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April 28 2011
Moving on up (down)
I packed up all my paintings, cards and posters from Studio 8 at "The Old School House Gallery" (TOSH) in Qualicum Beach yesterday and filled my many holes in the wall. I will be moving to a studio space downstairs and joining with the "Tosh 10". These artists run a studio in a much more professional gallery style, a much better space for me to show my work in for the direction I wish to go. The artwork is rotated on a monthly basis so that no one artist displays on a less exposed wall. Something I will embrace after hiding on the corner wall space in Studio 8! I look forward to hanging my paintings on tuesday.

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April 18 2011
My art Retreat
I sit on the deck, looking out towards the ocean. I don't feel like painting. I am feeling guilty because I am on this retreat to paint. So, I will write instead and see if it gets the creativity going…..This is what I hear and see……

The soft breeze melds with the gentle warmth of a spring sun upon my winter pale face.

Pipers piping in joyous laughter.

A flock of warp speed birds skim above the water with an amazing sound likened to a small jet.

A large cackling of ducks madly flap by, seemingly arguing over their next plan of action.

The woosh of a sealion grasping his breath before returning to the depths.

A familiar distant call of a seagull.

A little bird hidden behind me in the trees, warbles an unusual metallic sound, reminding me of some space creature "phoning home".

Eagles gliding effortlessly, spiraling upwards in their personally claimed airspace.

Sunbleached and ocean worn logs tossed upon the shore higgildy piggildy like a colossal game of pick up stix.

Rocks worn smooth by years of enduring mother nature, stand strong and supportive; The grandfathers of all with their selected crags and cracks gently coddling a patch of moss, grass or salal.

Trees with their incredible will to survive, dig roots into seemingly desolate and hopeless ground, reach skyward with all their glory to announce their personal success.

Mountains in the distance fade into blue, their white tips slapped on randomly with a giants palette knife.

All this wrapped in a deep blue sky with little cloud puffs as the finishing touch…..


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April 05 2011
Morphing into my own....
Lately I feel as though I am really "morphing" into my own style. I look around my studio at all the different styles of paintings on the wall and have come to the conclusion that it has been and still is a "journey".I have painted still life, abstract, and landscapes in an effort to find myself. In the process I have learned alot about painting that I carry forward onto the next. I have skipped from one style to another in a quest to find that "elusive goal". My road is narrowing on me right now, in a good way, and it feels right. Today I am closer to what I seek....but tomorrow I may be further away. Its a funny thing this world I live in. But I would have it no other way.

I seem to be drawn to figures lately. Not totally realistic but definetly my own style. I am waiting for some 12x36 canvases to come from Opus. My subjects seem to be waiting all in line for their chance to show themselves on canvas. I have an idea of who they will be, but like my style, they themselves will "morph" into their own.

You can find these two ladies under new series on the studios page.

Just CheckingMisplaced

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April 05 2011
Check out my facebook page
I seem to be updating my facebook page more often than my website lately, so I thought I should send out the link. Thanks!

Cindy Mawle, West Coast Contemporary Artist

Promote Your Page Too

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