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March 31 2015
Last day of March

For someone who loves to write, I am not very good at getting my blog posts out there. 

I have been going to a weekly writing workshop and have been totally enjoying myself but surprise-surprise, painting again is my first priority.  I will stick with writing a little here and there when the mood strikes me. I have a feeling that I will take a look at all the bits and pieces down the road and perhaps find I actually have enough to do something with.  Whatever that something may be.

I went to an abstract painting workshop for a whole week and loved it. I stayed at the "Inn of the Sea" on Yellow Point in Cedar all by myself.  Retreat! Went far too fast. As far as the workshop goes, it was nice to take a break from my usual style and learn something new. The instructor Patricia Wheeler was from Maine USA and she was amazing. Her work is so different than my own but I knew I was there for a reason. Just looking at her artwork online told me that.  I had some realizations about myself as an artist during the workshop and am working on that.  Hey, I am always working on "that".  Not sure what "that" is...I will blog about it and let you know when I find out.   My first painting finished with these new ideas and thoughts is "Reflections in Lime".

Harlequins 3

"Reflections in Lime" 20x20

As you can see, the color is very fresh and bright.  I am quite pleased.  It is nice to break away from the greys for awhile.  I may be on to something!

Another painting I just finished was one I had started before I went to the workshop. "Close to Shore".   I almost didnt want to go and leave it because I was on a roll.  But I came back and managed to pick up from where I left off.  Its always a little unnerving coming home from a workshop.  Your abilities can get confused for awhile until you sort out the new information.  But no problem.  I am back on track.

Close to Shore

"Close to Shore" 36x36

The third painting I have recently finished, "Koskimo Islet" is a scene from the Quatsino Sound on the northern westcoast of Vancouver Island.   This painting I had pretty much finished a couple of weeks before leaving and I was living with it on my wall for awhile.  When I returned I decided it was a little too dark in the reflection on the right so I added some of that wonderful yellow green.  A few touch ups here and there and I am quite happy with it.  This composition is quite dramatic.  An interesting contrast to the tranquility of the westcoast.


Koskimo Islet

"Koskimo Islet" 24x36

I have put all these new paintings at the top of the Westcoast studio page if you would like a closer look.

Spring greens are coming! Maybe thats what did it.





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