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September 30 2010
My september entry!
Oh my, I have been bad about blogging haven’t I? I will sneak a September entry in on the last day of the month!

I have been very busy having wonderful artistic breakthroughs lately. I think I have figured out what it is I am up to. I have been bouncing back between realism and abstract, here and there, sort of all over the place. I was getting worried about myself, but I am now beginning to make some order of the chaos. It is all about learning. I am fairly comfortable with many of the technical aspects of painting, so I am now able to relax and just let the creativity flow without worrying about controlling (or maybe failing at) every thing I do. Its great fun. And it’s me. So I will play around with this new art I have discovered, then when I switch to realism again (which I will inevitably do) I know my paintings will be just that much better because of this new style. 5030- Curiosity5031-Life Choices5032-Transporting Magnificence

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 06:13 1 Comments