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June 14 2010
garden tour
Well I got through the Bowhorn Bay Community Club garden tour just fine. It was a wonderful day. We were asked to keep our "footprint" light, so I just set up some cards and a few prints and one sunflower painting which blended in quite well. The show was all about the garden, with artists as compliments. I was pretty burned out though by the end of the day and was seen hiding in my car during the tea and silent auction. It felt good to just sit in the heat of the car and zone out. My painting sold, thankyou Jeanette! Silent auctions can be very stressful. It is such a let down if your painting does not sell. I have been there before. But like a juried show, you just take a deep breath, go home, lick your wounds and get back at it!

The tour was very successful and I look foreward to the next!

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June 11 2010
Terribly busy...
I have been so terribly busy! If its not one show, its another! I have a few behind me, so I am feeling better about that. Right now I am trying to decide which paintings to enter into the Sooke Fine Art Show. I decided not to enter the Sidney show, because it is far too much driving. Sooke is a little more convenient.

I cant remember if I mentioned that I am overhauling all of my inventory. I am embarking on a new level it seems, and am not happy with many of my older works. Thats good!

I have lots to blog about, but I have been on the computer far too long, am tired from allergies I suspect, and hungry.

Here is what I have been working on. I am not sure if I will end up finishing the 50 series, I am getting a little behind. We will have to see.

The bistro set is an older painting that I reworked. I always loved the painting, but had to learn more before I knew what was wrong with it. Just a tweak here and a brushstroke there.....done!

Traditions and YouthDoorway Bistro Set

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