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October 31 2014
Studio is ready!
My studio is all cleaned up and ready to go for the studio tour this weekend. Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. I plan on working on some paintings for most of the day in between visitors but I have also set up a table for some "interactive art play". I thought that would be a fun thing to do. I will have hot apple cider on the go and coffee and tea as well. It does not look like it will be too cold out so I may or may not light the wood stove. All sounds pretty cozy though. My ornaments are all ready to make their debut. After the weekend they will be available in the following galleries and gift shops: The Salish Sea Market, Bowser BC; The Old School House Gallery, Qualicum Beach; Reflecting Spirit, Tofino/Ucluelet; the Pine and Ivy Florist and Gift Shop, Didsbury AB.

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October 23 2014
Waiting Room
I posted on facebook yesterday that my studio feel like a doctors waiting room at times. Here I sit in front of my easel surrounded by paintings that all need fixing. They stare at me waiting for their turn to be tinkered with and resolved. Many times they are up on the easel then back to the "waiting room" floor. Some days I fix paintings very well, other days I cant seem to make anything work. I wonder if a medical doctor has this same problem? I hope not.

I have one painting I have finished and am very happy with. It is a scene from Tofino just up the beach from the Wikaninnish Inn at low tide. A beautiful walk I might add.

I have 3 new barnwood works for my open studio on Nov 1st and 2nd and am working on some more which will hopefully be ready in time. The resin always adds a day or two onto the preparation time.

My woodstove is lit, the rain is pouring and life is good! Franks Island

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October 16 2014
I have been busy painting 100 wooden ornaments this year for xmas. Not sure why I subject myself to things like this, maybe to test my obsessiveness! I am not only painting them, but making bent wire hangers to go with. My goal is to have them finished by November 1st for my studio tour on the 1st and 2nd. After that time I will be shipping them out to different locations. I started with trees this year, did about half of them, got bored and switched to seascapes. So I now have 100 miniature hand painted original paintings all up for sale.

I have about 5 paintings on the go as well. I was working on two 20x20 tree paintings but then went on a trip away for a week. I seem to have lost momentum because I cant figure out what to do with them now, so I started a brand new 20x40. Hopefully I can keep going with that one.

All my barnwood trees are out now, mostly at the salish sea market so I am working on some more of those to have in stock as well. On our trip to Rock Creek my husband and I loaded up the truck with more old weathered barn wood. I am stocked up now. I have one piece that is about coffee table size, I am thinking lots about that these days. Lots to do and never a dull moment!

100 wooden art-naments

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