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August 22 2013
The baffle of time
I have trouble with time. Not in the late for an appointment sense, but in the organizational aspect of it. Personally, I would rather eat when hungry, go to bed when tired and wake up when I wake up. I have a problem with holidays and birthdays. When asked how old I am I first have to ask what year it is, then figure it out from there. A very close friend and I have a pact that she not remember my birthday, I am do not remember hers. We get along splendidly!

I find that the deeper I delve into my creative mind and paint hours on end, the more I lose my concept of time. It proves to be difficult to fit into the organized world at times. Then I get philosophical about it all. What is time? Why do I struggle with it? Can I not just be I am here now, and it feels pretty good....

I tried to organize my time by purchasing a nice full size appointment book. The problem is that it has pages. Weeks are hidden within its depths and they are out of sight/out of mind. I often panic thinking I must have forgotten something that is coming up and dash through the pages only to find what I was thinking of is coming up in a few days or a few months a way. Who knew? It eludes me.

I have come up with what I feel is a great idea. Even better than the appointment book. I printed off calendar pages to December 2014. I am going to lay them out on a cork board so I can see them all at the same time. Then I will be able to see time as a whole entity, not as scraps tossed about in my fleeting thoughts or a black book.

I will keep you posted!

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August 18 2013
August already
Time for a blog entry. I have thought about it many times but my creative writing energy has fallen flat. Not one idea. Not sure what that is all about but I will give it another try today. I am attaching an image of a painting I began at the Milner gardens "Art and Photography in the Garden" event last weekend. It was a fun time but a whole lot of work. I had a case of the "post show blues", even though it was just a small event. I ended up spending monday milling about with my curtains closed and just taking time out for myself. It helped. I am now working on a handful of paintings and some that had proven difficult are being resolved. I wish it was easier sometimes, but them I would probably be bored having no challenges.

I have purchased a newer vehicle which makes me happier. Now I can fit paintings in the back. I had a Mazda protege hatchback which I loved but it was just too small. I have got myself a 2006 Mazda 5. I have been looking at them for quite sometime. It is what they call a "micro mini van". Much more artist friendly without the bulk of a regular sized van. Now I can fit both my granddaughter and paintings at the same time.

So as you can writing is still flat. So I had better paint. My mood is better suited for painting at this time.
Milner Gardens

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