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March 29 2014
tools tools and more tools....
I am going through the sorting out phase I normally struggle with after taking a workshop. A workshop for me is a way to acquire new tools. I bring those new tools back into my studio and try each of them out on my own. Some work well with the tools I already have and some need to go into the "extra tools not needed right now" box. It can be a frustrating process but knowing what comes out of the end of it makes it all worthwhile. I am using glazing techniques I learned and am not used to and have decided that they are much too colorful for me. I prefer to use a lot of neutrals in my work and the pthalo green especially feels like nails on a chalkboard to me. I cannot help but put some red in it to tone it down…lots of red. I am home now, so I can do that. Eventually it will all work out. I just need to put in the hours as per usual.

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March 25 2014
What a keener!
I just spent 3 days taking a great workshop by David Langevin from Kamloops. I have been drawn to his work since the first time I saw it and when I heard he was coming to the area I jumped at the chance. I am afraid that I was a bit of a "keener" in this class. I wanted to answer the questions, I was mesmerized by the information and I could SO relate to what he was saying. I sat in the front row intensely focused on his every word. It was a bit of an AHA moment for me. Those kids in school we used to make fun of way back when? They were really just super interested in learning! Imagine that! I have been to good workshops before, but this one hit the perfect chord with me. So much of what David said I have thought about and wondered for myself. I wrote page after page of notes and the time flew. I am eager to add the techniques to my "toolbox".

The cement pad has been poured now so the building of the studio will begin as soon as it is set. I am so ready to get to it!!

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