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October 19 2010
There has been alot of fun going on here!
I have been having a lot of fun lately in my studio....As you can see by my latest paintings in the 50-4-50 studio. I had almost given up on my latest 50 painting thing, when I had this blast of creativity which took me somewhere off into the left portion of the fun field!! The interesting thing is that I find that I am leaving some of my regular viewers behind. I think that they just don't know what to say, and that's ok!. Hang in there. I will go back to the more realistic style when the mood moves me, I haven't left it completely behind. But what I have done is caught the eye of viewers who never gave me the time of day before. Interesting. I am looking forward to painting a realistic work again soon, I am feeling the pull. I know that something has changed within my art lately and I am excited to see how it assimilates into my usual style. It is always an adventure, this world of painting!

Shows coming up:

Island Arts Expo, Qualicum Bay, November 6 & 7/

Current Connections, The Old school House Gallery, Qualicum Beach, Nov 8-Dec 6th/

50 artists, 500 paintings, Artfitterz, Nanaimo,Nov 15th-tba.

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5042 Grape Leaves5044 Tulips5041 Insomniac

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