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February 10 2011
First drawing class...
Had my first drawing class on Tuesday. It went well, but I was fairly nervous. You see, I am not a teacher by any means. I actually always had trouble listening to teachers in school and still carry a little.... (ok, a lot) of the "stand up to authority" that I carried as a child. Never the less, what I am is a person who is there to guide others through the seemingly intimidating world of drawing. "Its not all that difficult" I say as I watch doubtful faces smile politely back at me. "Is a matter of being able to think and see differently, that's all." I dont think they believe me, but they will soon. I just dont want them to get bored of the seemingly silly little excercises. But if I had a choice, I would rather they be comfortable enough to think of what we are doing as silly little excercises, than to be scared to death of the whole idea!

I am into these triptychs lately. I really like the panoramic views but also the challenge of making each portion a painting within itself. The painting with the mountains is from Tofino BC, and the other is looking back at Denman and Hornby Islands from a point just north of Qualicum Bay.

West Coast TriptychDenman triptych

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