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March 20 2013
"Cielito Lindo"
I just finished a very interesting piece. Interesting to me as many stories ran through my mind as I subconsciously grew to know and understand my subject. I was working from some snapshots I had taken while in a lineup waiting to go over the border out of Algodonas, Mexico. This little boy was busking for the lineup of tourists passing by. When I discreetly attempted to take his photo, seeing a wonderful painting opportunity, he turned his head away, but not before I managed to catch him concentrating on his music. I loved the connection between the boy and his instrument. I adjusted the composition to create a better design flow, a sort of "fanning out" arrangement. I also wanted the background to portray the color and movement of his music. The title "Cielito Lindo" is the name of the popular "ay ay ay ay" song which played in my head the whole time I was painting. The painting named itself.

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March 11 2013
Newest painting off the easel
My latest painting off the easel was inspired by a day of sketching at Moorcroft out in Nanoose Bay. Windswept
I just spent a wonderful week at a workshop facilitated by a talented artist from Taos NM, Gwen Fox. I wanted to try to break free of my usual colors and to try some new abstract ideas. What I did discover to my dismay, is that I am able to mix my usual colors out of 3 different shades, whether I want to or not. Imagine how disappointed I was when I ended up with close to my same old palette. Well pooh. It was rather funny though. I also learned that if I do not recognize something in the work of art, I get lost. Abstract art is not easy.
I attempted to paint at home on Sunday but really felt lost in my own colors after using different primary shades for the week. So I packed my paints away and took my daughter for lunch instead. No sense getting frustrated about it! If there is one thing I have learned, it is that after a workshop there is a "sinking in" period and there is no reason to panic. Last nite though,like magic, the workshop began to sink in and I was up until midnight excitedly cutting up old paintings and looking for abstract areas....Yes, I am up to something. Stay tuned! As always, it may or may not work out but I will have a blast doing it!

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