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November 30 2014
Last day of November

It has been a very busy month for me in the studio.  I have a handful of new paintings finished, some of which headed for the Mark Penney Gallery In Ucluelet, and another group to go to the Morris Gallery in Victoria.  It mostly seems to be trees trees trees!  It is what I love to paint the most, but at the same time I am getting bored with the repetition just a little.  I was thinking about mixing it up somewhat but didnt know where to start when I received two commission requests.  Both for subjects I am not used to painting. careful what you wish for! A challenge! Its all fine though.  I will see what I can come up with.  I have managed to pull off some pretty surprising things iin the past so I try not to get too stressed about it.  Just letting the client know that it may not work out takes the pressure off.  If a client wishes a certain landscape or tree it is a different story altogether.

The painting "Seaside Tango" will be donated to the Nile Creek Salmon Enhancements event, Paintings by Numbers, 2015.  A great cause for an organization that is making real change in our local rivers.  For more information go to <br>

Below are my 5 latest paintings off the easel!

Ok, Off the light the woodstove in the studio and get back to work!




The Over Seer

Alone Time

"The Over seer"                              "Alone Time" 30x15                            


Seaside Tango

Unruly Offspring

               "Unruly Offspring"                   "Seaside Tango" 24x36

 "Bough to the Sea 16x40                                                           

Bough to the Sea

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November 04 2014
Resolving time
Just last week I was feeling frustrated with how I seemed unable to finish any paintings, but having years of experience (its all part of the process) I chilled out and found other things to do until the mood passed. I have now finished 3 paintings with another two on the way. It feels pretty good I must say! I love this stage of creativity. It is like the reward at the end of the struggle, actually, it IS the reward after the struggle! oh, nope, hang on...except for selling the work. Yes...that would be the ultimate reward after the struggle. :)

I am not so good at marketing myself though. The studio tour went great. Just enough visitors so that I didnt feel overwhelmed in my quiet little space but enough interested buyers to make it all worthwhile. I should have gathered email contact information to inform that I have finished one of the paintings (Heron Cove) that quite a few people were expressing interest in. I guess I will have to display it here on my blog entry and hope these people are reading! At the time of the studio tour I was fixating on the rock that "was not right". It did make for good conversation but probably not the way an artist should go about selling his/her work. Oh well, I am definitely more of a painter than a marketer, and its all good.

The following paintings can be found in the " Westcoast studio on the Studio page. Blue Heron CoveA Home with a ViewWinds of Autumn

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November 01 2014
Day one
What a beautiful day for day one of the studio tour. I was surprised by the amount of people who were either moving here or building and had bare walls that needed artwork! They were busy scoping out art so no large pieces sold, but I had some great conversations and hopefully I will hear from them again. One woman was mesmerized by my "franks island" painting. She stood for the longest time gazing at it. There is always a popular painting during a studio tour and Franks Island is it this time!

I managed to resolve some paintings today in between visitors and I am looking forward to getting back in the studio for the second and final day tomorrow.

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