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August 15 2015
Small successes add up.

Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching, which is not unusual, for I have spent my lifetime pondering answers for rather obscure questions.     The question I asked myself this time was “how am I personally measuring my own success?”

I believe the answer all depends on where one stands in this “sculpture” of life. If an artist sets a goal to be well known and famous and works really hard to get to where they finally have the support of a large community who values greatly what they do, feels empowered and awestruck in their presence and rewards them with copious amounts of money, they ARE successful. Social standards say that they are.   They can rest easy. Perhaps, but it all depends on how successful the other areas in their life are in reaction to their steady focus.   Many times a person concentrates so hard in one area that the balance is knocked off somewhat and the success is matched with “unsuccessfulness”.

To me, success is being secure and happy in what I am doing right now. For example, enjoying the perfect mixture of a color on my palette, putting a final varnish on a new painting, an appreciative client or gallery owner, a quiet morning painting or my granddaughter creating in the studio. I am able to enjoy many successes along the way while keeping an eye out on the balance of my direction. I am always grateful because I have managed to sculpt a life that allows me to do what I love and to be with whom I love to be with. I am growing and improving my artistic and personal self in leaps and bounds every year. My paintings are a reflection of that growth. As long as I continually improve and challenge myself as an artist, it is an ongoing success that I can totally live with happily for a long time to come.

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