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September 25 2016
Autumn is here and life is good!

My favourite season, Fall, is upon us and I am settling back into a comfortable studio routine.  I have a few items on the go, my acrylics on canvas, small barn wood paintings and tree pendants.  My larger acrylics on canvas are the pieces I am most serious about but the others are fun side tracks to keep my creative energy flowing.  

The barn wood paintings have especially been a great hit.   These affordable little gems can be found at The Salish Sea Market in Bowser, The Reflecting Spirit Gallery in Ucluelet, TOSH Arts Centre in Qualicum Beach and The Village Gallery in Sidney.    I have "sized up" the last of my “Rock Creek barn wood" but have more on its way from the same area. 

The pendants I am working on are tiny hand painted trees on prepared paper, placed into either silver, copper or brass bezels and sealed with a coat of acrylic resin.  I have my favourite in copper that I wear and it garners a lot of compliments. Each art piece is unique. 

Lately  I have shipped out a few pendants and barn wood pieces to Ontario through Facebook contacts.  Its always fun to personally message back and forth and I enjoy emailing a photo of the package on my table all ready to go to the post office, as a little bit of a teaser.  The one on one aspect when selling any of my work privately is something special to me and I try my best to pass that feeling on to my customers as my way of saying thank you.   

My larger acrylic paintings are really getting some attention.  I have realized that if one wants to succeed as an artist you have to have lots of patience and just keep working against all odds.  I placed my nose to the grindstone when the economy was down and it is paying off.  Sales are increasing and people are genuinely interested in what I am doing.  A few of of my acrylic works can also be found in the Mark Penney Gallery in Ucluelet as well as in the previously mentioned galleries.  

Amongst all of this growing success my goal of being a “Better Painter than I was a year ago is still first and foremost on my agenda.  It is a pretty simple focussed goal but one with many spin offs along the way.

  Autumn is here and life is good!

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