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December 29 2013
such a "kafuffle"
I am trying to get myself back into painting. Everything was such a "kafuffle" over the holidays and I like many other artists did not have much time to paint. I have tried to get to the easel the last few days but there still seems to be "residual stuff" that keep taking me away. One good thing though was that my sister in law gave me and my husband a irobot vacuum! What am amazing invention and time saver. Once we stop watching it in amazement it should free up some time...or floors will look much better. I tried not to spend too much time with the vacuum if I could help it. There goes one little piece of guilt from my creative mind!

I have been stockpiling finished paintings that have not been seen by anyone as of yet. I have 5 of them so far. I plan on putting them onto an exclusive page on another website I am designing. This invite only page is for viewers who are watching for that perfect piece of artwork to purchase. After a week the image will be put onto my public gallery page. Just something I am trying out. If anyone is interested in being on the preview list email me and let me know.

My painting should be dry enough to put the second layer on so I should get back to work! Wishing you all the best in 2014!

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December 06 2013
Keep on keeping on
I was speaking to a woman today who said someone was talking about me the other day and saying how I have just appeared and am really gaining popularity. We had a little chuckle over that because I have really been working hard for a long time to get to where I am now and am still working hard to get even further.(wherever that is!) I guess its just that in the last couple of years I am being noticed. Its funny how it works.

When some artists have been complaining about slow art sales I have been diligently working on my skills. When things pick up, I will be ready. If they don't? I will be happy doing what I love as per usual. Its a win win situation.

I have also been sticking with what feels right for me. Not following any trends in the art world. I have tried to follow some of the trends but it led me too far from my heart. Another reason why I work at home alone and stay away from the competitive fray, as some artists I know are uncomfortably competitive. To them I ask, "with whom, what and why? Is there any other artist out there who is you?" It all adds up to being secure in who you are and what you are trying to express. I have a few good artist friends who are extremely talented and are very secure in themselves and what they do. I admire them immensely and I feel good in their company. "You are the company you keep." There is much truth in that statement.

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December 01 2013
Two steps closer!
So the boat and the old trailer sold...if you have been following my blog you would know that there are 3 things in the way of building my studio: a large boat, an old holiday trailer and an old camper my husband needs to take some parts off and get rid of. Two to go!

I have been looking through the internet for ideas and plans for my studio. I look around the space I am in now and I have supplies everywhere! One thing I would like for sure is a loft storage space for my large canvases and boxes. Right now they take up so much room that the walking space is getting narrower all the time, especially when I am in a "starting paintings" mode. They line the walls shingled against each other and a person almost has to walk sideways to get to the bathroom!

I was up at 3:00 am yesterday and painting. What a wonderful time of the morning. I slept great last nite but couldnt seem to get up at all. I am dragging myself around and feel as though I am coming down with something. Even made myself go out for a run with the dog. Now I want to climb back into bed but am making myself stay in the studio for awhile. Not getting much done I am afraid. Maybe its the change in the weather. I am super sensitive to a change in atmosphere and we are supposed to have cold weather and snow move in. That's probably what it is.

The article came out in the Oasis Magazine on friday. I have had lots of wonderful feedback from it. Thanks to Lissa Alexander for the story and Brian Argyle photography. My granddaughter wasn't too sure about her picture though but I thought it was cute!

Ok, I think I will grab a blanket and a warm cup of tea and curl up on the couch and watch something mindless on the tv....I am afraid it is like I am "flogging a dead horse" down here today.(what a terrible saying...anyone know of a better one?)

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