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February 28 2010
Ideas even come from watching hockey
I don't usually watch hockey, but I did today and it was great!

Dr Art Hister said the other day that earning a bronze medal is better for you than silver. When someone wins a bronze, they are grateful and happy to be on the podium, but when they win silver they are unhappy that they didn't win gold. It was very evident in both the women and men's hockey games. They won silver because they lost. That's gotta mess with your head a little.

When Canada's team was lined up with their medals I saw an abstract painting. I grabbed the closest paper and pen, scribbled some shapes and jotted down some notes. I saw an interesting horizontal composition with lots of red and white, movement and excitement. I am not sure if I will paint it or not. But it made me jump up with just as much excitement as when the last goal was scored!

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February 27 2010
That cat!
I have delivered all of what is left of my 100 painting series to Artfitterz Gallery on Bowen Road. It really felt good to see them all tagged and going up on the wall. James said that he already had people coming in to see if my paintings were up yet. That's great! Hopefully I will see some of you at the show opening next Saturday (6th) from 2:00-4:00.

I was up this morning shuffling through my jewellery box looking for pieces to set up in my next still life. I have all these little odds and ends from my mother and grandmothers collections. They are old and tarnished, I am sure not worth much at all, but interesting to look at. Needless to say I have to keep my studio door closed to stop that little calico varmint from knocking them off the display I so carefully set up.

Speaking of that little cat, she jumped up on my palette yesterday and walked across the whole thing before I could stop her and she actually managed to miss my dollops of paint completely. I was hollering, my arms flailing wildly and she quickly (with ears pressed back) scooted under the small Rubbermaid stepping stool I had set up on the table as a stage for my last still life. The stage was draped with fabric creating a perfect hiding place for her. I didn't dare attempt to drag her out as I knew she would cling to the flimsy cloth with her claws and pull the whole works down. I concentrated on my breath to calm myself down, refocused and continued to paint. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her head bobbing up and down pressed out against the silky fabric. She was making it difficult to pay attention to the work in front of me so I poked (rather firmly) at the bobbing shape with my finger. This resulted in her performing one of those surprised wound up crazy cat things and she would have hit the roof had she not been under the stool. I guess that's what it took to be rid of the brat, because she shot out from under the shelter onto the floor and left the room in a huff of indignation. I closed the door behind her. Good riddance.

These are a couple of paintings I put into my 50 gallery yesterday. Snow and Ice is sort of a made up scene, which started out to be union bay, and the other is from Pipers lagoon where I painted last week. Hmmm the pipers Lagoon looks a little crooked. Its the photographer....not the artist!

50-7 Snow and Ice50-8 Pipers Low Tide

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February 26 2010
Breakfast break
Last night my husband asked me what I was going to do today. I replied "Painting...ALL DAY!" I like to make sure everyone in my life knows when I plan on painting all day. That way I have no interruptions. I am upstairs right now eating breakfast and blogging before I head back down stairs to the studio.

I am working on those paintings I told you about that needed to be resolved. I may have a few finished 8x10s by the time the day is over. I have changed 50-6 again. I had taken out the small brown vase completely (see 50-4-fifty studio), and it looked better, as well as adding a flower. But it was still bugging me. So I took out the black fabric triangle in the bottom left corner, and also the black like in behind. I need to change the angle of the red fabric now. It's all about the composition. I should just paint over it and start again with a better plan. But I am too stubborn. I love the vase and the stems and the red fabric. It is keeping me going. I am having fun with it.

Well, my omelette is gone and my berry smoothie down to seed laden bottom of the glass. I must get back to it!

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February 24 2010
Just thought I would tell you all that I have 11,516 hits on my blog so far this month!!! Last month I finished at 6345. I was thinking that I would like to get to 10,000 and managed to surpass it. WOW! Thanks so much!

I am sneaking away from the hockey game to write in my blog because it has been a few days since I wrote last. I usually never watch hockey, when people ask me what is my favourite sport I answer "Watching my husband mow the lawn". I usually get a few laughs out of that one. This Olympic hockey game is pretty exciting though. Canada against Russia. Go Canada!

I added up the weeks left before November, and I had better get going on my 50-4-Fifty series. I am already behind. I am not too worried though, I have a handful of unresolved paintings that I will probably figure out one day and will catch up quickly. I was painting in the TOSH studio again today, and have an 8x10 almost finished. It is turning out good so far. I don't want to hex it and say it is the next painting.

I am really tired for some reason. I think there must be allergens in the air again. I don't get classic hay fever symptoms, I just get really run down and tired and wonder what is wrong with me. Then I hear something about allergy season and its like "Oh yah, that's what is going on. I have no energy, but I have to find it somewhere because I am getting my paintings ready for my show at Artfitterz.

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February 21 2010
Baby lessons
I was with my 10 month old granddaughter at the beach yesterday. How wonderful it was to watch her pick up rocks, shells, seaweed and sticks and see them for the first time. She would pick them up with great care, scrutinizing them with innocent wonder, in one hand, then the other before passing her prize to an adult hand, waiting for it to be passed back before returning it carefully to the beach. She held handfuls of sand in her fists, squeezing so hard we thought she was going to create diamonds. Then she would let the sand filter through her fingers, or she would fling it out of her hands in a flapping motion. She reminded me yesterday how important it is to stop and observe. I already know this, that is why the west coast scenery brings tears to my eyes still but I need to look a little deeper, and take a lesson from a baby. Adults are not the only ones teaching here.

I finished my commission and it went over extremely well. I have started a new studio to showcase these particular pieces. Hopefully I can pick up some work this year. Bowser Automotive

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February 19 2010
A sunny but strange day
Today I joined a few artists who were painting at Pipers Lagoon in Nanaimo. I was immediately attracted to shack island which I could see from the beginning of the walk and proceeded to head towards it with my backpack and cumbersome French easel. My balance was off a fair bit with this paraphernalia hanging off my body as I clamoured over a very large rock with its jagged footholds. I made it safely. My saving grace was that I had been jogging and doing yoga regularly. It just made it that much easier.

I managed to get a little painting done of the tip of the island with its little buildings. A nice couple with their two small dogs came over to see what I was up to. It is always nice to have people come by when I am painting. I told them all about my 100 painting spree and that I was showing those works at Artfitterz in March. Hopefully they will come to the show.

A strange thing was happening to me today though. Every person I saw, reminded me of someone. They all looked familiar. I was sure I saw people I used to know, or people I have seen before. All day this went on. I don't know what it all means. Then to top it off, a woman was walking towards me in Costco, and I thought she was maybe someone I knew and she looked right at me and I thought well finally! This person does know me, and she said "JENNIFER!" ..... Sigh...I smiled and replied "no" with an apologetic look. She looked very disappointed, or maybe embarrassed. Perhaps she was having the same day as I was and thought she finally found someone she knew. The universe is a strange place some days.

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February 18 2010
Painting outdoors
It was so beautiful today I painted down at the back of our property this afternoon. It was a bit of a fiasco. It all started out great. I loaded up the wheelbarrow and headed down the mossy forest "road" with my two dogs. (I had to abandon the wheelbarrow on the road eventually) We have a pond which was where I was planning on setting up, but the water was too high and so was the salal which kept trying to rip my easel from my grip. I will also mention the multitude of trees which have blown over blocking almost every possible trail. So, I climbed over logs and trudged through thick underbrush heading to the other side of the pond. The light was wrong and the ground soggy. So much for that. I groped my way back out once more and onto the road, which was where I set up my easel. I should have done that in the first place and saved myself a lot of time. My chocolate lab was having a great time, hurtling herself through the salal at warp speed, while the old dog was having a terrible time poking his way through the tangles. So here I was painting, and the old dog was almost having a nervous breakdown. I have never taken him painting before and he was really nervous about the whole thing. Jesse, the lab is used to going with me, so she just sat down and listened to the forest. Sabi was shaking like a leaf and wanted to leave. I finally packed up and we left. I won't be taking the old fella with me again, that's for sure. I did manage to get a little 8x10 started. But it was really hard to see the forest through all the trees!!

Here is a painting that I finished today. The flowers (the ones you can't see) were my valentines gift. I thought the stems looked interesting. The flowers were really beautiful and I DID try to paint them. :) 50-6 Red Cloth and Freesias

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February 17 2010
I think I will stick to painting....
I have been getting all my blog entries together along with the thumbnails of my 100 pictures and placing them in my word program. My plan is to make a booklet for my show in March at Artfitterz gallery. I had thought of eventually self publishing the booklet and have been perusing the net for information, but it all seems far too complicated to me. It also seems to cost a lot of money to do as well. I think I will just put it on the backburner for awhile. If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know. I would really appreciate any input.

I had tried to get up at 5:00 am this morning, but it seemed as though my "internal waker-upper" malfunctioned. I just couldn't stay awake long enough to get out of bed. I must have needed the sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I can get up, as I lost a whole morning of painting. I went to the Old School House Gallery in Qualicum Beach today and worked out of my shared studio. It was fairly busy and I spent a lot of time chatting to people. I had brought in a couple of my "dogs" to work on, gave up on one and changed the colors in the other so many times I cant remember what it looked like when I started. That's ok, I think I am getting somewhere with it. I don't like to take anything too serious to the studio; I would rather talk to people as they come in.

I am working on another still life between studio days and grandbaby days. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow. You will be the first to know!

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February 14 2010
Not too fussy about florals...
I discovered today that I am not too keen on florals. I guess that means I had better do more of them. I find flowers confusing to paint. I have an image in my memory of what a flower looks like and it is difficult to get past that. This can be overcome by practice. But do I really want to? I will have to think about that.

I promised I would put up this 35-40 "partial Object" painting that I have reworked for the show in March. I tried to put together the old images, but couldnt figure out how to do it and save it in a jpg format. I really don't like the old one anyways, so I gave up on it gladly. These paintings are 6"x6" each and are sold separately. I had alot of fun. One in particular looks like a party to me. I am not sure why, it just does! days 35-40 partial objectI just went to my page and took a look at this attachment. It is so small it almost gave me a headache. If you would like to get a better look at it, go to the 100 painting studio and click on the image. Much easier on the eyes.

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February 13 2010
I am here on my computer avoiding the commission I have in the studio. I am so close to finishing and am afraid of doing something stupid to ruin it. Isnt that crazy??

There is an article about my 100 painting spree in the qualicum/parksville news, friday edition. The reporter, Fred Davies, did a nice job, didnt put any words in my mouth,(which happened to me once years back in another town and made me feel like an idiot) the only thing that wasnt quite right was that I have far more than 100 hits per day now. I have at least 400 and growing. So far this month I have had 5300 "plus" hits on my blog. Last month total was 6300 'ish, so I am way ahead! This is great fun. Now part of my challenge is to see how many hits I can get at the end of each month. So, if you know of anyone who would be interested in my site, please pass on my web address. Thanks! I will keep you posted. (who knows, maybe I can get on Oprah! joking....)

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February 12 2010
A great restaurant
Here we go again, life getting in the way of painting! Two days and I haven't been in the studio. I am always thinking about it though. For instance, I went into the Salvation Army store in Sooke on Thursday and bought some interesting little glass items for my next still life. I probably looked very peculiar, observing how they lay on their sides, then holding each piece up to the light and turning them slowly in my fingers, arms outstretched, all the while squinting and closing one eye. Reminiscent of choosing peppers in Coombs market.

I went to a wonderful Thai restaurant in Sooke yesterday as well. Nut Pop Thai. Oh my goodness! The food was so delicious that I took one sip of my soup and pushed the bowl across the table to my sister in law exclaiming "YOU HAVE GOT TO TASTE THIS!" To top it off, the spring rolls were the best I have ever tasted in my life. I was still thinking about art while in the midst of the relaxing and "earthy dcor" ; I took out my notepad and drew the teapot while waiting for the food, which by the way was served by a wonderful cheerful waitress. The whole experience was great! I will be back!

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February 10 2010
making changes
Today I painted in my shared studio at The Old School House Gallery in Qualicum Beach. I haven't been there for a few weeks, so it was really nice to see everyone and to be surrounded by such wonderful artwork. It is very inspiring. I sold my little "ceremonial exit" painting today. That always makes me feel better! I am in the process of having business cards, rack cards, and bookmarks made up, so selling some artwork is a good thing at this point in time! What comes in; goes out again.

I am in the midst of changing six paintings I did back to back for my 100. For any of you that have been following me, they are the 6x6 canvases of the oil lantern that I begrudgingly posted on the site (because I had to put something up). If you noticed, they were the first ones I took down at the end of the show! As soon as they are all done, I will post them up for you to see, along side what they used to look like.

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February 08 2010
trouble with email
I had yet another person tell me they could not email me from this site. If you ever want to send me a message, my personal email address is on my main page.

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February 08 2010
Vitamin D and oxygen
Today was a pretty good day. I managed to finish a painting, and start a commission piece. I even managed to go for a run with the dogs. I must exercise more often. I am finding that sitting at my easel for hours on end is not good for the energy level. Especially in these overcast type winter days. Mind you, it was nice and sunny when I went for my run. I pushed up my sleeves to expose my bare arms to the sun, hoping to absorb some much needed vitamin D. I am pretty fair so it doesn't take long for it to sink in . I am not sure if it was the sunshine or the increased oxygen intake that made me feel better, but something worked. I am looking foreword to warmer weather so I can get outside with my paints as I found a wonderful beach to set up on. It will be a nice change.

This is another one of those "gothic" type still life paintings. This time I tried to paint it that way (rather than the last painting that took on a life of its own) and it came out with more of an edgy feel. I think so anyways. Maybe it didn't like to be controlled...Hmmm...neither do I! Wine and Blog Notes

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February 06 2010
Painting Glass
After struggling with those mediocre paintings I was telling you about a few days ago, I have decided to go back to still life for awhile. I enjoy painting my little groupings the most. I am going to have to peruse the second hand stores around the area for interesting little items. I enjoy painting glass, as you have probably figured out thus far. Glass can be very exciting to paint. I have learned to be very patient with my under glazes, layer upon layer. The glass will seem very flat for the longest time, making me question my abilities, and then with just the correct amount of light it is transformed into this beautiful 3 dimensional piece that makes me "WHOOP" with joy. But too much light can flatten it once again. I sometimes hit the mark immediately and other times need to work back and forth until the proper balance is achieved.

The background of this piece "assorted glass" took on a gothic mood. Sometimes paintings "morph into their own" as you go along. This one definitely did and I am very satisfied with the outcome. "WHOOP!"Assorted Glass

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February 05 2010
Stoves and art don't mix
I did something really stupid last night. I had decided to make myself a cup of tea. I turned on the kettle and went downstairs for something. As usual I forgot why I was down there and was drawn into my studio by an invisible magnetic force. This happens all the time. I usually end up standing in the middle of the room wondering why I am there. Anyways, this time I went straight to my easel and started to "just quickly fix" a couple of things that I noticed were not quite right. I am not sure how long I was painting, as I have no concept of time in my studio. I heard my husband's heavy footsteps on the floor above; he was wandering around with the phone to his ear. His steps quickly went to the kitchen and I heard the kettle being moved off the burner. It was about that time that I remembered I had turned it on. Did you know that kettles glow red when they get hot?? And lid knobs can melt and fall off? I am in the market for a new kettle. One with an automatic shut off. My husband is a great guy. He just grinned and said "That's ok, just remember this for the next time I do something stupid."

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February 03 2010
(I apologize for the strange apostrophes....not sure what is going on.)

Today is the third of February and I have already had 866 hits on this blog so far. Last month I averaged 200 per day. This is a good start! I would really like to reach more people to see just how high the numbers will go. It has been a wonderful surprise. When I started the 100 paintings, the blog was just an after thought. Now it seems to be the crowd drawer. (Little play on words there)

I was going to get up early and paint this morning, but I have a neurotic calico cat (if you follow my blog I have mentioned Maggie before), who has decided in the last few nights, to howl mournfully outside our bedroom door. Three different times last night if you can believe it!! It is really difficult to swing open the door with a "FSSSSSTTTT" and a stomp...quietly. It hardly sounded scary enough to chase her away. It was a long night. (Especially when I accidently flipped on the bedroom light and burned out my husbands retinas...) I am going to bring my spray bottle out of the studio and put it beside my bed. That should fix her. Needless to say, I slept in this morning and now I am having a grandbaby day so painting is out.

You have probably noticed that I have not posted many new paintings lately. It�s not for the lack of trying. I have been producing mediocre work that I am not satisfied with which I will either work through or paint over. At the time I have 5 of them in the works. It�s ok, I am not worried. I know it is just some kind of creative stage and eventually I will break out with "flying colors". I learned that lesson from my 100 in a row. I don�t "sweat" it anymore.

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February 02 2010
Things that go missing.
Dear Readers:

I have a piece of paper beside me at my easel, and I jot down things to talk about in my blog as they come to me while painting. Today there were two words on my paper. "Elusive ruler". I actually have three elusive rulers, one I don't like because it is purple plastic and you cannot see the measurements. I use it for drawing lines only. Another is 18" long, perfect for those larger canvases and the last, a regular 12", clear plastic; nice and easy to read. Oh yeah, and I will add to this list. Two meter sticks. One metal, the other wooden. They are all elusive. They come and go out of my studio at their own whim. I cannot keep tabs on their "free spiritedness". I believe they travel in packs. One week they all seem to hang out in the studio, the next they are gone...who knows where. It seems that when I really need one of them, they are nowhere to be found. I have tried hanging them on nails. Their own personal nails even. The nails stick out of the wall....empty.

I have to make due when the rulers are not "in the house". Today I used the edge of a pencil crayon. Some days I'll use a scrap piece of cardboard if I have one handy. One way or another I'll end up with a straight line.

Signed; Disorganized in denial....

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February 01 2010
February already?
I am not sure where January That's all I have to say about that.

I rewrote my biography; the old one was just a little stale. I also had my daughter take a new bio photo. I have to admit, I am not comfortable having my photo taken. We had a few giggles and she was getting rather exasperated with my bigger than life gestures and silliness as I tried to cover up my discomfort. I was planning to Photoshop the tree that is growing out of my head, but cannot for the life of me figure out the program. One day when I have more time I will tackle the project or I will just wait till my daughter figures it out and get her to do it for me.

I was downstairs at 5:00 am again this morning, pacing around not knowing what to paint. I reluctantly chose a couple of reference photos I had tucked away and just dug in. The magic took over and I was having fun in 20 seconds. It doesn't take long, after the first initial hurdle. The hurdle of doubt. It's not so big now that I have been practicing my "leaps".

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