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October 29 2012
4 more days to Island Arts Expo!
I have been very busy getting ready for the Island Arts Expo being held in Qualicum Bay this coming weekend, the 3rd and 4th of November. (Its November already??!!)

I have pretty much finished my lineup of resin art pendants, photographed, numbered, cataloged...etc...To tell you the truth I am so excited to get back to the easel once again.

I was starting to wonder if the resin jewelry was just another "P.A.T." (Painting Avoidance Tactic), but I think it was more of a cleansing of the palate. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of this medium. I Also needed to finish up my hand painted ornaments for Xmas. These are small turned wood ornaments with meticulously hand painted west coast scenes on the front. I sold quite a few in the Salish Sea Market last year and just took a dozen down there for display. I will have a good selection at the Arts Expo.

I am setting up my little area at the Expo somewhat different this year. I am melding the three art forms, Large paintings, and small ornaments and wearable art jewelry. It should be alot of fun! I am especially looking forward to the Robert Bateman lecture.

Here is a little sampling of what I will have on display. Hope you can make it!
DeletedChristmas Ornaments

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October 15 2012
Busy Busy Busy!
The Sidney Show went well, I sold "Summer Days!"
Summer Days

I have been busy working on hand painted ornaments. Most have a miniature westcoast scene painted onto the front. If you go to my facebook: cindy mawle contemporary westcoast artist, you can find some of them there. They are time consuming, but a big hit. I painted quite a few last year and most of them sold through the Salish Sea Market in Bowser. This year I will be taking a group of them to the 'SS Market, but will also have some at the Island Arts Expo on November 3rd and 4th. I have also opened up a shop on, "Artful Sidetracks", which is exactly what I am doing, getting sidetracked!(search for cmawle if you go there looking for it) I figured if I was going to fiddle around and experiment with new ideas etc, I had better do something with them. I am combining my artwork with resin jewelry, and even playing with a little silver. The soldering is a challenge,(as an optician I used to solder eyeglasses) but with practice it is coming back to me. So, my paintings are getting bigger and more serious, and my experimenting is getting smaller and more adventurous! It makes for a nice balance and keeps me from getting too bored. I have a very busy mind.

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