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November 26 2013
I just wrote up a long blog and got kicked off. I knew I should have saved it. Oh well, I am back.
I purchased a carload of canvases at Michaels last week. They were on sale 3 for 1. Good prices. I piled them all in order then went blank. It took a couple of days to actually paint. I had to work on my old canvases first, then I was back on track. Funny. The mind is a strange and wonderful place. I went through a stage of no ideas of what to paint, then I had some ideas but didnt know how to get them past the beginning stage. Now, this is ok, because I started a few new ones and just had to wait until I was in the more confident "finish painting stage" which I am starting to move into now. The only problem now is that I will be busy doing other things for the next few days. I am hoping the stage does not pass while I am busy doing something else!

I have been doing a 21 day meditation challenge on following your passion hosted by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I am into about day 12 and I have realized that I have been following my passions and my heart for most of my life. Going with the flow. I look back and it all really makes sense. Nice. I love what I do and am very grateful for everything. Now lets see what I can do in the next few years!

I have four new paintings in the hang on...6!! STay tuned!

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November 15 2013
A new Gallery
I went for a drive the other day down to Sidney. I love to hop on the Mill Bay ferry and the weather was so beautiful it made the trip all the better. I wrote about my trip likening the ferry to a "steel Mammoth". I enjoy descriptive writing. It is like painting with words. The reason I took the trip was to take a handful of paintings to the Village Gallery for the new manager to take a look at. She had contacted me after seeing my paintings in the Sidney Show. She took one look at what I had and wanted to show them all, then and there! I went home empty handed. :) It was a good day.

I am also working on my small resin pieces just in time for Xmas. These are small framed resin tile pieces, the frames being 6x8 8x8 and 8x10. I am finishing the frames myself. It is a big job, I need to be very organized but they are turning out really nice. I am happy with them and they do generate alot of interest.

These days I have been cleaning and organizing my art supplies. I am keeping the image of my new built studio in my mind and need to have everything itemized before moving in. Well, its not built yet, but my husband put the boat on Used see...the boat is right where the studio needs to be. Its large looming presence tests my patience each and every day. If you know of anyone who wants a "project boat", its a 26 foot 1984 campion toba, $500. The sooner it is out of there, the sooner we can start planning for the studio!

Alright, back to work!

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November 04 2013
I had a successful weekend at the Arts Expo. One of my most popular paintings "Spring Commitment" sold. It made my weekend.

I have loaded images of my latest paintings onto my website. I wanted to have their "debut" at the Arts Expo so now I can post them for all to see.

I am not much for words this morning, as I am going thru the "post show blues". It is a common phenomenon many artists go through. I will just go with the flow and tidy my studio. I do have paintings to take down to the Salish Sea Market in Bowser today. So that will be my main focus for the day.

Here are the latest paintings if you were not able to be at the Arts Expo. Thank you to all of those who came by my booth. It was nice to see all of you!

Wya RocksTree Stand
StonewalledA Short Climb

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November 03 2013
First day
Yesterday was the first day of the Island Arts Expo in Qualicum Bay. I really enjoy this venue as it is about as local as I can get, under 10 minutes from my doorstep. Lots of people came through to browse and I have had lots of positive feedback and interest in my resin tile paintings. Many people wanted to know how I did them and I joked about giving all my secrets away, but explained my process anyways. I did not go into how much time I spent on the little pieces and how many steps it took to get them to their finished state. These art pieces serve an important purpose in my creative process. They soothe my need to experiment, thus leaving my most important canvas work on task. Does that statement make sense? Simply put, they stop me from messing with my paintings!

I heard a great suggestion yesterday. When an interested party tells you they have no more room on their walls but love a particular painting, suggest that they store away some of the paintings they have on their wall and put up new art. They can switch it up whenever they want to and never get tired of looking at the same old painting! Some works are better in certain perhaps in the heat of the summer, cooler works would give a comfortable atmosphere in the home, while in the cold winter, warmer works may be a nice change. Hmm...I may just talk about that today with the appropriate browsers. I personally change my work up in my house all the time, for different reasons of course as my work is up and down all the time, but it really is exciting putting up something new here and there.

I really like this "falling back" of time. That hour makes such a difference. I slept really well, dreamed some crazy dreams and woke up feeling wonderful. Here's hoping for a great day today!

Set up at Island Arts Expo 2013

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