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December 18 2010
I apologize for those of you who were faithfully following my blog. I must be really boring you by now. Well, I do have some news. I am opening a studio/gallery in January, at 5320 West Island Hwy, in Qualicum Bay. It is a wonderful site, even has two highways artist signs pointing to it, as it was once the site of the now closed "Leaving Impressions Gallery". I have been painting walls and the floor, and have now moved my paintings in. It will take me a long time to figure out how to hang them, but they are there. I also plan on teaching some art classes once again.

The most difficult part of the move is deciding what to take over and what to leave at home in my basement studio. I don't want the "mayhem" to be viewed by the public, so I am leaving many of my supplies at home, but I do plan on doing almost all of my work in the new studio. It is giving me a headache, luckily my daughter has stepped in to give me a much needed hand. She is good at keeping me focused as I "lolly-gag" through boxes and drawers thinking about what I can do with this and that...I am easily distracted. She just laughs and says she is used to it. Who is the mother here anyways???

I plan to be up and running in January, and will be open thursday to saturday 10-4 to start. I will be there much more, but those are my "written in stone" days to start. If anyone would like to come by during other times, just give my cel phone a call, 250-703-1150, and I will probably be able to let you know if I am able to be there or not. I am still working out of the shared studio at The Old School House Gallery in Qualicum Beach on Wednesdays for the time being. I thought staying there would be a great way to advertise my studio.

I have taken some time off of painting, after a wonderful 4 day retreat on Cortes Island with a good friend. I love those small islands and I definitely want to go back to this particular place. I may not be painting, but I have been thinking alot about what I am going to do when I pick up my brush once again. I can hardly wait to get started. I am feeling rather refreshed!

So, I will keep you posted as to when my official opening is. Sometime in January I think.

Have a Merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year!

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