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April 25 2010
And one more thing....
I finished this commission today. It is another run of Fanny Bay Farm. The original was far too small (11x14)for above their fireplace, so I painted an 18x24 for them. I am really happy with it. It ended up being more exciting because there was room to put in a few more passages of interest. Redo of Fanny Bay Farm

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April 25 2010
a quick post
I told you I would post the painting of my grandaughter, so here it is, along with two others I managed to finish. I am going like crazy getting ready for the Deep Bay Festival. I am really hoping the weather is going to cooperate. I am going through many of my small paintings and pricing them down to clear them out. Mothers day is coming up fast, so hopefully that will help!

The middle painting is a farm on Denman Island, just north of the Buckley Bay ferry terminal. I love how the strip of green contrasts with the trees in behind. It makes for a very nice horizontal composition. I am working on a large version of this scene.

The other painting is an abstract that I worked on top of a canvas that had alot of lineal texture. I was in the opthamologists waiting area,(forever it seemed) and I came up with the design just doodling in my little notepad. I dont like to waste any time when I could be creating something. I also have another design to work out, which again was created in the same waiting room. Doodling helps to shut out all the other people who really dont want to be there either......New Discoveries50-16 Denman Island FarmAbstracted Bottles on a Window sill

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April 23 2010
Pretty Pictures??
An artist the other day said something about (I cannot remember the exact words, but interpreted it this way) how there are artists who paint "pretty pictures" to sell to those who really don't know much about art, and there are the artists who create "art" for the serious art buyer. Hmmm. The statement began with a disclaimer about not wanting to offend anyone present. I am the sort of person who stews. So what did I do on my way home? I stewed. Not because I was angry, but because I couldn't place the comments in a correct "box". I started to wonder if I was a "pretty picture" painter, or a "real" artist. I do like my pictures to be pleasing to the eye, and if it wasn't for the average person who buys because the art is pleasing to them, I wouldn't be able to pay my bills. So when I got home I checked out the artist's website. The paintings looked quite pretty to me, flowers and nice scenery. Now I am really confused but feeling much better. I have decided that the comment was a personal thought from just one person and has diddley to do with me. That's all I will say about that...without risking having my hand slapped.

Can you believe it; I have been getting up at 4:30 AM. That's even better than 5:00! Except for this morning, I think my steam ran out or something. I seem to have so many ideas and so much to do with that feeling of not enough time. I am working on a commission piece and am almost finished. It was a little stressful at first, but I told the buyers that they did not have to buy it if they didn't like it. I went to their home to see the colors on the wall and the space where the painting is to be hung; above the fireplace.

I am getting everything ready for the Deep Bay Festival. I am really hoping it does not rain. I have decided to mark down some of my 100 series to move them out. It's business. So if you want a good deal, I hope to see you there, May 1st 10-4 Deep Bay Harbour.

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April 19 2010
Few and far between
I have to apologize, my blog entries have been few and far between and unfortunately my website hits reflect just that. The nice weather is cramping my style. I have been painting though, as these two 8x10s will show. I have also finished the painting of my granddaughter for her first birthday, but am waiting for my daughter to photograph it. Then I will put it up in the commission studio. I am very pleased with it and got many oohs and ahhs at the birthday party when it was opened. I had to take a deep breath to stop myself from crying. Whats with that?? I already knew what it was and what it looked like but I get so emotional when I give someone a painting. I guess that is what happens when it comes from my heart. I showed the painting to my critique group last week and they ooh'd and ahh'd as well, they told me I was painting what I love. You got that right!

These two little spring pictures are for the Spring Show at the Magnolia gallery in Cumberland. Show opening will be on Thursday May 20th from 7-9 and will run until June 15th. 50-14 Blossoms and Bee50-15 Bluebell Hugger

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April 08 2010
A different way to enjoy art....
Had to drag myself out of the studio today. It is a real problem, how fast time goes when one is in creative mode. I never have enough time. I am so excited about what is appearing onto my canvases these days, I just can't stand it! My 100 painting gig was the best thing I could have done for myself. It's interesting, the results weren't immediate, but they are coming to light now. I feel so good about it that I am filling up my calendar with art events this year. I am usually too chicken to go ahead and commit, thinking that I am not good enough to participate, but this year I feel really good about what I am doing.

A man walked into my shared studio at TOSH yesterday. He was with a busload of mentally challenged adults that had come in to look at the featured art display. He was totally deaf and could not speak other than make sounds which he repeated over and over. It was like he was asking me a repeated question, but I did not know the answer. We then spent about 20 minutes looking through my art cards I had strewn on the table. I would hold up a card and follow the design with my finger, a swooping swirling motion for leaves, up and down motion for trees, a "dot dot dot" motion for the spaces in between the trees. He would then copy what I was doing, or find his own areas to follow with his finger; he knew what it was all about. It was an amazing way to look at art. There were bursts of color, calm areas, and horizontal lines that were easily expressed with our hands. We had a couple of laughs. One of his chaperones came in and told me that the man (I am sorry I didn't get his name) loved to paint and was very good at rendering intricate architectural drawings. Intriguing. I would love to see them sometime. Oh, and I think I answered his question. He stopped asking as soon as we began to look at the cards.

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April 04 2010
House cleaning and pricing....
I was going to try to get my actual house in order this weekend but I have decided to get my website and inventory in order instead. On May 1st I will be participating in the Deep Bay Festival in Deep Bay from 10 -4 and will be having a blow out spring cleaning table with some of my smaller paintings. These 100 paintings were part of a wonderful learning exercise for me and I am handling them as such. I will also be featuring standard priced works as well as some new art and art cards. I have placed the best of the 100 series in "The Old School House Gallery, Sandbar Cafe, Magnolia Gallery and Artfitterz following my standard pricing formula, which I will post on my website soon, under objects. My larger paintings will always follow this pricing scale as to keep up the integrity of my work.

I have some images to load finally. My daughter has this wonderful camera and a talent for photography so we set up outside and she took some great pics of my work today. I am going to hire her from now on to photograph any paintings that I am entering for jury. It will cost me a little, but she could use the cash and I could use the great photos!

"Let's stop for a Latte" is a reworked painting from a scene in Qualicum. Originally there were two large windows, 4 chairs and it was lighter. I decided to spot light the section in behind the front table and darken the left and right side to create mystery. I really liked the reflection of people passing by so I just glazed them back and left them in.

The mushrooms "Out of the Dark", I had blogged about previously. And here they are!

"Chrome Island" was a wonderful "freeing" painting. It really hit a chord with me and morphed after taking a class with Suzanne Northcott. I feel a new direction is taunting me, not haunting, but taunting. In a good way. That is probably why I have this overpowering urge to clean up my website to make room for the new!

The other vertical painting is a scene from Ships Point in Fanny Bay. It is a beautiful place to set up an easel.

Lets Stop for a LatteChrome Island50-12 Out of the Dark50-13 Ships Point

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