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November 30 2016
Xmas promotion

November is ending with rain and wind in my neck of the woods and I am thinking about December.  I have been pondering a promotional mailout and am now putting it into place.  I am terrible at keeping track of those who have purchased my artwork and those who may be interested in a future purchase.  I am going to attempt to remedy that this month.  I am always coming up with creative ideas to catch attention but am hesitant to go ahead with any of them thinking that I dont want to bother anyone.  How silly is that?  I am planning to use good old snail mail more often because  I personally miss receiving items in my hand.

I have just ordered 30 Christmas post cards.  I have about 10 addresses already and need 20 more.  Each postcard will have a number on it from 1-30. On December 23rd I will have someone randomly choose a number and I will post it on my cmawle SCA facebook page and on this blog.  If that is your number, I will mail you an original painted gift.  

This is a way to say thankyou to those who have purchased work from me in the past and for those who are interested in what I do.

Just send your mailing address to my email attached here, or and I will add you to the list.  As soon as I have 30 on the list I will send out the cards.  Good luck! 

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November 24 2016
Painting so much!

Lately I have really been digging into my work in my studio.  The rainy weather out here on the coast is perfect for working indoors.

I am setting a goal to at least paint 5 days a week 7 hours a day or more. My days are usually 9 or 10 hours long.  Never have I had a job that I did not want to stop a the end of a 10 hour shift. I am setting goals for myself for the first time ever.  Its great fun.

I have recently posted a few of my new works.  I have also opened up a new portfolio of sold work. This way the paintings in the WestCoast Gallery are all for sale. Makes it much easier as a few people have missed the small "sold" notation and have asked about paintings that are not available.  This also keeps me organized....not an easy feat on the best of days.

Here is a sneak peek of some of my newest works! :) For more information, more new paintings and a closer look at these please check out the Westcoast portfolio.

 This painting "Driving Out West" on the left is on a 20x20 canvas and is a representation of one of the beautiful days driving out to Ucluelet. Some days the drive is not so great but so far my timing has been perfect and the scenery always leaves me breathless.  Difficult to keep an eye on the curvy highway at times. 


Driving Out West


Top of the Hill


The Second piece on the left, "Top of the Hill" is a 24x24.  I was taken in by the fluid undulating movement in this particular piece and managed to keep the movement going as if the breeze was slight and the sunlit hill curved gently under the trees. 

This third painting is one of the boats I have been working on.  I have another in the West Coast portfolio.  This painting "Tide Changes and Turbulence" is on a 24x36 canvas.  I wanted to depict the overcast sky we experience frequently on the coast as well as the slight turbulence in some of the narrow passages when the tide is changing.  I have experienced this in the Quatsino Narrows in a smaller boat and it can be a little unnerving depending on whether you are going with or against the tide.  At times you get the sensation that the boat is slipping on an oily surface. I doubt, in a large boat such as the one in this painting, they feel it as much.  On the right of the canvas I placed a marker to create tension and to stop the design from going off the edge.     


Tide Change and Turbulence

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