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September 26 2015
Silly Nonsense

The workshop I taught a few weeks ago went great.  What a wonderful group of artists!  It was almost a combination art instruction and therapy session. I  talked to them about pushing through and owning the "ugly stage" of a painting.  Then I tried something a little different and set a "Silly Nonsense" can on the table.  The idea was that if someone was to have a self deprecating aka "silly nonsense" thought about their artistic abilities, they were to write it down on a slip of paper and throw it in the can.  I tell you, there was alot of silly nonsense going on during the first day but we worked through it. Not so much on day two, because by this time everyone was getting the "hang" of it.  I was exhausted. Two days of running from person to person, guiding, suggesting and solving. The originality of each piece energizing my creative mind and keeping my senses alert. At the end of the workshop, the little paintings were hung upon the wall and the class stood back and bubbled with excitement about how they tackled this and that and hung in there past the "ugly stage".  I stood back feeling the proud emotion of a class that went well.  It was too much.  The little slips of paper read from the  "SN" can with their little words like  "I feel that everyone is better than me", "I dont know what I am doing" and "I never have time to paint" seeped into my heart and trickled out of my eyes.  Funny how "Silly Nonsense" can get to you.  

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September 05 2015
Fall is coming. Yay!

This has got to be my favorite time of the year. The hot sweaty days of summer are behind us and the sweater wearing days of fall are upon us. Refreshing mornings and cool evenings have caused me to haul my old friend “feather duvet” out of the closet and lay it cozily upon my bed.

I will need to invest in a small air conditioner for my studio next summer. The little freestanding building was far too hot by early afternoon to work in. My acrylic paint was drying much too fast and my  irritation was threatening to boil over with each brushstroke.   I do not do well in the heat. I think it may be genetic. Again, I welcome fall with gusto.

I have been busy getting my 3 paintings ready for the Sidney Fine Art show jury process. This year I am entering 3 large pieces, one as I always do, a painting of my granddaughter.   They will be dropped off at the Mary Winspear Center in a few weeks and I will cross my fingers. I don’t worry about it like I used to as it is just a part of being a professional artist. This summer I had all three of my entries selected to be in the Sooke Fine Art Show, so one just never knows. I just hope that the strength and skill of my selected paintings prevail.  I always look forward to being a part of this wonderful show as it is well worth the four trips back and forth down island.

I am teaching an acrylic workshop in Royston next weekend and am getting my supplies ready for that. I am always a little nervous before teaching a workshop but once there I totally enjoy myself.   I am always amazed at how much I know about painting. Someone just has to ask the right questions and the information just pours out of me. I end up energized with enthusiasm and my hope is that the enthusiasm catches on to the participants. Most times it does.

Ok, time to get back to the studio. I need one more coat of varnish on “Island Morning” and they will all be ready to go. Adios!


Island Morning

Coast Trail

 "Island Morning" 36x36                         "Coast Trail" 48x30


                                 "Autumn Explorations" 48x24

Autumn Discoveries

Note: The top two paintings can be found on my Westcoast studio page and the bottom on the Figurative studio page.

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