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December 30 2015
Thank you!

Another year is almost at its end. I was talking to someone today and I said that New Years really does not mean that much to me, aside from a tax cut off date, it is only just another day in a series of days and nights. The numbers are just a man made organizational tool. Seasons mean more to me than dates. Which may explain why I am terrible at remembering birthdays! (yeahhhh...its in the summer sometime...right??)

So, going with the date in this post, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me this year (and previous years as well) by purchasing my artwork. You have enabled me to carry on doing what I love to do as I improve and better my artistic skills thus working my way “up the ladder”. Those who have purchased my paintings through a gallery have not only supported me as an artist, but have supported that gallery as well as their staff.

Without you I would not be able to purchase the good quality supplies I need to use at this point in my career, participate in workshops to upgrade my skills, enter shows, pay my association dues, run my website, keep my van insured and running, etc etc....all things to do with my art. You are supporting my growth as an artist. I so appreciate that.

I will work hard to make sure you not only have a painting you love on your wall, but a good investment as well.
Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Family Getaway

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December 05 2015
Debut to Donate!!

I have been asked on numerous occasions to donate to charitable and/or fundraising events and many times I do, but I would like to give just a little more.  In order to donate on a regular basis, realistically an artist needs to sell work.  I have come up with an innovative way to solve my painting donation “conundrum” in an affordable and ongoing basis.

 I have had lots of positive feedback from interested buyers about the idea of an “exclusive debut page” which I have  been promising to set up for some time now, but so far it has not come together.   The idea was missing something and now I believe I have figured it out.  I have decided to combine the debut page with a donating aspect by creating a  “Debut to Donate” studio page on my website showcasing my newest work off the easel.  

 ok, I admit I need a little push to organize myself within my busy schedule.  I think this new idea would solve that specific problem by giving me a positive push to catalogue, organize and write a short explanation about each painting as they are finished. I have very little time to do everything that needs to be done, a painting career is all consuming, not to mention fitting regular life into the equation, but the idea of getting the work out there to help give back will add that positive boost of energy i need.  

 Each new painting will be placed on the “Debut to Donate” page for a limited time at its usual retail price. A charity or fundraiser will be attached to that particular painting and I  will donate 25% of the purchase price to the charity named.  A interested buyer will be able to purchase a fresh new, original painting knowing that they will be also be giving back in a positive way.  For example, with the sale of an $800 painting, I will give $200 to the charity attached. 

If the painting does not sell before the time allotted, it will be off the donation page, sent to a gallery and subject to “business as usual”.  

I will be contacting any group I will be listing as a recipient ahead of time and welcome any other suggestions by email via my website. 

 Nothing there yet. But I do have a few paintings lined up ready to make their debut. Stay tuned!



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