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November 30 2017
Interesting stage in my artistic life

I have noticed lately that much of what I have been learning over the last 30 years is really sinking in. That may sound funny but I have been honing my painting skills for a very long time and it has not been an easy path.  What has kept me going is the drive, determination and inner knowledge that as long as I am able I will grow and am doing it all MY way. (very important to me)  

I am finding that when I go into the studio now, the paintings develop much of their life from a place deep inside me and I just have to relax and allow it to happen rather than fight and second guess myself.  Dont get me wrong, there is still plenty of battles going on behind the studio walls, but it is getting easier to interpret my vision onto canvas.  Thank goodness!  Its a strange feeling though, I am not quite sure how to deal with it and have been doing alot of easel avoidance these days,  but I am still managing to get into the creative zone and producing some paintings that I am quite satisfied with.

I am still using those 16x40 canvases I mentioned in my last blog post and am really liking the format.  Great for trees as the size gives my subjects height as well as plenty of room to "body out".  I also have enough area to add complimentary areas  in the background to strengthen the design. 

 This painting below is on one of those 16x40 canvases.  The day before the snow came at the beginning of November, I saw this single tree lit up with light as I was driving over the bridge at Cook Creek just north of Bowser. I turned the van around and parked on the side of the road.  The scene was breathtaking with the dark evergreens in behind.  I stood for a long time gazing at the nuances and brilliant areas of light, took a photo and zipped home to the studio while it was still fresh in my mind. 

The information on this painting is in my Westcoast portfolio along with the other two new paintings I just finished!

Things are about to get busy, I will probably be back in January! The best of the season to you in however you choose to celebrate! :)   

"Cook Creek Color Burst" 16x40

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