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February 23 2019
Something new! Art Bites!

If you take a look on my portfolio page you will find a new listing.  "Art Bites Art sessions".   I will be holding some fun short painting sessions that are designed for non painters.   If you are already familiar with painting, might I suggest one of my actual art classes.  

I have spent hours  breaking down some of my paintings into less than 10 colors and have created easy designs to transfer onto canvas, taking the most difficult parts of painting out of the equation.  I have pre mixed all the shades needed for the particular paintings and will be guiding the participants while they work on their canvas. (did I say work?  no work...just fun)  I chose the 12x12 size for my latest project because the square format looks great hanging in a row, or in a grouping if a person wants to take more than one class.   

This whole exercise has been SO good for me as an artist.  I rarely take anything on that I do not learn from.  I feel like a chemist, mixing, numbering and recording multiple paint shades into my binder, planning simple designs and writing out each step.  Fun stuff! 

The other part is that I have been working in my studio alone and I am getting a little bored of the isolation.  Not saying I dont like being isolated, I really do, but I know its not always the best thing for me to do when growing creatively.  I need to push myself to get moving out of my comfort zone.  I tend to get rather enthusuastic in front of the classroom showing people all these really "neat" things that I have learned over the years.  So many little tricks, methods and processes to pass on.  Time to give back...and have fun while I am at it! Kick that shyness to the curb. :) 

Here is the link to class information:


I also have some newer paintings off the easel in my westcoast portfolio.  I had to wait for the snow to stop before photographing them as I do my photography in natural light.   This one is my favorite  titled "Broken But Not Defeated".  The title just fit. :) 





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