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July 31 2014
anti spam stuff....
So, as per usual, I was so busy I didnt look into the new gov't anti spam information. Seems like I am not supposed to send any more blog entries to my contact list, (who by the way put themselves on the list which is why I didnt think it was a problem!) unless I have documented authorization from the recipients. So, what I am going to do it to wipe out my contact list except for those I know personally, and start again. From what I understand, it is too late for me to email everyone and I should have done it before July 1st. Oh well, what can one do?!

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July 30 2014
resin pieces
I have morphed my resin work into something new. I acquired some old weathered barn-wood from a friend of ours in Rock Creek years back for frames but have decided to use them for artwork instead. There is something magical and amazing within the rough and weathered wood. The piece basically directs me on how the tree is to be painted and I follow the lead of the grain. It is refreshing to have the control taken out of my hands so that I can concentrate on what I love to do most. I will only post one piece on this website as an example because they are selling so fast I cant keep up with the computer work. Check out my cindy mawle contemporary artist facebook page for up to date photos and information on these pieces.R128B- Resin series

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July 06 2014
There! My studio is finished and the busy summer season is upon us. One day I would like to only paint in the spring, fall and winter. I think summer should be the time to gather reference material, take care of the garden and to absorb vitamin D. One day I will do that…then again I may not. I tend to talk a lot about what I am going to do and most often I end up not doing it. That's all okay but it makes my husband nervous when I begin scheming. He looks at me with that "deer in the headlights" expression and I need to remind him that I will probably never follow through so there is no need to worry about "moving to a small island for a year", or some other wild idea I conjure up. I have fun with my imagination, its vivid and sometimes I am almost there! This is why I love to be in my studio, imagining my next painting. The difference between wild ideas and painting ideas is that I follow through with the latter…most of the time. There is a huge buffalo I would really like to paint. Not sure if I will get around to it but I enjoy thinking about it.

Here are my latest paintings that were imagined AND finished! You can find the painting information on the westcoast studio page.

Evening CoveWindshook DramaSerenitySurf and RocksBostroms View

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