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June 28 2013
Studio cleaning...
Yesterday was a bit of a "housecleaning" day in the studio. I have a couple of shelves full of small paintings that either didnt work out so well, or that I lost interest in. Its funny, sometimes I will start a painting with a spark of creativity and within an hour I am bored, bored, bored! Those ones are put on that shelf. When I am in the mood, I will take them down and either paint over, rework, fix up or cut into pieces. I also went through some of my "en plein aire" sketches, cropping, matting and placing them in protective bags ready for the Milner Gardens "Art and Photography in the Garden" on August 10th and 11th. People love them, small and inexpensive.

I had also ordered a banner with my name on it....I find it really intimidating! It is so big! I am not sure if I can use it. Bothers me because I feel like I think I am someone so important that I have a huge banner with my name on it! Maybe it will look smaller outside. I will have to take it out and put it on my fence to see.

I reworked one of my sealion paintings, taking a section of chain out. The composition is much better I think.

A Barge All His Own

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June 24 2013
not whining....just stating a fact.
Oh my, 11 days since my last blog post. I was going to blog almost everyday but I am afraid that I came to a "blank" period. I thought about what I would write and decided every day that it was too boring. I am still in the "boring" mode, but will give it a try so you dont think I have dropped off the face of the earth!

Yesterday I painted in a beautiful garden overlooking the water for the Lighthouse Community Garden tour. It drizzled all day and lucky for me I had a covered deck to work under. People came and went, oohing and awwing at the view and I chit chatted with quite a few really nice people. I was amazed at how many of them knew who I was! Quite a few had purchased a painting in the past or knew of someone who owned a painting of mine. Interesting! I guess I have been busier than I thought.

One person made the comment that it must be wonderful to have "such a talent". Hmmm...I replied "Not so much". I felt afterwards that maybe I was whining a little (maybe because of the weather) but I meant what I said. Its hard for those who are not artists to understand, but as much as I love being "obsessively-creatively driven" it is not always so wonderful.
The biggest challenge is time. Finding time and taking time away from what others expect of you. Balancing time. I am not talking about taking an hour or a day here and there to escape into the creative zone, which would be wonderful if that's all it took to get to where I personally want to go. BUT, hours on end. Treating it like a job, 8-12 hours a day, 5-7 days a week. A job you have to work at that you do not get a salary or an hourly wage for. Barely at all for the first years. Then there's the attempts to justify what you are doing in the studio for hours on end, to family and friends. Its a different world. But I have created my world and its what I do.....

Summer time is particularly difficult. So many things to do, gardens and yard work, spring cleaning, events...etc....Its the time of year I stop to ponder how much easier my life would be if I didn't paint. Maybe I should take the summer off?! Ahh...thats worth thinking about.

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June 13 2013
I recently posted some images on facebook and within 5 minutes received a message from someone I knew in Didsbury. She asked me if I could create a painting but if it could be shipped to her by the end of the month. Whoa! Thats alot of hours crammed into the next week or so. Because I knew her and actually taught her children art way back when, I said I would give it my best try. Nothing like a little pressure to get the motor running! :) Normally I ask at least 60 days to complete. But it all depends on the size and what I have on my calendar. Luckily I have a little extra time and it is a small piece.
I also sent her a sort of disclaimer. IF the painting is not up to my standards, I wont send it. At this point in my career I have to be careful what I put out there. There are already paintings on walls that make me shudder to think about. Way back when I thought they were wonderful! I would almost like to put the word out there that if I get the undesirable paintings back, I will exchange them for something up to date at an affordable price... Not sure if that would fly though, the owners of some of the paintings out there have an iron grip on them and have denied my repeated pleas to change them up. I guess its all in the eye of the beholder.

These are a couple of the little guys I painted for the "Fanny Bay Drifters" series. Actually, the "Fanny Bay Drifters" were a stock car racing team many years ago when I was a child. My father was the driver of the team. I thought it was an appropriate name for these sealions as they kind of drift in and out of the Fanny Bay scene....
Sealion SmugSeealion in Thought

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June 11 2013
A series
I have been approached by someone to paint some scenes from their local area for cards and posters. I at first thought I would just do up a couple but have decided to paint up 6 scenes on 16x20 canvases. Always up for a challenge!

The night before and yesterday I spent hours going through the images I had taken. I sketched small thumbnails in black and white to work through design and composition arrangements. Sketch-resketch-sketch-erase-rearrange- etc etc....fully utilizing my "artists licence". It is a tedious process but well worth the time. I have learned that it saves frustration later on down the line when I am up to my elbows in paint.
I seem to be having some trouble perceiving distance and shape lately though. I have been struggling with something that normally comes quite natural. Rectangles look skewed when they are perfect, shapes do not fit... Makes me wonder what is going on. I must not be exercising that part of my brain lately or something. Maybe too much time on the computer? That may well be it.
I should be back on track by the time I work through these 6 paintings...I figure....

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June 09 2013
The inner drive
I believe it is good for the creative soul to be rejected from some place or another here and there. If we are always accepted into every show or every gallery, it would surely go to our heads and our work could suffer. I always enjoy and embrace the strength that fills me after I have my short little "pity party". Maybe it is not so good to be incredibly would you keep yourself in check? How would you stop yourself from getting a superiority complex?
All I know right now is that I have a very strong drive to better myself. This feeling makes me want to work harder just to see how far I am able to go. Even if it means putting the canvases in a line against the basement wall. As long as I can look back and say "WOW" I have improved! I will be happy. It is such a rush.

This 24x30" painting "En Vogue" is of one of the Fanny Bay seasonal gang. . Seal En Vogue

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June 03 2013
The sun is finally here!
I am sitting on my back deck with my coffee and computer this morning. The birds are singing the praises of the beautiful day to come. I am not sure what is wrong with my word program, it keeps changing font size in the middle of what I am typing. I am not going to let it bother me…the morning is just too perfect for that.

I set my clock for 5 am this morning , but I am afraid that my "waker upper" is set for 7. I tried, but laid back down just for a second and woke up at 7. Tomorrow is another try.

I have some things to do today before approaching the easel. I threw my sheets in the laundry first thing…I can hang them on the line today! Yay! (I love that smell) Then I need to go for my run with the dog, butI am looking at the green carpet slowly forming on my vegetable garden area…I think its called chickweed! Argh! Nope, not gonna do it. I need to get painting. Maybe I will start an oil and set up on the deck today. I have not painted in oils for a long time. I think that is a plan!

I went to the Fanny Bay dock to sketch the sealions yesterday. They were a small bunch, mostly mothers and young pups I am thinking. Much quieter than the last time I was there. If you go to my cindy mawle westcoast artist facebook page, you can see my sketches.

Ok, time to get going so I can get painting!

I uploaded yet another video on You tube last night. This one is called "The Creation of Forest Lanterns". Here is the address, or just search Cindy Mawle in you tube.

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June 02 2013
Back to the easel
It's a lovely morning and here I am sitting at my computer. I have not posted a blog for a few days so I will sit here for a few minutes then get outside while it lasts!

I just spent a few days in Vernon BC, so yesterday was the first day I actually went in front of the easel. I am working on some seal lions. They have such character!

I also worked on another video last night called "The creation of Calling Wisdom". It is a step by step video of my process while working on this large painting. Check it out!

I sent out the commission painting to the mainland last week. It was a little tense for a bit because it disappeared. The shipping company lost it for a day or two but it was found and is now hanging in my client's family room, and might I add...looks wonderful! Phew! I was both relieved that the painting arrived safe and sound and then elated that it looked so perfect on the wall.

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