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April 22 2014
I am finally moving forward after taking the David Langevin workshop. I have gleaned the methods I was looking for and boy, did David show me what I was looking for. A few years back I was attempting to create the glowing light effect of oils (that I saw in Rembrandts paintings at the Vancouver Art Museum) into my acrylics. I finally gave up and moved along. It always amazes me how the universe works, you ask the question, then forget about it and when you least expect it Voila! There it is!

The studio is moving right along, but cannot come too soon. I am "chomping at the bit" so to speak. One side of my workspace is organized with all the supplies written down in an inventory and the other side is mostly a disaster. There are paintings I do not want to take into my studio and need to make up my mind what to do with them, burn, take off stretcher bars and roll up or gesso over. I also have a few paintings that I have done in workshops. One large piece from a workshop I have in my spare bedroom. I really like how it turned out but it is not authentically mine. I have a nice little painting of trees and mountains worked on in this last workshop and I have it on the floor waiting for a decision. David did not put his hand into the work, but it was done step by step following his instruction and is not my original creation. I may tuck it away to look at for further reference or I may burn it. I am not sure. I wouldn't want it to go out into the market after I am gone under the pretense that it was my work. Not that I am planning to go anywhere anytime soon, but one must think of these things if one is seriously professional. I have paintings from when I was 12 and I can still tell you where the teacher touched them with her brush. I never felt they were completely mine…even to this day. That's just me.

I have scrapped the idea of a new website and have instead revamped this one. I just couldn't get the hang of the "language of web designing" when I was only on it once a month. It is something you have to keep up with to embed it into your brain. This website is user friendly for those artists who are too busy painting to spend time on the computer. That would be me! I still want to do the serious buyer-preview art club type idea though, but will work on this through an email system instead.

Ok, the outdoors calls me, I have siding to paint and a garden to rake!

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