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December 29 2011
Looking forward to 2012
The year is almost to a close and I am excited to get working on my 2012 plan. My goal is to come up with a good strong group of work, mostly west coast scenery, and to stop this hopping from one style to another. I finally realize what is strong for me, what is my style and it is now time to get serious. Recently that little voice in my head has been telling me to bring out the oil paints. So I did the "in between" thing and brought out my golden open paints. These are slower drying acrylic paints which allow you to push paint around on the canvas before they dry. I now know enough about painting and color mixing and what works, so I can relax and enjoy the time I have while the paint is wet, without panicking and turning my canvas into a mud puddle!

Last month I had ink and watercolor commission requests for xmas gifts. They went very well and everyone was very happy with their little paintings. I will post some of the results in my "ink and watercolor gallery" if you want to take a look. I didn't want to post them before xmas just in case someone saw them before hand....I wouldn't have been very popular! These paintings are matted in black and white, and placed into a thin contemporary black metal frame. This is something I offer year round. So, if you don't know what to get someone for a gift these are perfect and affordable! ($95 framed and matted) You just need to allow me 2 weeks to finish. I also accept credit card payment through paypal.

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December 01 2011
Rising to the challenge
Lauri down at the "Salish Sea Market" in Bowser, challenged me to come up with something small for the holidays. The first thing I did was to go totally blank. "I cant think of anything..." was my glum reaction. But it brewed within the recesses of my creative brain, and something came of it. I now have a series of small hand painted wooden collectables. I start with my signature underpainting and carry on from there. At the beginning I had started with an abstract pattern, letting the design carry me to wherever it was going, but after a dozen or so they evolved into small scenes and they were very successful! I needed to stay within the realm of "fine art" and it worked. Check out my photos on my "Cindy Mawle, Westcoast Contemporary Artist" facebook page if you get a chance.

I have decided to try to work on a "cohesive group" of paintings. That is going to be my word for 2012. COHESIVE. I need to stop jumping here and there and really show my strength. Lets see what I have learned from all this back and forth style. Can she do it?? Only 2012 will tell!!

Here are the first two of my "cohesive" Autumn series.

MajesticFall Forest Path

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