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September 04 2011
I am at the end of a wonderful week at my good friends in Big River, Saskatchewan. Unfortunately I am down to my last two days. I have painted and canoed to my hearts content. I cannot believe how many beautiful lakes there are up here! Lucky thing for me though, the bugs seem to have gone and it is a great time of year to be up here. My friend has opened up a little picture framing shop and gallery beside the post office in town and I wanted to get some of my little ink and watercolors of local scenes for her to put on the wall. I have three I am happy with, and I am sure I will work up a few more when I get home. I managed to do many thumbnail sketches of the area, and plan on getting a few more before I leave. It is so nice to explore a new landscape. I am so spoiled though, living on the island, but can totally appreciate the scenes I have found. My only problem is that my world is constantly moving. First the plane ride, then the long hours as a passenger in a car, and then the canoe. I am sitting here at the table and the house is still rocking. It will probably take me a week or so after I get home before it stops. No problem though....I have gravol!!

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 06:30


Pam Yule said...
Cindyís Saskatchewan friend here. Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful week with my friend. She took to the canoe like a duck to water and we spent some wonderful weather on the lakes & rivers. Only one drawback to the week: we were both so wiped each evening that we didnít do nearly as much gabbing and laughing as we usually do when we get together! We happily melted into our "early to beds", though and woke up to do it again each day. Cindy pulled off six little watercolours while she was here. We obtained the sixth one from a larger piece she wasnít happy with, by cropping down with matboards until she spotted the area that DID work. Iíll be framing them up in old local weathered fence boards and they will look fantastic! Thanks, Cindy, for a great week - I miss your company already. Sep 16, 2011 02:56
Pam Yule said...
Pam here again, with good news! I just sold a "set" of 2 pen & watercolours that Cindy produced while she was here. I took her to the north & south end of Cowan Lake (the town of Big River is built on its shores) and she produced a painting of the old bridge at the south end and the highway bridge at the north end dam location. The pieces (framed in locally-sourced old fenceboard, complete with lichen, that I crafted into moulding) made a perfect set and the buyer agreed! Congratulations, Cindy. Go, my friend, go!!! Sep 30, 2011 11:06