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January 29 2011
working in the studio
Its a fairly quiet day in the studio. I managed to get a couple of paintings finished. I was having troubles with a painting I was working on. There is the back of a child wearing a toque and no matter how hard I tried it looked like a flat beret and I just could'nt get it right. Susan Schaefer was working in her studio next door, so I asked her by chance, if she had a toque in her car. She did! So I got her to wear it as she worked and I stood behind her and drew her head. Problem if only I could get the rest of the painting figured out!

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January 22 2011
Opening day
I had an amazing turnout for my open house today. I could barely keep up with everyone that stopped in! At times people had to park on the road and there was a few traffic jams in the parking area. I found myself almost overwhelmed trying to speak with everyone, but solved that problem a couple of times by performing to a small"crowd", waving my arms here and there explaining how I switched from one style of art to another.

My beginner art class is filled up. I had many inquiries about more advanced classes and have told them to keep track of this site or my facebook page. At this point I am starting small and am going with the flow. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. I still want to make sure I have time to paint. A balance. That's what I am aiming for here.

My newest painting is sold already. Slush Line went today, I will miss the little gem. I really enjoyed painting that one.

Oh! Chinese food is here, I have to go!

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January 20 2011
I spent the day in my studio. I love it! I finally have my sandwich sign and the sign on the facade of the building, "The Studio in Qualicum Bay". I see people drive by and look, but I am wondering if they maybe do not know what kind of studio it is. I could be a hair studio, a pottery studio, a photography studio....etc...I am going to have to get another small addition to the top of the sign that states "Art Gallery".

I found out that there will also be a pottery and wood turning studio just down the highway from me. Very promising for the area. I will keep you posted.

I have to clean up the studio tomorrow, as my Open House is this saturday from 1-4. Its not too much of a mess, but I need to tuck away those paintings I am not too happy with. I Don't really want anyone to see them.

I have a couple of new paintings to add to my site. I have started an art page on facebook, under "Cindy Mawle, Westcoast Contemporary Artist", and am commenting and loading up what is happening on my easel if any of you are interested in looking that up. I have put up photos of my retreat and more spontaneous comments, as I seem to be on facebook regularly. Yes, I seemed to be hooked....I admit it.

The painting of the children I am rather proud of. I saw them playing in the schoolyard and then painted this out of my own memory and imagination. I think I may have to do some more of these. The flowers were painted standing in front of my easel looking down over the arrangement. (They were given to me by friends to congratulate me on the studio opening.) The sunset is on Long Beach in Tofino.

Sunset Surfer 2Slush LineFlower Arrangement

I just proofread my entry and looked at the 3 paintings...its almost like 3 different artists painted them. Not sure if that is good or not!

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January 20 2011
Oceanside Star story
Here is the link to the story written in Oceanside Star this week...Pamela did a great job I think:)

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January 17 2011
art classes
The Studio in Qualicum Bay

"Learning to See"

Basic drawing starter classes

This class is designed for the person who is commonly heard to announce "I can only draw stick men!"

We live in a wonderful artistic haven on Vancouver Island which offers many art instruction classes, of which are mostly for people with some drawing or art experience. I have discovered from speaking with people who come in and out of my shared studio in "The Old School House Gallery", that many of them would love to take an art class but are terribly intimidated by the whole idea. I privately instructed drawing and painting to both adults and children in my studio for 9 years but have not taught since moving back home to the island 6 years ago. After dusting off my course outlines I have decided to put together a beginner class. We will start with a basic learning to see concept, and slowly step through valuable lessons designed to increase not only the student's ability to draw, but their self confidence as well. I get such a kick out of watching the "light go on" as the students finally understand how to see what was actually in front of them the whole time!

Classes are small, with a maximum 6 students to ensure each student gets adequate instruction.

Drawing #1

4 /3 hr classes, Tuesdays 1-4, beginning February 8th 2011. $180 (4 students min.)

Phone 250 703 1150 for more information or registration.

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January 04 2011
I am finally all set up and ready to go! I share the building with artist Susan Schaefer and the both of us are looking forward to what this year has in store for us in our studios.

My studio hours will be 10-4 thurs, fri and sat. I am also in the process of setting up an art class schedule, which I have had a few inquiries about already without any advertising. I have not decided whether to have a weekly class or weekend workshops. I will have to see what most people are interested in. I should have a better idea by the 22nd.

The studio is located at 5320 West Island Hwy, Qualicum Bay. On the corner with the alpacas. Look for the blue artist signs.

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