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July 08 2018
Outdoor shows this summer

HI! Just a quick shout out to let you know I will be setting up my tent for two shows this summer.  The Art In Action in Qualicum Beach on July 28th and Originals Only in Comox on August 11th and 12th.  

I have been madly putting together some fun tree pieces in a 4x12 format.  I hope to put the paintings up in a new studio on the website but the time is flying past so fast (as it normally does in the summer) that I seem to be running out of it.  I have been posting them on my instagram and c mawle sca facebook page if you are tied into either one of those platforms.  

Hope to see you there! Ok!  I am off to my other computer to get some new work up on the website.  Lets see what else will come up to sidetrack me this time...... :)

This is my latest acrylic on canvas.  It is a diptych on two 12x36 panels and has actually been altered slightly since the photo was taken.  I have added two misty whale spouts in the distance, a familiar scene around the island these days. 



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