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January 29 2010
Up before the early birds
I could not sleep this morning, so I was in my studio by 3:30 AM. I think there is a mouse down there somewhere and I must have woken him up. My cats were intrigued by something anyways.

I am busy fixing up some of my 100 series for the show in March. Some of them needed more than one days work, and I just couldn't help myself but to fix them. I thought I had lots of time this morning to do all this work, but it is already 9:30 am. The creative mode is a wonderful place to be, time has no hold when you are there, but it goes so fast that you run out of it before you know it! I have to set an alarm if I need to stop by a certain time. It is a problem when 5 hours feels like 15 minutes. Not good for getting places on time.

After talking to a fellow artist, I decided to go with my first inclination for the Fifty-4-50 show. I have decided I will show the paintings on-line as I go along but will not offer them for sale until the end of November. Hopefully I will find a venue by that time and have an exhibition. I will keep you posted.

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January 26 2010
Managing an Obsession
I have just discovered the flash drive and I am so excited! Burning discs is ok, but I couldn't get my computer program to add to a disc I had already used, even though there was a ton of room left. Needless to say I have many discs lying around with bits and pieces burned onto them. This will be great. I am in the process of putting all my 100 day blog entries together. I want to mail away a booklet to my father who does not own a computer, and I may put a book together. With the flash drive I can take it to my daughters and do my homework while babysitting.

Yes, I have been painting, and if you check out my new studio, you will see my latest hair-brained idea. 50 paintings this time and 11 months to do it in. Sounds easier than 100? Not at all. This time all the work has to be quality. No one day paintings. I am also going to try to have a life this time while painting, but something happened to me after finishing the 100. I am more obsessed than ever! Something crazy has awakened in me and I have to force myself to do all the other "stuff" that needs to be done. I could shut myself in a cabin far away from phones, internet, TV, everything, and just paint for a month. It probably wouldn't be long enough. I think I have a solution. I get up at 5:00 am, paint anywhere from 4-9 hours, then get the other stuff done later on. It works but boy, am I tired by 7:00! Spanish Bottle and Marbles Peppers, and Radishes- Coombs MarketPeppers Lemons and Celery- Coombs Market

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January 23 2010
Time to tidy up
I have been busy tidying up my 100 painting studio to make room for my new paintings. I am torn between keeping them up for people to see, or take them down because they have been sold or given away for xmas. I do need to make room for more art, so taking them down won out. Stay tuned to view the new studio!

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January 19 2010
It was a good day
Today started a little odd. I got up thinking today was Wednesday. I made my tea, let the dogs out then headed downstairs to the studio, feeling a little bummed out because I thought I only had a couple of hours to paint. I then spied the 3 paintings I had propped up against the chair in the basement, ready to go to the Sandbar Cafe....hey, wait a minute. I was taking those paintings to Helen on must be Tuesday! Yay! I have way more time to paint than I thought! It felt really good. Never mind that I had some sort of memory lapse, that isn't important. Painting time is important.

The Sandbar is a really cute little restaurant in Qualicum Bay if you ever get a chance to drop by. The owner, Helen, has a wonderful energy about her and is doing everything she can to promote the local artists. There are 17 of us showing our work in the Cafe. It is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. Good food, friendly service and surrounded by artwork...sounds like a good outing to me.

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January 18 2010
124 Tubes of paint!
I tallied up the guesses, and the winner is Julie R. Her guess was 101, 23 short. The next closest was right on her heels, Terri with 95, 29 short. The most outrageous vote was my silly friend Glenda, 4,534 over! Thank you to Chris Tyrell for being the "holder of the number", so that it was all fair to everyone. The feedback/critique from viewers varied. The paintings liked the least were, 1,2,3 11,9,and 15. The most liked paintings are as follows:

#82-2 votes

#93-2 votes

#56- 2 votes

#99-2 votes

#'s-48, 66, 98, 74, 78, 90 all single votes. Then there is #2, which was voted least and favourite. It goes to show how different everyone is when choosing art. Thank you to all of you who were kind enough to send me feedback. I really appreciate it.

Yes, I have been painting. Keep checking back because I do have something up my sleeve!

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January 16 2010
no one has guessed yet!
One more day left and no one has guessed the amount. (see my last blog entry) Some are close though, but there are only a few guesses, I am thinking that viewers would rather stay silent, so the odds are pretty good. I will let you know tomorrow!Day 100- Impending Storm (seeJan 13th blog for details)

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January 13 2010
I did it! Done! Mission accomplished!!
I am so glad I took this 100 day personal challenge on. I have definitely gained from the whole experience. I feel more confident in my painting skills, know when my best times of the day are to paint, have a fair number of paintings in inventory, have been approached by galleries, have circulated my name out there and have made a royal mess in my studio! Between later afternoon yesterday, and this morning, there were 415 hits on my studio pages. Wow! I usually average around 200 per day. Some days more people read the blog and other days they just look at the paintings. It is interesting to have the numbers to check each time I log in.

I have decided to give away the 100th painting. This is how it works: Send an email to me and tell me which paintings were your most and least favourites. If you want to elaborate that's great, I welcome critiques. (Please do not think that just because you are not an artist your opinion isn't valid. The majority of art buyers are not artists. You opinion IS extremely important. ) Then answer the question: "HOW MANY PAINT TUBES ARE IN CINDY'S STUDIO."

Yes, I have counted them all. A couple of points to keep in mind. I taught art classes for 9 years in Alberta, have dabbled in watercolours, printing inks, oils as well as my acrylics and I don't throw anything away unless it is dried up crispy. That's all I am going to say.

I will keep the "line" open until 5:00 pm, Sunday January 17th 2010. The first person to guess the number will receive the painting. If no one guesses correctly, then I will choose the closest number on either side. In the event of two numbers the same, the soonest email will prevail.

If for some reason your email will not go through this site, then please send to

Today's painting is an 8x10 acrylic on a 1 "deep canvas. I decided to get wild with the sky and create an impending storm. It may have something to do with our weather lately. I believe the landmarks are of Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville, but the rest is out of my imagination. Day 100- Impending Storm (see blog for details)

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January 12 2010
Important notice
I have something up my sleeve for tomorrows painting #100. Be sure to tune in so you dont miss out!!

Day 99- The Boardwalk

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January 11 2010
The summer before last I was visiting a friend who was camped at the Sooke Flats, and these two kayakers went by. I have always wanted to try kayaking, but am afraid I wouldn't be able to get out of the boat at the end of the trip! Less embarrassing to paint them. Day 98- Kayaking on the Sooke River

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January 10 2010
Hard to live with
It seems to me that a dedicated artist would be hard to live with. We tend to obsess about our art and anything that pertains to it. It must be pretty annoying after a while for those who live with us day in and day out. We tend to go inside our heads regularly and hide away in our studios with large signs written or not that bellow "STAY OUT" (or else). Our art is our life passion, and "god help" anyone who we THINK is trying to put a block in our way. We tend to view the world outside the box and quite often our motives are misunderstood. It takes a special person to live with us, or just one with a lot of understanding, self confidence and patience....especially patience.

I have a great idea for day 100. Keep watching so you don't miss out!

This painting is the second part of the Long Beach Diptych.

Day 97-Long Beach Diptych

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January 09 2010
Why I paint
I was told today by a very well established artist, that I needed to come up with a statement or a story about why I paint. I have never really given it much thought, except for the fact that I seem to have to paint and can't help myself. Then I thought about my personality which was pretty strong at an early age. (My father laughs now about how much of a handful I was) I drove my mother crazy because I was so independent. She used to tie me to the house, (when it was politically correct to do so) while she was gardening otherwise I would be gone in a flash, heading down the road to some unknown adventure with a determined look on my freckled face. (I was once pulled out of the Gorge by someone when I was 3, about a mile from home) I have never liked to be told what to do. My mother died in 1974, of breast cancer. I was 14. One of the things she told her close friend was that she knew that I would be fine after she was gone, because of my determination. I did ok I guess... considering the circumstances. Later on in my life in 2001, I myself was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, there was a challenge I faced head on. This was no stranger to me, and I was not going to go somewhere I was not ready to go. I made my own decisions, struggled against the medical system which would have turned my life upside down if I let them, and basically told the doctors what I wanted from them. So far so good. There have also been a few `circumstances` in my life I have changed, by not being afraid of a challenge. To sum it up, I paint because it is a challenge and I am self taught because I do not like being told what to do!

This painting is one of two pieces. It is a section of Long Beach on the West coast of Vancouver Island. I decided to get wild with the clouds...what fun!!!

Day 96- Long Beach Diptych

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January 08 2010
What I think about...
I taped up a piece of paper beside my canvas on my easel and thought I would write down things that came into my head while painting. It was not all that easy, sort of a left /right brain struggle, but I did manage to record a few thoughts at the beginning stage of my painting.....

Hmmm..... I want a bright under tone.... Should I paint the whole spray bottle or just a portion of it.... will it fit on a vertical or horizontal canvas......ok, this overlaps this, and that overlaps that..... Here comes the dogs both trying to fit on the small blanket on the floor there a rhythm in my composition here other than on the radio?? ..... Make those lines flow the negative spaces...... here comes the cat attempting to squeeze between the dogs....oh and there goes one of the dogs in what colors to use for my midtones.....glaze in those darks and shadows.... change the length of the paintbrush......there goes the deaf dog when he finally realized the other one was gone. ...the cat now has the whole blanket.

That's as far as I got before I got in too deep to bother writing anymore.

Day 95- Art Supplies

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January 07 2010
Hmmmm Strange........
I could have sworn that I wrote up a blog entry for yesterdays painting. I guess I was preoccupied. I was getting organized to head to my daughters place later on for the night when I received a phone call from one of my "closest -far away" friends. We have a deep conversation once every 3 or 4 months which I would guess equals "chatting" every week. I think we talked for about 2 hours give or take a few minutes. I am not much of a coffee clutch friend. Seems most of my favourite friends I see very little of. I am not sure what that says about my character....

The painting I did yesterday is of something I do not remember the name of. I do know that it is a type of temperature gauge. The vessel is filled with water, and the glass balls with the colored liquid in them float up and down depending on what the temperature is. I don't know how to read it, but I think I managed to paint a section of it. It was a challenge, which is why I attempted it in the first place.

This painting for today is one much like the grapes and Pinwheels I painted on day 42 but this time with mandarin oranges. Oranges I find are very difficult to paint, which is why I keep trying. They are very translucent and the shading has to be done in a very subtle way. I set my light source behind the subject so that the segments lit up somewhat.

Day 93- Floating glassDay 94- Mandarins and Pinwheels

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January 05 2010
Some songs...
Sometimes when I work in the studio, a really good song comes on the radio and I just can't help myself but to stop painting, get up from my chair and dance. Just like this morning. ACDC- Highway to Hell was the tune today. Yesterday it was Georgia Satellites- Keep your Hands to Yourself. I also enjoy listening to the World music on CBC galaxy. My music interests vary, but I love that beat that resonates through my body making it impossible to sit still. I am always amazed at how joyful it makes me. It can be American, Canadian, African, Indian, all moves me. My music varies much like my painting subjects. The difference is though my painting is getting better with time, my dance moves are not!

Yes, red onions again! I love the color as well as the taste.Day 92- Red Onions and a Knife

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January 04 2010
Combining writing and painting....
Opening the sliding door on the closet, I peruse through the canvases on the shelf. 5X7? I think for a moment, no, 8X10 will work much better for the painting I have in mind. I know it will show better in an 8x10 gallery frame if it turns out well. I place the pre-gessoed canvas onto the paint splattered ledge of my easel, and perch myself onto my red vinyl adjustable studio chair. What to write? What to paint? The outcome is a mystery at this point in time. . The overhead lamp at the top of my easel accentuates the starkness of the white canvas. A taunting annoyance that is pent on stirring up my self doubt. I look away and to my right at the cluttered table and the study the smudges of paint on my palette. I pull a large brush from the paint caked water jug and smoosh it into the red then yellow paint and mix them onto a bare area of the palette. I squeeze a dollop of milky medium into the orange mixture and blend thoroughly. I really should be using a palette knife but the brush is old and at this point I really don't care anyways. I spread the concoction onto the canvas obliterating the sterile white void. It transforms into an array of lines and textures reminding me of my finger painting days. When the board is totally covered in a warm inviting tone, I quickly scrape the composition into the paint with a small stiff brush, revealing light lines. Quick swirls, lines, and squiggles cover the canvas; adding paint for corrections, then more lines and scrapes. I dip my brush into a dark paint then add a dash of dark lines here and there, confirming my choice of direction. I lean back in my crimson chair and assess my work. It feels good. The composition hits the right chord within me. I feel no *niggleys, no doubts. I get up and leave the room. It is time for breakfast.

kettle river bend, beginning stages Day 91- Kettle River Bend *Niggleys : Those little voices that tell you something is wrong, the ones you usually ignore and wish you hadn't.

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January 03 2010
Something about silhouettes
For some reason, I am totally mesmerized by tree silhouettes. They are like snowflakes in the way that no one is exactly the same. One day I plan on taking my time (more than a day!!) on a larger painting much like this, and really work the design of the branches and boughs.

When painting a scene like this, I begin with the red or orange under-painting, then rough in the trees with a few shades of dark green. I then mix my selected colors and fill in the sky around the trees. This is my favourite part of painting; filling in the sky and the sky holes. I am not sure why, but it is exciting to see the tree take shape. It may have something to do with the fact that it is a negative to positive action. My brain flips back and forth from the shapes of the sky to the shapes of the trees, just like the vase and the faces exercise that I am sure you have all seen.

My husband gave me an Adobe Photoshop program for Christmas. I really think it should come with a live tutor. I am trying to make heads or tails out of it, but I really miss the picture of the scissors and the glue. Idiot symbols if you will. One thing about the program that is really bothering me is how you can take a photograph and make it look like a painting! I wonder why I am bothering to paint when I can just do this with a click of my mouse. It is a little disconcerting I must say. I have seen paintings where an artist is clearly copying a computer generated painting. Is that any different than using a photo reference? Some artist circles pooh-pooh using photos at all. Nothing is in black and white. Except for maybe the black and white feature on my Photoshop program. Day 90- Trees and Wispy Clouds

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January 02 2010
Union Bay view
My daughter and I were driving back from Courtenay last month and I had to pull over in Union Bay to take a photo of this scene. I believe it is Powell River in the distance with the coastal mountains in behind the fog/cloud bank. There is something really intriguing about the smoke rising. This is another diptych, a two part painting, each canvas 6"x6".

Day 88- Union Bay View diptychDay 89- Union Bay View  Diptych

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