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April 18 2012
I cant believe I didnt push save!!!!
It was such a good entry too....I will start again...

I have been busy moving items I dont want, from my home into my studio and items I do want from my studio into my home. I am moving out of the studio at the end of the month and am having a Studio/Home spring cleaning sale on the 28th of April. It is all rather cleansing.
Among frames, stretcher bars and other misc items, I will have select pieces of artwork marked down to move. These are paintings that are done well, but not in the direction of the "cohesive" group I will be working on in the future. I do not have room for them in my home so I would really like to sell them off. So if you are looking for some reasonable original art, come on by! I will also have a "clothesline" set up with smaller paintings at very reasonable prices.

I am looking forward to removing myself from distraction so that I am able to concentrate on my painting. (I am so easily distracted, as anyone I went to elementary school with can attest.) It will be like being removed from the class and working in the hallway, alone... I am looking forward to it.

I am still not ready to unveil my new project, but soon. It has had many more facets to it than I had ever imagined. I have been in my element with all this exploring and creating. Am I being distracted from my painting? You bet. But in a good way. It all works together beautifully.

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April 06 2012
Well its official, I am moving out the "Studio in Qualicum Bay" at the end of April. It was a wonderful studio and I definitely will miss the spacious working area, but I am once again "going with the flow" within my spirit and I feel it is time to go home, isolate myself for awhile and create without any outside influences. I will also be taking a years sabbatical from the "TOSH 10" studio at The Old School House Gallery in Qualicum Beach. In January 2011 I had moved into my "Studio In Qualicum Bay" because at the time I felt I was too isolated at home and I needed to "get out there" to find out what was going on and to see what would happen. Well, now I know and I have learned what it is that I need to do. That is, for now.....

Keep an eye on this website though, there will be more to come and hopefully now I will have more time to post on my blog!

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