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September 15 2011
Demo at DeCosmos
Today I did a one hour demo for the DeCosmos art group in Parkville. I have to tell you, I was so nervous! My hands were shaking, my heart was beating and I was sweating terribly. For years I have been terrified to be in front of a large room full of people...But I did it! It wasnt so bad after all! And to top it off, I had fun! I just dug into what I was doing, babbled away as much information as I could think of, and decided just to be myself. Who else could I be? I could see people scribbling in their notebooks, and I managed to get a chuckle or two from the room. I had quite a few people come up to me afterwards and tell me it was one of the best demos they had been at. Really??? Wow. That is great. I have so much to show people. There is so much information in this head of mine. I am so happy that people value that information. I am tapping into the energy I had as a child in elementary school. I loved show and tell. Standing in front of the room with some kind of object, telling some kind of story to the whole classroom. It used to be my favorite part of school. Then I got shy in about grade 5 and have been terrified ever since. Not sure why, but it is sure nice to have that confidence back again!
I am looking forward to teaching monthly workshops now that I have the whole studio to myself. I just have to work up a schedule. Landscapes with underpaintings, working with pencil and gesso, still life painting, still life drawing maybe....If anyone is interested in any of these classes, let me know. My class sizes are limited 6-8 seats as my studio is small.

Posted by Cindy Mawle at 09:38


Jack said...
Good for you, Cindy Sep 15, 2011 10:46