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May 29 2012
The book is out! " Mythography"; Paintings by Ken Kirkby and Friends. Poetry by Manolis. 10 artists submitted 7 images of their original paintings for poetic interpretation by talented writer and independant publisher Manolis. (Emmanuel Aligizakis) Artists include: Ken Kirkby, Brian Buckrell,Nana Cook, Allan Dunfield, Dan Gray, Ronald Gruber, Cindy Mawle,Bruce Muir, Dan Telosky and Cecile van Woensel. Royalties from sales will be donated to the Nile Creek Enhancement Society. Copies are available for purchase through the catalog on this website The Salish Sea Market and other locations through other artists.

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May 27 2012
Finding myself....
It feels so wonderful to be home painting. I have had a lot of time to reflect on what is the driving force behind what I do and why I was so strongly motivated to isolate myself from the barrage of artists in this particular area. It is wonderful that so many people are taking up painting. They have retired and have always wanted to learn to paint and now they have time. Who can help themselves but to be creative in such wonderful surroundings?!

My problem is that I have lost my way in amongst so many different styles, skill levels and mind sets. I am like a sponge when it comes to anything art. I absorb and process everything I see, then churn it out onto my canvas in my own language. I see many paintings out there that are of the same skill level I was 15-20 years ago, and other work which displays the layers of many years of hard work and experience. I am discovering where I stand in the whole spectrum and being away from it all helps greatly. I have put years and much heartfelt effort into what I do, and it is now time to take it to the next level. To quote Robert Genn "Go to your room!" (Or my basement) And that is what I shall do.

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May 22 2012
3 new paintings
I had a great day of painting today and managed to finish off 3 paintings. "Rocky Passage" was from a day on the west coast in Ucluelet, "Forest Stream" is from one of my walks on the Nile Creek trail, and "Baynes Sound NW" is the view from the Shellfish Research Center in Deep Bay. You can get a closer look at these 3 new works on the Westcoast studio page. NWRocky Passsage

Forest Stream

Baynes Sound NWBaynes Sound

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May 07 2012
I stepped out of the box!
Recently I took a jewelry workshop and have fallen in love with metal. My main goal was to create something with my own hands, but to somehow meld my artwork with this new medium. The whole experience has been chock full of exploration, trial and error, cut fingers, fits of tears, and bouts of elation. I love to play with tools, hammering, drilling and sawing...filing, riveting, sanding, etc...The learning curve has been extensive! To carry it even further, I created my own findings and bales to connect the pieces. Each piece is unique in its layers and all its "artistic imperfections" I have an inner drive to 'make it myself'. Aside from mining the copper...of course. That would be extreme. I have created 9 pendants and have designed 2 pairs of earrings(so far) specifically to match a few of the pendants. I have chosen black waxed cotton to string the pendants, as I felt it complimented the pieces the best. It is much like placing a painting in the wrong frame. It can really take away from the piece. I had thought that finishing the pendant was the end of the process, but soon discovered that was not the case!

So now that I have these pieces finished, I am just itching to get back to my paints and canvas. Pretty much the whole time I was working on these jewelry pieces, I was thinking about my next painting project. The exciting thing is that every time I step out of the box, my artwork improves in some way. You can see what I have created on the jewelry studio page.

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May 06 2012
And now for something completely different!
My new passion is about to be launched. 12 pieces almost ready to go, just before mothers day! Stay tuned.

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