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March 30 2010
art show is over today
My art show at Artfitterz gallery will be taken down tomorrow morning. It was originally up till March 21st, but a couple of late newspaper articles renewed interest and James asked if we could keep it up until the end of the month. My task now is to delegate the paintings left over to the appropriate venues. Some will be going to the Sandbar Cafe in Qualicum Bay, some to studio 8 at "The Old School House Gallery" in Qualicum Beach and the rest I will take to the outdoor shows and festivals I am participating in this year. The first being "Harbour Days" in Deep Bay on May 1st. I did not sign up last year but went down to take a look and it was well attended. A beautiful setting in front of the government docks. I am crossing my fingers that the weather will cooperate, I don't do "cold" well,( unless its a margarita on an extremely hot summer day).

Oh! And the hit count for March so far is 14,270, surpassing last month! Thanks, and I will try to be more active blogging and posting images. I have one that I am almost ready to photograph. I am just living with it for awhile to make sure there are no changes that need to be made.

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March 28 2010
I have not made a blog entry for a few days now. I have been thinking about it, but just haven't gotten around to it. Sort of like my painting. I don't know what has happened to me, but everyday life is taking over my painting time. I am too tired to get up at 5:00 am lately, and have no energy to go running which the lack of makes me more tired. It's some sort of gerbil wheel that I need to jump off of soon before I lose my mind! Then to top it off I ended up with a nasty case of iritis (inflammation of the iris) so I am on regular steroid eye drops and my left eye is quite foggy and light sensitive. I have had to turn the brightness down on the computer screen though because it was too bright. On a positive note, the blurriness comes in handy when trying to fade out detail while painting. Anyways, something is amiss, but I am taking it in stride as I know that sometimes these things take time and stressing out just makes matters worse.

I did manage to go to a wonderful workshop with Suzanne Northcott on Friday and Saturday. She is a wonderful person and an amazing artist. Talk about great positive energy. Google her name and you will see for yourself. We learned about the "language of line and space." I bumbled through the two days attempting to absorb everything I could in order to have it brew in my creative thoughts for the next few weeks. I am heading downstairs for the studio after this entry to try a few new techniques on some paintings I have already started. My excitement unfortunately dampened by a wall of discontented physical being. The good thing is that walls are made of whatever you think they are. I think this wall is made of scrapbook paper. Nothing I can't cut through and even use in a collage!

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March 23 2010
beautiful weather...
I had a difficult time staying downstairs in my studio yesterday as it was a beautiful day outside. I need a spring painting or two painted for Magnolia Gallery's spring show so I headed outdoors with a sketch pad, pencil, camera and my wooden fold up "Emily Carr" stool. We have quite a few bumble bees in my garden right now, some of them extremely busy and some of them still lethargic with the cooler temperatures. I set up my stool on the walkway, sketched the slow moving lethargic bees and snapped photos of the busier characters. I decided I could watch bees all day but really needed to get some drawing done so I moved on to the daffodils. I am debating on how to paint daffodils as they are so yellow. Should I start with a yellow toned canvas and glaze in the background dark? Or should I start with a dark canvas and paint in the flowers opaque.... Maybe I should do both and just see how they look. I then moved on to a cluster of mushrooms that were hiding under some lumber my husband moved on the weekend. Here they were exposed to the world from their safe dark coverage. They seem to be distressed with their caps slowly shriveling in response to the sunlight. I sketched them and took reference photos. I had thought about bringing them inside and setting them up on my still life pedestal, but with my luck they would give off poisonous spores or something in my studio and make me whacked out or sick.... Or my cat would chew on them. I left them to their sunny demise.

I wasn't feeling so good yesterday after painting with my oils. I am fine using odorless mineral spirits, but I tried some "Grumtine" I have and it didn't agree with me at all. Just because it smells like lemons, doesn't mean it isn't toxic I guess. I am very sensitive to my environment. I have been told it is a common redhead affliction. Kind of like freckles......

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March 20 2010
A big change to 50-6
I had originally posted painting #6 in my 50 series quite awhile back but after taking a look at it on my site, I had decided it was not what I wanted. There was a brown vase and a fallen flower in the first painting. I was most interested in how the stems were lit up in the water and found that those objects took away from the effect. I simplified it a lot. I am much happier with it now. I have this thing for painting marbles. Don't know if that means anything.....I try not to read into the things I do too much.

The other painting of Shack Island was started while on an outing with Nana Cook, Charlotte Madison and an artist friend of theirs. I finished it up at home. It was a beautiful day and I had a nice couple stop by to see what I was doing. I gave them a card, so hopefully they are visiting my site regularly and they can see the final outcome. This was the painting that I complained about previously, the one with the ever changing roof colors.

50-6 Red Cloth and Freesias50-11 Shack Island

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March 20 2010
Yesterday I blogged about painting in oils. I am still very excited about using them but I have to learn patience now. Acrylics can be painted quickly building from the bottom layers on up to the finishing touches in no time at all. Not so much with oils. I have this little painting on the go and I keep trying to work it up but stays in the mid tone range. I need to put it on a shelf now and just wait for it to set so that I can place my lights on without turning them into mud. I think I need two work stations. One for oils and the other for acrylics. I can then satisfy my urge to keep on painting by switching to acrylics. Maybe I need to have more than one painting on the go. Today it's ok that I have to walk away from my work. I have the grandbaby here for the day and it is beautiful out. We are going to the beach to celebrate the first day of spring!

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March 19 2010
Last time change was easy...this one not so great.
I am having real trouble with this time change. It has totally messed with my painting routine. Getting up at 5:00 has never been so difficult because my body thinks it is 4:00 am. This is going to take awhile.

I have started an 8x10 in oils. Actually the paints are not true oils, but alkyd oil paints which dry faster. They are a good "go between" paints as I am used to the fast drying qualities of acrylics. I am so excited because now I get it!!! I now know why so many artists have told me they prefer the qualities of oils. What a blast I am having. I can move the paint around to my hearts content and they really do glow all on their own. I have been working hard at trying to achieve a glow with my acrylics, but it just isn't the same. I don't know what the piece will look like when I am finished but I don't really care because I am having fun.

My sister in law just phoned me to say that she saw my article in the Nanaimo daily news and the Harbour star. I was interviewed last week regarding my 100 paintings in 100 days. It is great exposure.

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March 15 2010
Two new paintings to show
I finally finished the Mountain goats that were causing me so much grief....and a few good laughs (see blog entry "mountain pigs"). The canvas is textured with thick acrylic medium which really works well for rock. I had a discussion with a couple of other artists today about using texture. I usually don't like it much because if I change my mind in a section of the painting, I am stuck with working around a lumpy canvas where I maybe don't want texture. Sanding works to a degree, but it is never the same as a nice flat canvas. That's just me. I love to see a painting with texture done well. I prefer a smooth surface for now. But I have been known to change my mind regularly. The Valentines Bouquet actually has texture in it as well.

I really would like to bring out my oil paints and play with them. I think I will prepare some wood panels with gesso (primer) and give it a go. Usually oil paints make me feel "icky", but I will try them with the room fan on and maybe the window cracked if it is warm out.

note:Over 7,000 hits so far this month. 50-10 Valentines BouquetUnsafe Passage

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March 13 2010
Newest painting
I have already done my blog entry today but I was so excited to finish this painting that I had to put it up. I have it tucked away in the realistic studio if you would like a closer look. Netted Treasures

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March 13 2010
Music to boost creativity
Yesterday was a very good painting day. It was snowing outside as well so that made it even cosier in my studio. I painted from 5:00 AM to about 4:00 PM. There are things I am supposed to be doing in the garage...but I am hoping maybe they will go away.

I haven't listened to my stereo in the studio for a long time. I think it is because during the day I like to know if someone comes to the door. When I play my music the way I like, I do not hear too much else. It's as though I am absorbed into the rhythm and my creativity is full on. I had forgotten how much it helps. So I started softly with a Loreena Mckennit CD. The problem with that disappearing time factor when creating is that a CD seems like it is only 5 minutes long. My little stereo plays one at a time so I am forever changing music. I usually go for an hour or so in between music selections as I am usually too involved (and annoyed that it finished so soon) to stop right away. The next CD I grabbed was "Supertramp Crime of the Century". Oh wow, it was right on the mark. I got goose bumps and a joyful, overwhelming feeling of energy washed over me. The paint began to flow effortlessly. It was very loud. In " 5" minutes, that CD was over so I dug out "Theory of a Deadman" . It didn't cut it. Traded it for "Nickleback", which was better. I ended the day with "Seal". I was musically all over the board yesterday. It may have had something to do with working on three paintings.

My goats are no longer mountain pigs (previous blog entry), that issue is resolved. I now need to decide where and how to put in my lightest lights. I have lots of textured mountain rock and it is a little overwhelming at this point. If I look at it long enough it will come to me. The second painting is of assorted fishing paraphernalia. I was out digging in the garage looking for items to go with an old fishing basket that belonged to my husband's grandfather. The third is one that I have been trying to resolve for a week or two. Not sure if I have it yet.

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March 11 2010
Mountain pigs...
I am working on a painting and have created a whole new species....Mountain Pigs. It seems quite often when I am attempting to paint an animal I am not that familiar with, it ends up looking like a pig. Probably because pigs really don't have much of a defined shape. They are sort of assembled together like a child playing with plastercine. The animals I am working on are mountain goats. They looked really good until I had to refine them. I think maybe my brush was too big. I ended my painting day with a good laugh. I will get back to it tomorrow morning when my head is clear and I am sure they will be just fine.

There seems to be a lot of shows and festivals I want to be a part of this year, so I need to buy one of those big white tents. I tried a couple of outdoor shows a few years back and I really disliked the whole thing, but I am a better painter now with a good grasp on what I am wanting to do, so maybe it will be better. As long as I can get it all into my Mazda hatchback. I looked into roof racks but they are fairly pricey. I thought of a little utility trailer to tow around, but I am already bad enough at backing up, I couldn't imagine trying to go in reverse with something attached to my behind. (I have never backed into anything, I am just ridiculously over-cautious) Oh, hang on. I ran over something my husband left behind my car in the driveway ; okay, I ran into something once. I think I am also ridiculously over-honest....

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March 09 2010
ok lets try again then!!!
I cant believe I did that. I just spent half an hour on my entry. I am not on my own computer so I entered directly. When I went to post I had to re-sign in and lost everything. So, here we go again. This time I will save it first!!!!

I had my show opening on Saturday but was competing with a beautiful spring-like day so it ended up being a great time to visit with my friends and family who came by to support me. Thanks for stopping by, it was so nice to catch up!

I am re-thinking this show opening thing. There has to be a better way to get people in (before I am famous of course :) How about if I hire someone like Wayne Gretsky. He would sit at a table surrounded by my paintings and would have to redirect any questions about his career by saying things like;"well how about the way Cindy handles her brush", or "investing in this artist is as sure as my skating abilities". Better yet, what if I hired Johnny Depp? I could just see him now, sitting at the back of the gallery surrounded by my paintings, wearing his cool little sunglasses, leaning his chair against the wall and nodding silently to onlookers while wearing a large button on his organic hemp tee that says "I SUPPORT CINDY MAWLE'S ART" . Now that would be effective!

I am almost finished #10 of the 50 series. I need to take it to my critique group because I am not totally comfortable with it but am not sure why. It is probably just something very little that I am missing. Critique groups are very helpful.

I have also started on 2-16x20's. I am allowing myself to go off the path a little because I intend on entering a few shows as well as some outdoor venues in the summer, so I will need work to display. My 50 series is tied up till November. I am still not sure what I am doing with it but I am sure something will come up.

Ok cindy, copy this first,,,,then enter.

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March 05 2010
no painting in the afternoon for me!
Yesterday must have been really good for me. I was up at 5:00 AM this morning eager to paint. I had actually woken up at 3:00 am thinking "should I get up now?" Then the same at 4:00. Somehow I had shut off my alarm, but I guess I didn't need it. I painted until 9:00 AM, dragged myself away from my easel and got ready for the day. I had things to do in Courtenay and it was a beautiful day for a drive so it really wasn't all that bad. I bought an acrylic stand for my new rack cards and business cards then got stuck in liquidation world for an hour.

I tried to fix a painting when I got home this afternoon. I should know better. I have no patience in the afternoon. I cannot seem to resolve some rooftop issues on some beach cabins. So far they have been dark grey, light grey, brown, red, pink, yellow, blue, green, and white. Too bright, dull, shiny, too boring, too prominent, too smooth, rough, too elusive.....It's a mystery to me! By this time my husband comes down to see what all the noise was about and he says "You should put a beach fire in front of the cabins and paint lots of smoke". Suggestions like that are usually met with a low growl and a quick huff as I am pretty wound up with frustration by that time. He knows it too, throws in his ideas and takes off quickly to safety, with a grin on his face I am sure.

This painting is of some of the treasures I have stashed away in my mothers old jewellery box. I painted the cloth orange-red to set off the turquoise stones in the bracelet. The main subject, the locket, was my grandmothers. I have small photos of my mom and dad inside. It is my favourite piece of jewellery. The two pairs of earrings have screw on posts that eventually, with good reason, went the same direction as the 8 track and dial telephone. I remember wearing the earrings as a child playing dress up. I am sure I screwed them on far too tight because every time I see them I remember how painful they are. Ears and nostrils. (I was a creative child) 50-9 Grandmothers Treasures

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March 04 2010
winding down
I really got caught up in the blogging and the hits on my site, it was rather exciting. Now I have learned (shows you what I know) that there is a difference between a hit and a view. Something to do with search engines, thumbnails and things that I really don't understand and don't have the time to figure out. My site was very active last month, no doubt, but it seems to have slowed down in the last few days. I see it as a sign to slow down myself for a while. My world is piling up around me and I am feeling rather overwhelmed by everything I have put on the backburner while painting. Today I have a list and nothing on it has to do with art, except for my blog entry. I am still planning on the fifty paintings for November. This lull within me won't last long. I think it has to do with spring or something. Or better yet, I can blame it on the change in the earth's axis.

I am almost finished my last painting. I find I have set the bar higher for myself lately and I need to "sit on" the paintings for a week or so to make sure there are no blaring blemishes that I may have missed. I set the "finished" pieces on my mantle in my living room and they become a part of my everyday life. Sometimes while watching the TV I will look over and see something I missed, jump up grab the painting and head downstairs to fix it. My husband is used to my disappearing acts by now.

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March 01 2010
I had 13,988 hits on my blog for February. Can you believe it?? So I wonder if we can beat that for March...are you game??? Pass it on to anyone who may be interested and let's see if it's possible.

I decided that if I was going to be on any talk show, it would be Ellen, not Oprah like I had said earlier. Have you ever seen a painter on either one of those shows? Lots of actors, singers, people who do strange things....but I have never seen a painter. I guess we are really not all that exciting...hiding in our studios and such. Actually, honestly I would be mortified to be on TV, I would probably say something really stupid, like I do on answering machines...there's something about being recorded that turns me into a babbling fool.

I painted tonight, not finished my jewellery painting yet, but its coming along nicely. You will be the first to know!

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