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August 18 2012
Show opening at the Coast Collective Gallery
I went to the show opening today and the staff at the gallery did a wonderful job of hanging our show. Everyone's work looked great! I was so pleased at the location they chose for my selection of 7 paintings, along the wall with the large windows overlooking the lagoon. It really put my work into perspective for me.

One thing I notice when my paintings are up on display is that they have a calming feel to them. I am not sure why, as I tend to be anything but calm at the best of times. I always have something buzzing around in my head, and lately I seem to be overwhelmed by everything in my life that pulls me this way and that..... But my paintings are calm. Maybe that is why I paint. To calm myself.

Here are the 24 x 36" paintings that are in the show until the 26th of August.

You can view a larger image of these on the "Westcoast" studio page.

Forest StreamT’ai Li  RetreatRocky PassageSooke Harbour ViewFall Forest Path

Affordable personalized lay-a-way plans available! Everyone should be able to afford original art. :)

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August 03 2012
Show is just around the corner!
I have finally decided on a group of paintings, all representational and all 24x36. Each canvas chosen represents this beautiful coast I call home. Our Tosh 10 group show "The Power of the Collective" will be held from Aug 15-26 at The Coast Collective Gallery at Havenwood at Esquimalt Lagoon. (3221 Heatherbell Road, Colwood) The artists will be in attendance on saturday August 18th from 2-4. Hope to see some of you there!
I have decided to hide the chosen paintings on my website until after the show opening, especially the "Sooke Harbour View". I would like to keep these works as fresh as possible to the viewing public but will be putting them back up on the site after the show opening is over.

and now to continue the Cortes retreat blogging.....
This is the last Plein Aire painting from my retreat on Cortes. On the day I left the island, I just didnt want to call it quits so I stopped on Quadra Island and set up on Rebecca Spit, facing towards the direction of Cortes and painted the final plein aire. I reluctantly put my paints away in my backpack and headed out to catch the ferry home......East off of Rebecca Spit...

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