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February 21 2016
A whole new line of trees

I am back working on barnwood!  After catching up with my paintings for my exhibit "Westcoast Calm" at The Old School House Art Gallery, [March 14th April 14th, opening reception, weds March 15th 2:00], I hauled out more barnwood from the shed to dry in the studio and carefully prepared each panel for painting.

 I had forgotten how much I love to work with the grain in the wood.  Very different from working on canvas, where I am the one who controls right from scratch.(most times)  The wood has already started without me with its amazing color and grain.  My job is to fire up my imagination to create something wonderful out of the existing patterns. Old sawblade lines, grooves and knotholes are only a few of the elements  that I have to design with.

 There has been so much interest in these pieces on facebook that I have spent two days cataloging images and writing little stories and deions for each piece. (OK I am sorry...for some reason the program will not take the word d-e s-c-r-i-p-t-i-o-n-s even after changing it 5 times! Deions it is!)  

The cataloging has been fun but an exercise in patience for myself, as I usually am on the go in the studio, standing and moving about.  Computers make me kind of squirrely after awhile, but so far I have endured.  I plan on entering the new paintings into the computer from now on in small batches, not all at once! 

I will also be exhibiting a variety of these wood pieces at my "Westcoast Calm" show in March/april.  

  I have 3 new paintings in my "Debut to Donate" page in which 25% will go to the Bowsers Seniors Housing Society.  I have a buyer for one!  That was such good news this morning.  $205 will be donated.  Makes me happy to be able to help!

i should be getting a new website within the next few weeks.  I am looking forward to streamlining my look.  Streamlining your look is always good. 

Have a great day!





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