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January 26 2013
Happy New Year.
I cant believe that I have typed up 2 other lengthy entries. The first one I had decided to save in case it disappeared. I ended up pushing Ctrl V instead of Ctrl C! gone. I took a break to cool down, came back and went ahead and typed up an even better one, went to enter it and my page had expired. Pfftt! GOne....

The ironic thing was that I was blogging about disabling my facebook account because it was taking up too much of my time and how it was getting to be too much of a distraction....
My universe has a twisted sense of humor.
I will be keeping my "cindy mawle westcoast contemporary artist" public facebook page open for the exposure. But enough on the personal facebook thing. It is some sort of strange obsession which makes me want to get rid of it all the more. My obsession with painting is plenty enough for me!

Here are some of my latest works. I also have 2 more new ones on my westcoast studio page.
Over the Fence Calling WisdomForest Lanterns

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