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August 04 2018
Originals Only

Hi! Hopefully you are having a great summer.  I hate to admit it but I am an Autumn person... especially when painting.  My acrylics dry far too fast in the heat and my patience runs thin.  My garden is growing faster than the weeds these days which is a good thing but it is keeping me busy putting food away for winter.   I am a squirrel by nature I think. :) 

On August 11th and 12th I will be setting my display tent up at the Originals Only show in Comox down by the marina.  The thing I love most about this event is that it is specifically for fine artists, paintings and sculpture.  It stands out on its own in the plethora of festivals on the island.   I will have a few cards but most all will be original work.

I will have my smaller 12x4 canvases with me, (my newest series) and I am working on a few more at the moment in hopes to get them finished before the show.  You can find these new works in my newest "Island Dweller Series" portfolio.  And of course I will be bringing a selection of my popular westcoast paintings.  If you stop by my booth I will explain the my journey of going from representational westcoast work to these fun "Art Noveau" pieces.  So much FUN! 

Alright!  I am procrastinating...time to get out to the studio before it gets too hot again. 






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