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March 12 2016
The "spirit" of design.

Have you ever had one of those times when you were talking to someone and telling them about something and suddenly you stop and think yes! (where the hell did that come from?) and they think you knew it all along?  I had that happen on saturday night.  I was talking to someone about how it is much easier to paint my style of trees on wood pieces with a grain because the wood has a “spirit” and most times will let me know which way to go. I only have to take a little time to envision a design within the wood before I begin to work it up.   In contrast, painting upon canvas is much more difficult for me because it is blank. Dead blank.   It is up to me to create a spirit and a life upon the surface (somewhat imbedding my own) to work forward from. 


I tried out the theory tonight in the studio.  Layer upon layer upon layer until the canvas sighed its first breath.  I believe something new has “clicked” on in my creative thinking.  It is energizing…but not so much at this moment because its past my bedtime.  so….Tomorrow I will be energized! 


I had two of my paintings on reclaimed barn wood in the Pacific Rim Arts Society’s “ArtSplash” show at the Blackrock Resort in Ucluelet and they both sold last night at the opening!  It was very exciting to be able to meet the two separate buyers and is an indication that perhaps I had better look seriously at doing more of these pieces.  The price point is lower than my canvas paintings because they are a fairly new style for me and the sizes are relatively small.  I plan on doing some larger pieces this summer when I can work outside. 


I will be taking my artwork into “The Old School House Gallery” on monday for my “Westcoast Calm” show.  Both canvas and my latest reclaimed wood pieces will be shown.  Wednesday at 2:00 is the show opening and I will be there!  The show runs March 14th to April 14th. 


I have finished a large 54x30 painting.  I had “finished” it a couple of years ago but never felt comfortable with it.  More studio miles and Voila! I knew what to do with it!  I posted the image on Facebook and it has received more attention than any painting so far.  I will be showing it in Vancouver at the end of May for the Art! Vancouver show at the convention center. 

Its a special one.

Island Passage

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