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January 29 2014
Lately there have been a lot of statements posted on facebook about what art or an artist should be. While it is always food for thought these are only just opinions. Statements like "Art should disturb the comfortable", or "Art should ask questions" (or something like that) can make an artist such as I feel at first reaction, that what I am creating is perhaps shallow or not "artistic" enough. After thinking about it for a minute, my retort to the first statement was something like: "My art will only disturb the comfortable if it falls off the wall while they are sitting on the couch watching TV". I chuckled to myself while typing it up and as per usual allowed humor to relax the statement into perspective. Here are some of my ideas for soapbox posts:"Art should be in earth tones", or "Art should contain a sky", or "Art should make one want to take off their shoes and walk barefoot"…..

Or how about "Art should be whatever the artist wants it to be". I think that about covers it.

I am working on a 24x48" foggy beach scene. While driving along the waterfront in Qualicum beach the other day I had to stop to embrace the breathtaking scene…low tide…fog…soft warm tones. Wow! I have been successful in capturing what I felt onto my canvas. I am enjoying it in my living room at the moment and will keep it there for a few weeks to watch for anything I may have missed.

I have been facilitating a weekly workshop in Craig Bay for the last 3 weeks. I was asked to do a mainly demo, discussion and critique type workshop. I was a little nervous at first as I have not held a workshop like this but have found quickly that I can talk. (Most of my close friends and family members can attest to this) I am passionate about what I do and the words come easy. Everyone seems to be pretty happy with it! They are a wonderful group.

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January 24 2014
there seems to be a problem
I have had two people say they could not access my blog and the youtube link for some reason. If you just cut and paste the link maybe that will work. If there are any other problems please let me know. Thanks!

You are probably can one read this if they cannot access the blog! I am talking about the email list I send out. :)

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January 24 2014
I have led my life following my feelings and intuition and it has at times baffled me and other time has made perfect sense. It is usually after the fact that the light goes on…"Oh that's why I did that!" So this is my latest intuitive change: I have the urge to "hoard" my paintings. This is very strange to me because up until now I couldn't wait to put a painting up on facebook or my website to get some reaction and feedback. "Look what I did!" Not now. I want to build up my collection without showing anyone. It came on all of a sudden. I am for now not needing that that pat on the back anymore like I used to. Now I just paint because I love to do it and maybe I will be one of those artists that die and they find hundreds of paintings in their basement! Well, that's pretty extreme but I think it is that I have relaxed into my art. Finally. And it feels really good. I still challenge myself that will never change. But now I do it quietly.

Studio update: Plans are done up, waiting for the building permit. We were told it would only be a couple of weeks because it is so slow, but someone told us they waited 6 weeks when they were told the same thing and the inspector came by today to check the site 10 days after we applied. He told us usually he is at the site a day or two after application. Oh well. I will just have to relax and take it as it comes. It has been 9 years so another month or two won't make any difference. I will just paint lots and the time will fly!

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January 22 2014
Creating Videos
I couldn't sleep the other night and sat up till 4:00 am working on a video compilation of photographs and poetic word. It came about from two thought angles. One being that lately I am kind of frustrated by the "mob mentality" of so many people who do not look at all angles of an issue, and the other the fact that there is so much beauty in nature that so many just don't notice. The old saying "You can't see the forest through the trees" inspired me. I have more and more philosophical thoughts as I age and being creative just seems to feed the process. Sometimes I feel I have this wise old "Yoda'ish" person hiding inside who whispers to me once in awhile while my brain is in the midst of creative saturation. I have many thought provoking words in my sketchbook and on my whiteboard. Once in awhile I am brave enough to post them on facebook.

Mostly I find it difficult to express these thoughts onto canvas so I stick to getting them out there with word. To smooth the edges I like to add a poetic rhythm. It forces me to look closely at what it is I am trying to say instead of just shouting out my opinions which can be blindly emotional and sometimes regretful. My goal is to create something thoughtfully and visually provoking. I carefully choose the background music to wisp in a gentle emotional response; like a soft glaze that unifies…...

Here is the link! Enjoy!

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January 12 2014
To keep painting...or not!
I am working on a painting right now and am having a bit of a dilemma already! I have sketched the subject out on the canvas and have toned the canvas with my usual bright colors. I have then placed a little white here and there to remind myself where the lightest lights are to be. I want to stop now! I love it just the way it is but I know it is just the beginning. I am even entertaining the idea of hanging it on my wall just for myself...just the way it is. The root problem I believe is that I am afraid of losing the feeling I have in the painting so far. I just need to put on my "big girl painting pants" and keep going. But I will take a photo of it. Just in case.

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January 05 2014
A beautiful winter day on the island...
Today my husband and I went for a long walk into the woods that surround our property. I love where I live! I took my tiny sketchbook, a pencil, a sharpie and my camera hoping I would find something to sketch. Its always a challenge sketching when you are wandering around with a "non-sketching" person. My husband is a very patient sort but I still often feel like I need to rush. This actually can turn out well as it forces me to forget the picky stuff and get right to the bones of what I want to capture. After tromping through salal, deer trails and hidden logging roads we came upon a mossy, canopied and peaceful section of the woods. The dew drops on the trees were frozen from the freezing night temperatures and the morning sun was casting just enough warmth from their misty beams to set them free. As I sketched I silently observed a glitter rain falling from under the trees. In the moss-muffled silence you could hear this sound that was not quite tiny-tinkling if the centipedes wandering the forest floor were wearing bells on each of their tiny ankles...

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January 03 2014
writing and such
There is another thing I like to do as much as painting, sometimes even more, and that is writing. I have decided that for the new year I will try to write something everyday. I loaded an app on my i-pad called Werdsmith and plan to use that. Everyday there are little things that happen that make me smile. Sometimes they make me wonder, but most things in my world are a little twisted heading in the comical direction...that is, if I am paying attention. When I am wandering around blindly absorbed in my thoughts and what I need to do etc...I see nothing. When I open my eyes and place myself exactly where I am, the world is a wondrous place. Try walking through Costco and be totally aware. Its great fun. One day I was doing just that and an elderly man in a wheelchair came towards me, we smiled and nodded at each other as he went by...He was in the same moment and he knew what I was doing. Either that or he was flirting....:)

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January 01 2014
Studio update
We have measured out the 16x24 ft area where the studio will be. That is the easy part so far. This is really going to make a mess of the backyard. The sidewalk will have to be cut into for the water and powerline, the fence taken down with my beautiful weeping cotoneaster I have been babying along the 8ft page wire for a few years now. I was starting to think that maybe it was all too complicated to bother...then I smacked myself upside the head and moved out of that zone! Our next step is to go and talk to the RDN "guy" to run our ideas past him.

I keep standing out in the middle of the marked off space and imagining my tables and easel, canvas storage, drawers etc etc....It seems so small! Makes me want to bring my stuff out on the lawn just to see if it will all fit...but that would be silly because I am supposed to be painting.

For any of you who haven't seen this little video of the studio saga from facebook, here is the link. Just having a little fun.

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