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August 29 2010
audience participation
At the beginning of August I was showing at the "Comox Originals Only", and decided to come up with something a little more interesting than just standing at my booth. I brought along a blank 24x30 canvas and asked people throughout the day to stop and sign their names anywhere and creatively as they felt comfortable doing so. The reactions were interesting. Some would not dare to even touch the pencil I was attempting to hand them, others wrote with great gusto. Many were afraid but placed their names in tiny little corners. It gave me a chance to let them know that many times I too feel intimidated by a blank canvas, which was why I was trying to get them to do my work for me!

Life is finally settling down with fall just around the bend, so I will begin the journey with this painting. I promise nothing. I may end up with a huge mess, which happens sometimes. I love to work on abstract paintings, and I feel I have much to learn from them that I will be able to use in my realistic works.

So, I will open a new studio on my "studio Page" named "Comox Originals Only Interactive Start" and will document my progress with written explanations and photographs. I am hoping for my sake that it turns out, but a little humility won't hurt....will it???

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 09:24