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January 17 2015
A fresh painting and a new gallery.

Today I took paintings to the Oceanside Village Artist's Gallery in Parksville on Resort Way. This is a beautiful little gallery nestled within a quaint little “village” of holiday cabins. I mixed the selection up with some 6x6’s, 6x8’s and 3 larger new pieces. One of these pieces I am particularly excited about. The painting “Edge of the Forest” is a 12x36 and happens to be the first successful painting I have totally taken from my imagination. This is a breakthrough for me. When I first began painting over 25 years ago I used reference photos to a “T” meaning I copied them as closely as possible. As the years went on and my skills grew I was able to let go of the reference bit by bit. Now I use a sketch or photo to make sure I have a basic structure in place and then I go it alone. I like to use a reference to start a tree for example so that I can render in what attracted me to that particular subject. Be it the way the branches bend or the tree leans if I don’t follow a map I sometimes end up with a perfect “picket fence”. Once I have the basic flow I can go it alone using all that I have learned to pull it all together.   This most recent painting was started by quickly covering the canvas with raw umber (brown) and then wiping the shape of the trees out with a rag while the paint was still wet. Immediately I could see the energy happening. It was so exciting that I was afraid to touch it for a couple of weeks. I couldn’t believe it and I was afraid to screw it up! Well I didn’t and I have to admit I am just tickled with it.  You can find the image on my westcoast studio page.

Edge of the Forest

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January 14 2015
Breaking through once again!

I feel as though I have just swam through a large pool of "golden fluid acrylic paint".  I am pulling myself out of the mire and my brain is starting to function once again.  Maybe its the vitamin "D" I am actually remembering to take each day, or  perhaps its just the persistent grinding of my brushes into paint and onto canvas. Whatever I am doing the creativity is starting to happen again. Hip Hip Hooray!

The rain stopped for a bit so I was even able to go outside to photograph a couple of new paintings.

"Cascade" 24x24 is inspired from a walk on the Wild Pacific Trail  with a good friend.  We found these delicate little wildflowers tied tight to the rocks, waiting for the next storm to test their root strength.  At this point in time they were dancing with delight in the cool damp breeze.


This next 20x20 Acrylic painting, "Resilient", is one of my series of small westcoast trees.  I love how they grow so beautifully gnarled in such a naturally stressed environment.  You always know when I have found one of these little gems while out walking, by my sharp intake of breath and my "OOOHHH Theres another one" !!! 



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January 13 2015
What do I want to say?

What am I trying to say with my art? That is the million dollar question. Just when I think I have found what I want to express, I drop into a "pit of boredom".   The only way to dig my way out of this "pit" is to play with my paints and discover  something new and exciting that will help my artistic voice. I believe it may well be a perpetual journey.  I have people who shake their heads and tell me there is nothing wrong with my art.  I appreciate their compliments but as of yet I am not quite saying what I really want to say.   I  move a little closer after each "pitfall"  and am totally loving the roller coaster ride.


I sold a painting on the weekend to a couple who had visited my studio during the fall studio tour.  This shows me that even though sales were low during the tour, contacts were made.  A great way to start 2015! 

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