are watered down some. Give me a mug with a good sturdy handle and I am happy.

I was driving home from Qualicum the other day on the old island highway, and noticed the leaves floating in the overflowing ditches on the side of the road.(after the rainstorms we have had) I had an idea for my next painting. Sometimes thats all it takes, just observing what is around you......all the while of course, watching the road.Day 56- Tea with MomDay 57- Little Waterfall

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