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November 14 2011
January workshop
"Introduction to Acrylics" January 21st & 22nd
10-3 $120
6 max class size For further information go to Or contact 250 703 1150
5320 West Island Hwy Qualicum Bay

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November 09 2011
Prints VS Prints...
There seems to be some confusion lately about what constitutes a print. Years ago artists could only print off "limited edition and numbered prints", and I remember that it was a very expensive thing to do because of the amount of images one had to run off. Many people purchased prints back then and believed that the prints they held would appreciate over time, much like the original artwork. It was very good marketing.

Now days most prints are produced in smaller runs,on computerized printers of one sort or another. Giclee, inkjet, laser...We have choices and the image quality can be quite excellent. What a great way for a person (who may not be able to afford an original)to enjoy a favorite piece of artwork in their home. This is what motivates me to do up prints of my work. The first prints I did had the title of the original piece and my name under the image right on the print. It is a commonly used style. This gave the purchaser the choice of cropping off the lettering when framing, or leaving it on. I had decided to matt some of the prints in standard sizes so I took the liberty of cropping them to fit, leaving the title hidden under the matt so to leave some information behind.

I mention all of this because there has recently been a misunderstanding with one of my matted art prints. They are not numbered limited edition prints. They are art prints. Affordable reproductions of my artwork.

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