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April 25 2016
Back into the swing of things

After 3 weeks in southern Spain, I am getting back into the swing of things.  More or less.  A few days of waking at 3:00 AM, not so bad, it has meant more time in the studio and some nice long days. 

Now I am getting ready for the Art! Vancouver show at the Vancouver Convention Centre from May 26th to the 29th.  I have all my work ready except for a little varnishing here and there, now just have to get over my fear of driving in Van!  I have no idea how to get anywhere but I am sure I will figure it out with the help of google maps. 

I will be allowed a handful of complimentary tickets to the gala night on the 26th, so I am reaching out through my contact list to see if any of you in or visiting the Vancouver area will be interested in going.  If so, let me know soon as they will go fast I am thinking.  It should be a good night, I have signed on for the "Runway Event" showcasing my favorite 30x54 painting.  It should be fine because at 5"3" I will pretty much be able to hide behind the canvas. 

My trip to Spain was a lesson in so many things.  I painted somewhat while I was there to familiarize myself with the light and I have many reference photos to work with along with some fresh memories. I look forward to reliving my trip in the comfort of my studio!  The last half of my trip, 9 days alone, was quite a challenge and invigorating at the same time.  Interesting, standing back and watching myself deal with who I was, without all the "markers" I have placed about myself to define myself.  Then there was the language.  I thought I was doing pretty good with my Spanish...not at all. I was silent and smiled alot.  Universal facial expressions and hand gestures came into play frequently. 

I will have a new upgraded professional website up soon, it is in the works.  Upgraded artwork, upgraded site, upgraded Cindy.  Well, not sure about the latter, but a trip away from home is always an "upgrading" experience.  A reminder that there is no place like click....

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