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August 29 2010
audience participation
At the beginning of August I was showing at the "Comox Originals Only", and decided to come up with something a little more interesting than just standing at my booth. I brought along a blank 24x30 canvas and asked people throughout the day to stop and sign their names anywhere and creatively as they felt comfortable doing so. The reactions were interesting. Some would not dare to even touch the pencil I was attempting to hand them, others wrote with great gusto. Many were afraid but placed their names in tiny little corners. It gave me a chance to let them know that many times I too feel intimidated by a blank canvas, which was why I was trying to get them to do my work for me!

Life is finally settling down with fall just around the bend, so I will begin the journey with this painting. I promise nothing. I may end up with a huge mess, which happens sometimes. I love to work on abstract paintings, and I feel I have much to learn from them that I will be able to use in my realistic works.

So, I will open a new studio on my "studio Page" named "Comox Originals Only Interactive Start" and will document my progress with written explanations and photographs. I am hoping for my sake that it turns out, but a little humility won't hurt....will it???

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August 14 2010
Originals Only done!
It has taken me at least a week to get back on my blog. I needed some time to decompress. Summer is such a busy time and I hate to say it but I am about tired of it already. I usually get like this in August. I must be a true Canadian wouldn't you say? I am ready for fall and winter. Enough of this heat.

The Originals Only show in Comox went well despite setting up in the rain. The wind picked up moving my paintings and walls all "hither and dither" and I had to sit outside of my tent to stop myself from feeling motion sick. Then my paintings fell down off the wall, so I had to set them up on easels. The rain had stopped by late morning, luckily, so I didn't get soaked. (I am so glad I had my hair cut short!) I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout. Lots of people and their dogs perused the displays. We were a hearty bunch of artists, only 2 didn't show up, one showed up the next morning to set up and the other was just a no show. It was too bad; she missed a really good turnout of art lovers. Sunday was a much better day. I slathered myself with an SPF 50 to protect my sunburn from Saturday. Go figure, rain, cloud, wind and sunburn....Or was it windburn?? I sold lots of cards and two paintings. I talked to many people, some who may call me in the future for commission work.

I had a great idea for an abstract start on the first day. I set up a medium sized canvas and had people put their names creatively onto the canvas. I will take a look at it when the weather is not so nice and when I finally get closer to catching up with everything... (Is that possible?) Anyways, I will see what I can make out of it. I told the people who signed the canvas to keep an eye out on the site. So, to those people, I still plan on working on the painting.

I have decided that being creative does not stop once I step outside my studio. Today I was boiling up beets to freeze for winter and ended up with this beautiful red water. I was wearing my "painting lab coat" to protect my clothes from being stained. AHA! I had a great idea! Flashbacks of elementary school tie-dying in the 70s infiltrated my brain as I whipped off my jacket and got busy screwing up fabric and securing the bundles with elastic bands. What the heck? It's only my art shirt, complete with paint splatters. I decided that the red was too pink, so I boiled up some strong coffee to take some of the bright hue down a notch. Right now my paint shirt is in a bowl, covered with liquid under a plate which is weighed down with the never know what you will find in my kitchen!

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August 05 2010
Originals Only
Just a reminder for those of you up this way, I will be in booth #1 at the Comox Originals Only Show and Sale this weekend, 7th and 8th from 10 till 4. I am hoping for nice weather, but the last weather report I heard was showers on saturday. I am torn. I want the rain because it is so dry, but why cant it rain buckets tomorrow and then be done for the weekend?? Asking too much maybe?

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